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Liam thinks that Quinn lives for her son. Liam thinks that when Wyatt says “I want Steffy” Quinn has to deliver. Bill feels that the plan to get Steffy to be CEO might actually work. Liam doesn’t think the plan will work. Steffy and Wyatt are over. He wants to know what happens when Quinn realizes that Steffy and Wyatt are not going to get back together. She will realize that she gave up the CEO position for nothing. This is why Steffy has to turn down the job.

Eric asks if Steffy will accept the position as CEO of Forrester Creations. Steffy asks what happens if she doesn’t accept. Eric explains that Quinn will be running the company. Quinn adds that they would rather that not happen. She thinks that Steffy should be running the company. Steffy asks about Ridge. Eric promises that he will continue to be head designer as he was before. They be a great father/daughter team… Ridge doesn’t want to hear him go on. He just wants to know her answer. Ridge thinks they all know who this benefits. Rick knows it is Quinn’s plan. Eric doesn’t think it matters whose plan it is. It is a good plan. Ridge knows it is for Quinn. That is what this is all about. Wyatt informs Ridge that he is insulting everyone here especially Steffy. She has just been offered a position that she is more than capable of handling and everyone here knows that. Wyatt knows Ridge would rather choose to focus on things not based on fact. Yes Eric offered him a position in PR. Quinn had nothing to do with that. Steffy gets to choose who she gets to spend the rest of her life with. Not him. Not Liam. Not Quinn. Steffy. Eric wants to get on with it. Eric trusts Steffy to take the company into the future. He asks if she accepts the offer or not. He needs an answer now. Steffy accepts the position and is so honored. She hugs Eric and sees Ridge had a look of disgust.

Bill knows that Quinn is a threat to anyone who gets in her way but he cannot see Steffy turning down an offer like this. Liam doesn’t think that this is an offer. It is a trap. Quinn is a threat to her. Sooner or later Quinn will realize that Steffy doesn’t want Wyatt and will come after her. She will seek revenge like she always does. Steffy is in danger if she takes the job.

Eric feels that this is so wonderful. It is a great time for Steffy and the company. Steffy thanks Eric for the opportunity and trust. Quinn thinks that she will make history. Steffy walks over to Ridge. Ridge doesn’t want to talk to her. Steffy thinks this is better than having Quinn in charge. Rick still thinks that Quinn is in charge. She orchestrated the whole thing. Quinn isn’t going to let her run the company. Steffy is pretty sure that she can deal with Quinn. Pam thinks that is the kind of talk that gives her the willies. You can’t deal with Quinn without getting burned. Steffy thinks that Eric has her under control. Ridge feels that Quinn has him under her thumb and that is what will happen to her.

Liam informs Bill that Steffy isn’t responding to his texts. Bill wants Liam to just look at the positives. Steffy takes the job and Quinn is gone as CEO. Liam asks why Bill thinks that would happen. Bill suggests that Quinn is enjoying all the comforts of home. She has a man who she completely controls and she never had any of this. Hopefully this is all she wants. Liam doesn’t think that Quinn is into that kind of stuff at all. Bill points out that Steffy can do the job. Liam does think that Quinn is doing this because Quinn has a heart.

Quinn congratulates Wyatt and thinks that he will be working in close quarters to Steffy. Wyatt guesses they will see. Rick has to say that Steffy knows nothing about running this company. He and Ridge have both done it but Slogo the amazing mamas boy shouldn’t be making executive decisions. Rick asks what he is doing to the company. Eric is taking care of the company. Pam reminds him that this has always been a family run business. Eric reminds her that Quinn is his wife. Ridge has to correct Rick. He is more than qualified to be CEO just not today. That isn’t why they are here. He is upset with Rick and him. Ridge wants to know if this is really how he wants him to run the company. Eric doesn’t trust either one of his sons. Eric asks if Steffy has anything she wants to say. Steffy does. As CEO she insists that they all put this behind them. She cannot do her job if they are constantly arguing. She knows that Ridge wants her to succeed so she will be leaning on him. She will be fair with Rick and trusts that he will be doing that. Ridge asks if Rick really wants to discuss this right now. Rick does want to discuss this right now. Eric is not going to open this up to discussion. Ridge will stay head designer. No one is as good as Ridge at designing. Rick will stay as head of International. They will both be vice-presidents of the company. Rick thinks that he gave them some of the best quarters the company ever saw. He will stay vice-president though. Eric wants him to continue to run international. Rick decides he will. He wants to know who will be president. Eric explains that his wife will be president. Steffy looks shocked. Ridge cannot think he is being serious. Steffy knew that she would be working with Quinn but never like this. Rick wants to know whose idea this was. Eric explains that it was his idea alone. Quinn is so honored but asks if he is sure. Eric thinks that she will make a great president. Rick and Ridge thinks this is a horrible idea. Eric appointed Quinn head of the company and asks how that worked out. Wyatt points out that they had a very successful fashion show. Eric knows. Quinn has proven she can deliver and he knows that she can continue to deliver. Eric asks how anyone can ask how he would ever allow Rick or Ridge to be president of the company. They all have a job to do and they all are going to do it. Eric wants them to work as a team and this is their team. Eric knows it is a lot to ask of Steffy but she has to work with Quinn. Everyone in the company and industry. He knows he is asking a lot but he knows she can do it. He congratulates her. She smiles. He congratulates all of them. He tells them the meeting is over. Eric and Quinn leave. Wyatt looks at Steffy and seems to feel bad.

Liam thinks that he should have heard from Steffy by now. Bill feels that Steffy would have called by now if she needed to. Liam just cannot see Steffy wanting to take this on. Bill has a hard time seeing Steffy turn this down. Liam thinks that Wyatt has changed. Wyatt is happy that Quinn has gotten involved. Bill asks if he can be blamed. He knows that if it were not for Quinn they would never have been married but he loves Steffy and they cannot deny it. Technically they are still husband and wife.

Steffy walks around her new office. She smiles. Wyatt walks in. Steffy thinks it is overwhelming. Wyatt hopes she is not happy. He knows she will be bossing everyone around soon enough. He knows Ridge and Rick have been giving her flack about all of this. She does deserve this position though. Eric believes in her. She has to accept that this is the way it should be. She will be an awesome CEO and he is proud of her.

Liam knows that Steffy and Wyatt are not married but they never should have divorced in the first place. Bill feels that sometimes things happen and don’t turn out bad. Liam thought he wasn’t taking sides. Bill isn’t taking sides. He is just looking at reality. Liam feels that reality is that he and Steffy would still be together if it were not for Quinn. Bill is sick of Quinn getting involved in both his sons lives. Wyatt knows the down falls of Quinn. He doesn’t want her in his love life. Bill thinks that there is a difference between process and completion. Liam feels that Steffy is likely over Wyatt. Liam knows that Quinn will continue to play matchmaker.

In Rick’s office Quinn tells Eric that she cannot believe he made her president of Forrester Creations. Eric promises that it is her position as long as she wants it. He knows that she wanted to spend more time at home but the company needs her. Quinn will accept the position but he better keep up his health. Eric guesses he can buy burgers and fries when she leaves. He is joking. Eric promises he will continue on with his health. He admits he did some of this for Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn wonders if this is a start of a new era. Eric feels that Steffy is starting to see who Quinn really is. Quinn wants that so badly. She wants to be a force for peace in the family not the opposite. If Steffy and Wyatt find their ways back to each other than that is fine. Steffy’s tattoo removal doctor walks in and says he has an appointment with her today. Eric explains that she is not going to be able to do it today.

Wyatt thinks that she looks good in that seat. He thinks she has earned it. Steffy feels that Ridge and Rick have as well. Wyatt feels that she is what the company needs right now. She is the brand. She is beauty and youthful. Forrester will thrive under her. Steffy can think of one person who will not be thrilled. Wyatt doesn’t care about Liam. Quinn has turned a corner. He thinks that Eric and Quinn are cute and fun together. They are truly good for each other. It is kind of exciting. Quinn knows it wasn’t too long ago that the thought of Quinn has her mother-in-law scared her to death. Wyatt knows. Wyatt explains the thought of her being his mom scares him. Steffy says that she will not her mother-in-law much longer. Wyatt looks at her finger. He says that it is fading but not gone. Wyatt tells Steffy that Quinn has changed and so has Steffy. She still could be her mother-in-law.

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