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Written By Anthony
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Wyatt feels that Steffy’s wedding band has faded but it is not gone. Steffy explains that the doctor feels that it will take some time. Wyatt guesses that in the future when gold mines are tapped out he feels that wedding rings will be holographic. Steffy asks how that will work out. Wyatt guesses that they will use lasers. Steffy just knows that it hurts. Wyatt is hurt too. In the future though wedding rings will be more like mood rings. They will fade when you are upset. When you are in love they will glow so the whole world can see it. Liam walks in. He guesses the meeting is over. Steffy says yes and so is her work day. Liam heard that Wyatt was here for it as well. Wyatt leaves. Liam asks how it went. Steffy welcomes Liam to her new office. Liam asks if Steffy really said yes.

The doctor wants to make sure that Steffy isn’t available. Steffy was very insistent on meeting her here. Eric is sorry but the day has gotten away from her. She only needs a few more sessions before that ring is gone completely. Eric will pay for his time and travel today but he is sorry. Quinn smiles.

Backstage Nicole is going through clothing. Rick walks in. Nicole asks if it is a done deal. Rick guesses for today it is but who knows. Next Eric could possibly turn the building into a Quinn museum. Rick thanks Nicole for letting him blow off steam. There is no reason to go home and get Maya all riled up. Nicole wonders if he is still running International. Rick is. Nicole points out he is also Vice- President. Rick corrects her. He is co- Vice President. It is like one step up from an intern. Nicole asks if she still has to get him coffee. Rick guesses some things never change. Rick knows that Steffy is strong and tough and unlike her father she actually listens to people. So what she lacks in experience she will win in other ways. What she doesn’t realize though is that Quinn is using her. Wyatt walks in and starts taking pictures of Nicole. Nicole informs him that it isn’t nice to take pictures of people without asking them first. Wyatt knows. He is just taking pictures of all the beautiful women at Forrester Creations for the social media website. Nicole will help him do that but not as one of the models. Wyatt explains that she will be helping him do that a lot more now. He asks if Rick told her that he is now the head of PR. Rick thinks it is only because of his mother. Wyatt adds and his father.

The doctor suggests he should call Steffy and book a makeup appointment. Eric is that Steffy will be in touch. Eric walks the doctor out. Eric explains that if it was important to Steffy shouldn’t have forgotten. Quinn feels that Eric’s first day back was a long one. Eric thinks that he may be starting to feel it. Quinn suggests that they should get home. They walk out of the office.

Steffy asks if Liam really isn’t going to congratulate her. She couldn’t turn it down. It was that simple. Liam asks why she says that. Steffy explains that there was no way that Eric was going to give the position to Rick or Ridge. If she turned it down then Quinn would have stayed on as CEO. Liam asks if Wyatt was at the meeting as well. Steffy says yes. Liam wants to know why.

Nicole asks if Quinn is Rick’s boss now. Rick guesses that as much as it pains him to say it yes. Nicole then wonders if Steffy is Quinn’s boss though. Wyatt says yes. Rick doesn’t think it is that confusing. This new team has been created because of Quinn. Wyatt thinks that they were both in the same meeting and they heard Eric. Rick doesn’t know the conversations that are happening between Eric and Quinn behind closed doors.

Quinn and Eric walk into the Forrester Mansion. Quinn suggests that Eric go sit on the couch and relax. Quinn feels that he was a showman today. He loved unveiling the little surprises. Eric thinks that Wyatt is the showman. He is perfect for the job. Eric feels that Quinn has raised a very loving and loyal person. Very much like his mother. Quinn asks where her position came from. Eric has confidence in her. He was just seeing how outraged his sons were over having Steffy be promoted he decided to outrage them a little bit more. Eric loves his sons but humility isn’t his strong suit. He doesn’t think she really even needs to go in that much. It is just when she does he wants her to have some authority and he wants to hear if there is any disrespect. Quinn gave up on that a long time ago. She just hopes that Steffy will actually work with her. Eric doesn’t think she has much choice.

Steffy explains that Eric and Wyatt are close now. Wyatt is living at the house. Liam knew that much. Steffy guesses that Wyatt and Eric have this new relationship. Eric calls him son because he feels betrayed by his actual sons. Liam wants to know why Eric doesn’t feel betrayed by Steffy. Steffy knows he does but he also knows that Steffy has had good reasons. Liam knows that Quinn is still trying apparently otherwise why would Wyatt be invited and not him. Steffy explains there were changes to the executive team. Eric asked Wyatt to be in charge of PR. Liam knows that there is nothing Wyatt loves more than posting photos of her. Steffy is sure that there will be some of that. Steffy thinks that they can all want what they want but where she sleeps at night is her choice.

Wyatt is starting the new social media campaign for Steffy so any suggestions would be appreciated. Rick can see how this goes down. Nicole does all the work and Wyatt gets all the credit. Nicole thinks that Wyatt has helped her a lot and she is honored to be a part of the team. Wyatt thanks her. Rick guesses he will leave the two of them to strategies. Wyatt explains that before Rick goes when he starts hearing the rumors or spreading them that Quinn was a good CEO. She is going to a damn good president. Rick guesses that will happen as Eric gets more isolated. Wyatt wonders when Rick has seen Eric happier. Rick feels it was before any of them ever saw Wyatt or Quinn. He just has to say. Wyatt walks out.

Quinn asks if anything is permanent these days. Eric guesses death. Quinn doesn’t think so if you believe in reincarnation. She had a psychic once tell her that she was someone vicious in a past life. Eric has never been a believer in having a past life that you cannot remember. Quinn guesses that ink isn’t permanent otherwise Steffy couldn’t have hers taken off. Quinn asks why Eric sent the doctor away. Eric isn’t so sure. He wonders if it was a mistake and when Steffy finds out she will ask him the exact same thing. Quinn asks what he will tell her.

Steffy wants Liam to think about this for a second and what it actually means for her. Every male member of her family would have had to have died before she ever got a chance to run Forrester. Liam is sorry. In his mind she is the most capable person on the planet and when other people say so it doesn’t surprise him the way it does her. Steffy thinks it was a big deal for her. Liam asks how Ridge and Rick reacted. Steffy knows that it was hard for them but Ridge didn’t say anything mean. Liam assumes they were not fired. Steffy explains that Ridge is still head designer and Rick still is head of International. Liam wants to know who the president is. Steffy tells him Quinn is. She can handle it. Liam wants to know how she plans to do that. Liam just came by for her laser removal appointment. Steffy says he never showed. Steffy feels that it is taking longer to remove than it ever did to put it on. Steffy looks at a picture of her and Stephanie. She looks around the office and sits down on the couch. She smiles. She starts to think about Eric playing with her as a child. She starts to laugh. Someone knocks on the door. She says it is open. Wyatt walks in. Wyatt wonders if she has any order yet. Steffy had to call Pam and the way she answers the phone is by saying “I’m busy what do you want” she had to pretend that she hit the wrong button. Wyatt knows this is huge for her. Wyatt is happy for her. Wyatt wonders if Liam is. Steffy knows he will be. He wants what is best for her. Wyatt reminds her that she is still his boss. Steffy asks what she should order him to do. Wyatt doesn’t know. He could do a strip tease. Steffy has seen it. Wyatt asks if she wants to see her social media campaign. Steffy needs to look very adult. No Santa or tinsel. Dark and grown up. Wyatt thinks that she is always dark. Steffy needs to be sexless. Wyatt thinks that will be hard. He guesses he will stop sucking up to his boss.

Eric knows that the tattoo ring was almost gone to begin with. Quinn knows it wasn’t as close had she had her session today. Eric knows that Steffy and Wyatt blame the failure of their marriage on their own. Quinn knows that Wyatt is past that now. Eric feels that Steffy is moving past it as well. She might even realize that no on forced her to marry Wyatt or leave him. Then she will remember why she married him. Not every marriage is meant to last but it should be a little harder to end it. Quinn just has been all alone and now she isn’t anymore. Quinn needs to start thinking about dinner. She asks what he thinks about lamb chops. Eric likes the sound of it. Eric has the perfect bottle of wine to go with it. He goes to the cellar. Someone knocks on the door before he gets to it though. Liam is at the door. Liam thinks that it is good to see him looks well. Eric doesn’t think this is a good time. He has had a long day. He starts to close the door but Liam slams it open. Liam has heard as much. He walks in without being asked. Eric asks what is going on. He assumes that Steffy told him about her new position. Liam was told. Eric trusts that he is proud and happy for her. Liam wishes he could be. He really does. He thought that they had a mutual respect and yet he seems to be playing match maker between Wyatt and Steffy. Eric thinks that he makes up his own mind. Steffy’s love life is hers alone. Liam wants to know why he dangled the CEO position in her face.

Quinn walks in asks what he is doing here. Liam demands to know what Quinn has done to Eric. He hopes that Eric is checking his medication compared to what it is supposed to look like. Liam doesn’t think that Eric is acting like himself lately. Eric tells him that is enough. Quinn thinks he should go now. Liam wonders if she is brainwashing him yet. Eric tells Liam to stop this. Liam knows Quinn. He knows that she is a predator. Eric yells that this is his house. He does not come in here and talk about his wife like this. Liam reminds him that she was his wife first. He asks Eve if that was right. Liam has been where he is and there is a way back out from it and he has to want his life back. Eric has what he wants. He is sorry that Liam is incapable of happiness for himself and wonders why he would want that for his granddaughter.

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