B&B Monday Update 12/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie goes into her house and looks at the video she just filmed of Quinn informing Liam that his time with Steffy is limited.

Quinn walks outside and gets a text message. She walks into her backyard. Two workers explain that the work is done. Quinn is so happy. She knew that it took a lot of time but is glad it is done. Quinn asks if they are sure her husband hasn’t seen. The promise that Eric hasn’t. Quinn is so happy. Eric has always wanted an outdoor shower and now he finally has one. They tell her if she needs anything else to just give them a call. Quinn thanks them. Quinn goes over to the shower and smiles.

Brooke walks into Katie’s living room telling her that she is back. She explains that RJ’s emergency was easily resolved. She wonders if Katie was able to talk to Eric while she was gone. Brooke asks if Katie was ok. Katie is trying to respect Eric’s choices and he chose Quinn. She has to admit that she is really starting to not like it. His feelings have to be considered though. Brooke wonders if something happened. Katie explains that she overheard Quinn threatening Liam.

Quinn turns the shower on. She starts to take off her clothing. She gets into the shower and starts to lather herself up. She smiles. Ridge is lurking in the bushes watching as Quinn is naked taking a shower.

Brooke asks if Katie really heard Quinn make an actual threat to Liam. Katie isn’t so sure. It wasn’t specific but then again it kind of was. Katie isn’t sure. Brooke wants to know what Quinn said. Katie guesses she can show Brooke. Brooke tells her to play it. Brooke thinks it sounds like a threat to her.

Ridge continues to watch and she hears ruffling noises. She asks who is there. She tell whoever it is not to get any closer because she doesn’t want him to ruin the surprise. Ridge walks out from behind the bushes. Quinn tells him the least he could do is hand her a towel. She turns the water off. She asks why he is lurking in the bushes. Ridge came to see Eric and heard noises. Quinn warns him to call first because he never will know what he will walk in on. Quinn asks if he came over to fight. Ridge guesses. He tells her to get dressed. Quinn asks why she should. His lurking got him to see her naked. She asks if he is excited for Eric. He should be thanking her. Ridge thinks the problem is that Quinn does not inspire optimism in people. Ridge is going to make sure that Quinn stays away from Ridge. Quinn is not scared of Ridge. Ridge suggests that Quinn should be scared. He wants to know what this all is. Quinn explains that it is Eric’s Christmas present. He has always wanted an outdoor shower. She asks if he didn’t know that. Quinn is giving it a test run. She suggests he try it. She herself is giving it a test run. Quinn guesses if he isn’t going to be a gentleman and give her a towel that she will go. She walks past him still naked.

Brooke doesn’t think that they can do nothing if she is really threatening Liam again. Katie asks where the threat was. Brooke thinks that the threat was that these days with Steffy will be his last. Katie asks if she was threatening to harm him or if he was just saying it so that Wyatt can move in. Brooke doesn’t think they should risk it. Katie doesn’t want to risk her friendship with Eric but Quinn is his wife and she has the most influence. Katie doesn’t want to accuse her of something. Brooke asks if she sounds innocent. Katie doesn’t know. Quinn can be hard to read. Brooke thinks that is when she is most dangerous. Brooke asks if Katie will show Eric the video.

Quinn walks into her bedroom. Eric is reading in bed asks her if she took a swim as she is wearing a towel. Quinn really cannot say. Eric thought that they were going to have no secrets. Quinn thinks that Eric will like this one. Eric has no doubt. Eric tells her to come here and the two kiss. Quinn asks if he is ok. Eric is ok. He asks her why he wouldn’t be. Quinn knows that he laid into Liam pretty hard and she knows how much he likes him. Eric said some things that he needed to hear. Quinn knows that he took Wyatt’s side. Eric reminds her that they are his family. Quinn thinks that means a lot to her. Eric asks if he knows how much it means to him to see Quinn wearing nothing but a towel. Quinn thinks towels are overrated. She drops the towel. Eric purrs and she starts to kiss him.

In his office, Rick gets off the phone with someone. Rick explains to Ridge that the buyers in Paris will be here next week. He asks if they can do lunch. Rick thinks that Ridge seems off. Ridge thinks that he would be as well if he saw what he saw. Rick wonders what he saw. Ridge saw their new step-mother naked. Rick laughs at the thought.

Brooke thinks that if Quinn goes back to her old ways then Eric needs to know. Katie thinks she is but she isn’t sure. Brooke tells Katie that if she is faking then Eric is in the house alone with her. Katie reminds Brooke that she is next door to keep an eye on things. Only though if Quinn does not look at her as a threat. Brooke guesses that is a good point. Katie would like to believe that Eric has changed. Katie doesn’t want to throw accusations around and be wrong. She doesn’t want to look like the bad guy. Brooke knows Quinn is nuts. They have seen that. She tried to hurt Liam once. She asks what happens if she does it again or something worse.

Quinn wonders if Eric can believe it is almost Christmas. The year has flown by. Eric guesses they do that. Quinn thinks that this was one for the record books. Quinn knows that so much has changed. Quinn cannot believe that Eric loves her after knowing her. She wants their first Christmas to be special. Eric doesn’t want her to go overboard with presents. She has given him more than he ever thought he would have. Quinn intends to give him something special. She plans to shower him with gifts. Eric wants to shower her with this. They start to kiss again.

Rick cannot believe that Ridge saw Quinn naked. Rick wants to hear what happened. Ridge went over to complain about Steffy being naked and he saw her in the backyard taking a shower. Rick doesn’t think there is a shower in the backyard. He knows Eric always wanted one though. Ridge wonders why he is the only one who didn’t know that. There is one now though. Quinn installed it by the pool. Rick cannot believe he saw her. Ridge says that there is more. Ridge explains that there was a weird vibe between them. Rick knows that Quinn is completely committed to Eric. Ridge doesn’t know. She was standing there naked and he thinks that Quinn was flirting with him. Rick thinks that Ridge’s ego is ridicules. Quinn cannot stand Ridge. Ridge is not making this up. Rick thinks that Ridge is under the impression that every woman he sees wants to hop into bed with him. Ridge feels he is now just looking at facts. He knows a signal when he sees it. Rick rolls his eyes. Rick doesn’t buy it. Quinn would have to be crazy… He still doesn’t see it. Ridge thinks that Quinn should have ran away but she didn’t. Ridge wonders if Quinn is more unhinged than they give her credit for.

Katie is going to hold off on showing Eric. If they show him now then he will question her motives and become distrustful. Brooke knows they do not want that. Brooke doesn’t want her to erase it though. Katie is going to keep it but until then they will keep it between them. Brooke asks if they are going to really give Quinn the benefit of the doubt. Katie doesn’t know. The marriage really does seem solid. Brooke hopes that isn’t wishful thinking. Katie knows that if she is banished then she is ineffective. She will never forget how dangerous Quinn is.

Quinn suggests that they spend their first Christmas in bed all day and night. Eric thinks that is a little ambitious for them. Eric knows some people say he is to old for her. Quinn guesses that Ridge has his assets but Eric is so much more. He is kind and warm. Charming and funny. He has just enough charm to make a woman feel like a queen. Quinn feels so confident in the two of them. She explains that sometimes she is afraid to look over at Eric. She is afraid that she will wake up and it will have turned out to be a dream. Eric asks if Quinn feels it. This is real. This is them. No one will ever take this away. Quinn and Eric kiss each other passionately in bed.

Katie knows that Quinn has Eric in her clutches. That has to change. They need to smart with how they pry Eric away from her.

Quinn smiles in bed with Eric.

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