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Written By Anthony
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Steffy is sitting at her desk with her feet on it. Wyatt wants her to pretend that she is passing a file to someone. Steffy doesn’t think that they can post this. Wyatt wonders why not. He is the CEO after all. She needs to own that. Steffy thanks him for being so happy for her. Wyatt asks how he couldn’t be. He remembers that Liam isn’t. He wants to know how unhappy Liam is. Steffy isn’t sure. He ran off to go speak to Eric though.

Liam asks if Eric is really telling him that he would support Steffy leaving him for Wyatt. Eric is. He is his step-son and family. He is loyal. Liam is loyal to Steffy. Quinn points out that he is only loyal to Steffy until Hope walks into the room. Or Ivy. Liam doesn’t want Eric to listen to Quinn. She is manipulating them. Liam thinks that Quinn is using him for his power and influence.

Katie finishes up giving Brooke a tour of her new house. Brooke thinks that this is perfect for Katie. Katie loves it. She never felt right in Bill’s house. He bought it and picked it out. She was not part of that process but this is all her. Brooke asks if she has said anything to him. Katie hasn’t spoken to Bill about Brooke or her new relationship status. Brooke wants Katie to let her have it. She took her husband and tore her family apart and then… Katie knows and then she went back to Ridge. Just like everyone knew she would.

Pam walks into Steffy’s office explaining she has a special delivery. Nicole walks in with a teal box. Inside there is a label that says ‘Steffy Forrester, CEO”. Nicole guesses it is time to make things official.

Brooke wonders if Katie hates her. Katie doesn’t. She made the best choice for herself. Katie is glad for her. She is moving on as well. Katie doesn’t have any choice but she is happy. She will listen to Brooke and be there for her but she doesn’t want to be involved in her drama. She has enough of her own. Brooke asks what she means. Katie is living next to Quinn.

Eric doesn’t think that Liam’s opinion of Quinn can be trusted. It is biased. Liam doesn’t have opinions. He has facts. He is living proof of what she is capable of. Eric feels that people change. He believes that there is good in everyone. Everyone makes mistakes. He has. Liam thinks that Quinn is proud of the mistakes she made. Eric will not allow Liam to say things like this in his house. If he cannot be respectful then he needs to get out.

Katie asks if Brooke would like another pot of tea. Brooke tells Katie to forget about the tea. She wants to hear about the kiss. Katie doesn’t think that it was a real kiss. Quinn just wants her to know her place. She thinks that Katie is after something. Brooke wonders if it is her husband. Katie doesn’t think so. Katie wonders if Quinn has a point though. Brooke asks if Katie has feelings for Eric. Katie doesn’t have a crush on him. She is just concerned for him. They all know she is capable of terrible things. She doesn’t think the woman she is on the inside has gone away.

Liam is not trying to be disrespectful to Eric. He is just looking out for Steffy. Eric likes Liam well enough. He tries to separate the people that are his friend who he likes and his family who he loves. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family. Quinn is his wife and Wyatt is his son. Liam asks if Eric is now a part of Quinn’s plan to manipulate Steffy into going back to Wyatt. Eric explains that like he said there is nothing he wouldn’t do. Liam asks if him stepping down from CEO was part of this plan. Eric doesn’t think that he has to explain that. Steffy deserved it. Liam feels that when the whole point of the issue is to destroy his relationship he deserves to get involved. Eric wants him to try this on for size then. Liam has a dismal history when it comes to relationships. He waffles between two young women who he cares so much about. The only time he has any sort of commitment to Steffy is when Hope is out of town and vice versa not to mention stringing Ivy along just for fun. It is appalling. He has no commitment from them. Eric knows that Wyatt doesn’t waver. He sticks to his commitments. He wonders who Liam would choose if it were his granddaughter. Quinn looks like she feels a little bad.

Pam is hammering a nail into Steffy’s office door. Wyatt wonders if Pam would prefer they call maintenance to do this. Pam knows how to use a hammer. Wyatt knows but wants to know why she needs the hammer. Nicole thinks it looks good. Steffy thinks it really does. Pam guesses she and Nicole have work to do. Wyatt wants Steffy to be proud of this. Steffy thanks him. She thinks it feels weird. She should be thanking Quinn. She hasn’t even gone on a power trip or anything. Wyatt knows and instead she hands her the CEO position. Wyatt knows that it is hard to believe but he really does think that Quinn wants what is best for her family. She doesn’t have to be a problem for them anymore.

Brooke feels that people can change. Katie wonders if Quinn can really change. Brooke isn’t so sure. That is a hard one. Katie is already seeing signs of the old Quinn. You get little glimpses. Brooke isn’t so sure she is shocked at Quinn’s reaction to her kissing Eric. Katie reminds her it was only on the cheek. Brooke understands but still that could get to any woman. Katie knows that Quinn hates her. It isn’t the new and improved Quinn looking at her. She is ready to strike. Brooke bets that if he tells Eric that it might help. He might not see it today. He will remember though when he is ready to see Quinn for who she really is.

Steffy admits that she is pleasantly surprised at how well Quinn actually has been for her family’s business. Wyatt wants to see Steffy’s hand. Steffy decides she will. Wyatt can see that it is fading but not gone. Like them. That is why California has a six month period of time. Wyatt thinks they still have time. Maybe her ring doesn’t have to fade away. Wyatt suggests that it could look like his again.

Eric understands Liam’s intentions. He really does. He might see himself as the hero in all of these relationships. Eric feels that Liam needs to take a step back and actually look at these situations. He should look at Steffy right now. She is a married woman and living with Liam. He isn’t so sure that is appropriate for the CEO of his company. He thinks that there might be a better suited situation. He is going to ask her to move in with him. Liam knows he means with Wyatt. Eric would love to have his granddaughter living with him. With her husband and running the company from their house. Liam has been where Eric is. He has been emerged into the fairytale. The fact that she has convinced him that Wyatt is some sort of golden boy… Eric knows that Quinn and Wyatt are good people. Steffy knows this about Wyatt. He made her happy and made her laugh. Unlike Steffy where it was one crisis after another. He chose Steffy to take over the company and that future she will have is without Liam.

Katie tells Brooke that she really doesn’t have to come with her. Brooke wants to. Katie thinks that Eric should know they are both serious. Brooke gets a text message. RJ says it is an emergency. Katie tells Brooke that she should go take care of him. She doesn’t want Eric to feel ganged up on. Brooke wonders if she can handle Quinn though.

Steffy appreciates that he believes in them but… Wyatt knows that Liam is involved. He is already showing her where he stands. Instead of supporting her he is off yelling at Eric for giving her the position. She is chasing her tail. She might realize it before her divorce is final. Steffy gets a notification and she has ten millions subscribers. Wyatt is so proud of her. He remembers when she had one million. Steffy knows that this is all because of him. It is because of both him and Quinn that she is where she is right now. Wyatt guesses that this is to new beginnings.

Liam bets that Eric will apologize to him one day for believing Quinn. Liam knows the truth now though. He has had her dagger to his throat. He hopes that Eric will never have to deal with that but he will. Eric says goodnight to Liam. Quinn tells Eric to go upstairs. She will make sure that Liam gets off the property. Eric walks upstairs. Quinn thinks that Eric is right that he should leave. Liam thinks she should as well. She will soon.

Katie is trying to figure out what she will say outside of the Forrester Mansion. When Quinn suddenly opens the front door, Katie goes and hides in the bushes. Liam tells Quinn that he should have had her arrested. Quinn hopes he knows how much she appreciates that he didn’t. She hopes he understands that she cares so much for what they were. Quinn thinks that she was made to realize that she could care about someone other than her son. Quinn all of a sudden wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable. She is having the first healthy relationship with a man. She found the best in Eric. Now that she has found that, she realizes she wants the same for her son. Make no mistake, Wyatt will have the best. There is nothing that he can do that will stop it. He might have been able to if she was alone but she isn’t alone. She has Wyatt but she also has Eric and his legacy. She thinks he should listen to this. He can enjoy his time with Steffy because these days will be his last.

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