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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/20/16


Written By Anthony
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In Steffy’s office Rick sits down at the conference table. He has to admit that he is still having trouble with this. Steffy didn’t lobby to be CEO. It was Eric’s choice. Ridge knows that Quinn put the idea into Eric’s head. He doesn’t want her to think that they don’t think she is talented. They do it is just that the experience that they have is much more than she does. Steffy doesn’t like this either but if she pulls her shares with Eric then they can put Quinn in check. Rick thinks that Quinn can pull rank on the two of them at any time. Steffy wants them to remember that now they do not have to deal with Bill Spencer anymore. His shares have become in-signigant. Steffy knows how this feels for them. They wanted to run the company and they will together. Rick knows that they will under Steffy along with the prince of darkness not so far behind being Wyatt.

In Rick’s office Quinn goes over papers that Wyatt has handed her. She cannot say that she is surprised. Wyatt knows that the jewelry did spike interest at the fashion show. Quinn feels that if these numbers continue that even her harshest critics will have to admit that she is good for the company. Quinn knows that she isn’t even high on Pam’s list but she will win them over. Wyatt doesn’t think that putting Steffy as CEO helped her cards. Quinn didn’t orchestrate anything. She just said Steffy would be great. Wyatt knows that she would make a great CEO. He has to do something for Steffy soon. Quinn explains that Eric is on his side.

At Liam’s house he and Bill are going over papers. Bill tells him he better not call him to come out here in the middle of work again. Liam wants him to admit that he wanted to get out of the office. Bill doesn’t need an excuse it is his company and he can do whatever he wants. Bill thinks they should be married. Yet, Ridge used their son to quilt trip her. Liam points out that Bill should know how much RJ means to Brooke. Bill knows that but if RJ had not come home then this wouldn’t have happened. Bill is done rehashing it. Bill isn’t giving up on Brooke though. Bill asks what is going on with Liam.

Steffy explains that Wyatt had no idea that Eric would tap him as head of PR. Rick is only concerned about how this team will work together. Steffy has Eric’s ear now. Ridge doesn’t think that it is like Quinn. Ridge tells Rick that Eric has become Quinn’s puppet. Rick asks why Eric cannot see that. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric wants to see it. He can only see Quinn handing over power to Steffy as a selfless act. She only cares of Steffy and Wyatt get back together. Ridge hopes that Steffy sees that.

Quinn thinks that Wyatt should have heard Eric last night. The things he said to Liam when he stormed over to Eric’s on his high horse. Wyatt asks wat Quinn is talking about. Quinn explains that Liam was going nuts on her as usual in front of her husband. Wyatt asks if she means like how she manipulated her into CEO. Quinn is trying to play matchmaker. Quinn feels that the point is that Eric told Liam that he supports Steffy with Wyatt and that Liam should back off. Wyatt asks if Eric actually said that on the record. Quinn does not think that they will be together for much longer.

Bill asks if he is kidding. Liam explains that Eric is pushing for Wyatt and Steffy in their corner. Bill doesn’t think that it is any of Eric’s business. Liam knows. Eric and Wyatt have a bonding thing right now. Quinn thinks that she can have Eric weigh things in. Quinn is exploiting Eric. Liam doesn’t think it is working for Quinn because Steffy and him are still together but Quinn hasn’t changed and she never will.

Steffy doesn’t care about Quinn’s motives anymore. She knows what she is capable of and is on full alert. Rick would be ok if it was anyone but Quinn or the future of the company wasn’t at stake. Steffy reminds them that she helped save the company years ago from Bill Spencer. She helped make the intimates line profitable again. Now she has a social media presence thanks to Wyatt and Nicole. She will deal with things just like any competent CEO. She has to go talk to Liam. Rick is sure that Liam isn’t happy with Quinn working with Steffy. Steffy doesn’t say anything and just leaves.

Bill wants Eric to stay out of this and remain impartial. Liam tells Bill that Eric is under the impression that Liam is incapable of happiness and doesn’t know why he would want that for Steffy. Liam knows that this isn’t Eric talking though. This is Quinn. The man has always respected and supported him. Now because she wants to protect Wyatt and Steffy she wants it too. It shows how Quinn is just as dangerous as ever.

Wyatt doesn’t want Quinn to get ahead of herself. Steffy is still divorcing him. Quinn knows but now he has Eric cheering him as well. Wyatt appreciates that but that is basically all he can do. Quinn tells Wyatt that Eric sent Steffy’s tattoo removal doctor away. Wyatt thinks that while he appreciates what they are doing there is a fine line between supporting and meddling and usually it ends up bad for him. He wants them to change the subject. Wyatt wonders what Quinn is getting Eric for Christmas. Quinn thinks about Ridge walking in on her taking a shower. Quinn explains that it is the gift that keeps on giving and she will leave it at that.

Rick feels that Steffy is being foolish by thinking that she can handle Quinn. Quinn is very unpredictable. Ridge guesses she is seeing that he did find her naked in the backyard of Eric’s.

Bill asks about how Steffy feels about Eric’s blind support of her and Wyatt. Liam hasn’t told her yet. Bill asks why not. Liam will but doesn’t want to sound insecure. Bill doesn’t think he sounds insecure. He thinks he is being smart. No one should be dealing with that black cat. Steffy walks in and asks what is going on. Bill explains he was just leaving. He tells Liam to hang in. Steffy asks what is wrong. Liam tells Steffy that she should know that Quinn and Eric are now targeting their relationship.

Rick laughs. He thinks that Ridge is acting like he has never seen a naked woman before. Ridge has seen a few. He just didn’t expect to see this particular one naked. Rick thinks it is crazy. Ridge thinks Quinn is crazy. Quinn walks in saying she is looking for Steffy. Rick says that she is not here. Ridge tells her that she went home to speak with Liam.

Steffy asks what Liam means that Eric is targeting them. Liam knows that she knows that he went over there. Steffy asks what happened. Liam explains that Eric didn’t pull any punches. He claims that Liam doesn’t keep his commitments and Wyatt does. He basically just said the same things that Quinn has said over the years. He thinks that Quinn is the reason why. Quinn gets a phone call. She answers it. Steffy says hello and it is Wyatt. He just wanted to give her a heads up that Nicole is helping him set up a photo session for her. Wyatt asks if that sounds good. Steffy tells Wyatt that sounds good but she is in the middle of something. Wyatt says that is fine. He just wants her to know that he is always looking out for what is best for her. Steffy thanks him and hangs up. Liam thinks that is what bothers him. Wyatt will constantly be in his life. Steffy understands how Liam feels but Wyatt is still in her life. They are still married. Liam knows and Quinn and Eric are doing everything to keep it that way.

Rick has some calls to make. He will leave the two of them alone. Ridge guesses he should be going too. Quinn hopes it isn’t on her account. She bets that he is still thinking about last night.

Wyatt is on his laptop looking at the amount of likes that Steffy got on a picture. Wyatt thinks about his wedding to Steffy.

Liam tells Steffy that her tattoo is still there. Steffy explains she is busy. The tattoo doctor slipped her mind. Liam knows she is busy but they both know that this was part of a set up. Eric is doing so many things that are unlike him. The Eric he knew wouldn’t have done this. He wouldn’t be treating Liam like this. Steffy asks if Eric actually said something like this. Liam confirms he did. If anyone confronts him though then he will go after them because of Quinn. Steffy can tell he is really upset at Eric. Liam knows she loves Eric but this is their life. Steffy knows and this is where she wants to be with him. Especially during this time of year. Liam thinks she knows how much he loves the holidays. Part of him is dreading spending Christmas at the Forrester house. Steffy wants him to forget about all of that. This is their first holiday back together. They have so many more. They need to remember that. Steffy sighs.

Quinn knows that seeing her naked was the highlight of Liam’s day. He cannot admit it. She will not tell Brooke. Ridge tells Quinn to leave Brooke out of this. Quinn isn’t going to run to his precious Logan and out him as a peeping Tom. Ridge thinks if he was going to peep on someone it wouldn’t be to Quinn. Quinn wants to know if after all these years how she ranks with all the women. Ridge doesn’t rank women. Ridge admits she is a very attractive woman and Eric always falls for pretty women. It never lasts. She should go home and enjoy Eric. Get that image out of his head. Quinn will not have her spirit dampened. This is her first holiday as Misses Eric Forrester. Ridge knows it will be her last. She can count on it. He leaves. Quinn smiles and rolls her eyes.

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