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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In his kitchen Liam is making smoothies. Steffy walks out from the bedroom. Liam says hello. Steffy responds to him. Liam made her a smoothie for the drive to work. It is some brain food to help her make choices. She either takes the CEO position or she doesnít. Steffy assumes that he would rather that she didnít take it. Liam is not very comfortable with Quinnís involvement. Steffy isnít either but Eric wants her running Forrester. Liam knows but it is only because of Quinn and Liam doesnít want Steffy to forget that. He doesnít want her to forget who Quinn is or what she has done. She cannot underestimate Quinn

Quinn thinks that Eric looks dapper. Eric thanks Quinn. He knows that it is the first day back at the office so he thought he should make some form of an effort. Quinn asks if he is excited. Eric is especially because he doesn’t have to do a whole lot. His temporary CEO has to do all the work while Eric just goofs off. Quinn reminds him that she might not be CEO for much longer if Steffy takes the position. She hopes that she will. Eric guesses that they will find out soon enough. Eric has asked Ridge and Rick to join them this morning. He knows that neither of them are very happy with him. Quinn feels that Steffy deserves the job just as much as they do. Eric couldn’t agree more. Eric also asked Wyatt to join them.

Eric and Ridge walk up to Eric’s office. Rick wonders if it is something important if Eric is coming in for the meeting. Ridge suggests that Steffy might have made her choice. Rick asks if he has any idea which way Steffy is leaning. Ridge has no idea. Rick just doesn’t think that Steffy is CEO material. Ridge feels she would do a fine job. Rick asks why he isn’t supportive then. Ridge feels that it isn’t her time. It is his.

Bill tells Wyatt in his office that Ridge got into Brooke’s head. He guilt tripped her into being with him. It was about doing what was right for the family. She never said anything about Ridge being the love of her life. He gives them two weeks. Wyatt is sorry that he isn’t with the woman he loves. Wyatt gets a text. Eric wants him over at Forrester for the meeting. It is about Steffy.

Ridge feels if this was just Eric alone it would be one thing. Rick agrees that it is obviously coming from Quinn. She only cares about Wyatt.

Wyatt explains that Quinn and Eric are offering Steffy the CEO position. Bill is shocked that Quinn wants Steffy as CEO. He wonders what the catch is. Wyatt asks why there has to be a catch. Bill asks if he has met his mother. Bill knows that Steffy is ten times smarter than Ridge and certainly capable of running the company but Quinn is match making for him again. It isn’t about a promotion.

Quinn thinks that it is nice of Eric to want Wyatt at the meeting but wonders why Eric wants him there. Eric explains that Wyatt is family now. Eric trusts him. Eric asks if they should go. Quinn is in of awe of Eric. She has been waiting for him to be able to go back to the company that he built. The love and care that Quinn has given him. He only wishes that they could all see it. Especially Steffy.

Steffy has not forgotten what Quinn has done. Liam wants to know why she is even considering this then because this is a manipulation. This is a huge step backwards. Liam offers to go to Bill and demand that he give them the shares. Or they can just get Steffy out of Forrester all together. So long as Quinn is there it is a toxic environment. They can go to Spencer and start their own fashion house. Steffy asks if he wants her to leave Forrester and start a new business. Liam asks why not. Liam thinks that they could run the fashion house together. Steffy asks if he realizes how hard it is to run a fashion house and get it off the ground. Liam would do anything to keep Steffy away from Quinn. Steffy reminds Liam that Eric wants this and she has already let Eric down enough. Liam knows but this circumstance is a yes to Quinn and that isn’t ok. Liam thinks that Steffy deserves to be CEO but not like this. Liam wants Steffy to protect herself and protect them. He doesn’t want her to take the job.

Wyatt told Quinn not to get involved. Bill asks when she listens to him. Wyatt cannot control Quinn. Bill thinks that is the point. Bill tells Wyatt that he doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. Steffy has moved on. She is with Liam. She is talking about getting married. He has to move on. Wyatt asks how he is supposed to move on when Bill isn’t going to from Brooke. Bill feels it is apples and oranges and he is a badass. Wyatt is not giving up on them. Bill asks about Liam. Wyatt doesn’t care about him. He wants to see how things play out. He storms out.

Eric walks down the hall of Forrester. Pam walks out from Rick’s office. She is so glad to see Eric. She welcomes him back. She wanted to have a big thing but she kept it low key like he requested. Eric isn’t here about himself but for Steffy. Pam admits they are all in suspense about what he choice will be. Ridge and Rick are in there now. Eric and Quinn walk in. Pam closes the door behind her. Rick thinks that Eric looks great. Eric is ready to move things forward around here. Rick knows that he is ready to give Steffy the job but it looks like he is ready to tackle it all over again. Eric is going to step back for a bit. Ridge asks why neither of them are being considered. Rick offers to be co-CEO with Ridge that way he doesn’t have to choose one son over the other. Eric feels that he has already made the choice. Steffy walks in and hugs Eric. They all missed him back at the office. Quinn explains that Eric and her thought the office needed a feminine touch. Hopefully it will be her office soon.

Liam walks into Bill’s office. Bill wonders what caused Liam to get off the beach and join them all in the working world. Liam explains that he gets more done at home as opposed to dealing with Bill at work all day. Bill is glad because he is turning Liam’s office into a petting zoo for Will. Liam guesses he can have at it. Bill wonders what is wrong. Bill knows he is concerned about a certain woman becoming CEO. Liam assumes that Bill’s mini me told him. Liam knows that Quinn is up to something. Liam doesn’t know what Steffy will decide. Liam doesn’t like this. He doesn’t know what Steffy will decide.

Quinn admits that this was her choice originally but Eric supports it whole heartedly. Eric does. He doesn’t think that anything would make him happier if Steffy took the job. Quinn asks if he is sure that he doesn’t want to come back. Pam admits they would all love it if he did. Eric would rather just sketch. He will keep an eye on all of them though. Rick thinks that he is being punished. Ridge thinks that is the point. Wyatt walks in. Rick asks what he is doing here. Eric has a number of changes he wants to make to the executive team. Eric knows that Quinn appreciates the support given to her and he appreciates it too. He knows that he could stay at Spencer if he chooses to but he would love him to be on the executive team here at Forrester. Quinn is shocked. Rick asks what qualifications he even has. Eric likes Wyatt and he trusts him. He has proven himself in marketing and social media. He is versatile and Eric would love to give him head of public relations at Forrester. Rick asks if he is really going to put Wyatt in charge of PR. Wyatt thinks this was unexpected for all of us. Wyatt will humbly accept. Quinn is so thrilled. Quinn was surprised but this. He won’t let them down. Eric asks if Steffy will accept this position as CEO.

Liam wants Bill to think of all the things Quinn has done. Bill wonders if Liam is forgetting who he is talking to. Liam thinks this is so obvious. This is her last most obvious attempt at getting to Steffy. This has nothing to do with the job. Quinn is using this to buy Steffy. It is ridicules. Bill thinks that power is a good offer. Liam knows but if Steffy gets in bed with Quinn there is no telling what would happen. Bill knows exactly what will happen. Liam thinks that Quinn is trying to play match maker. Liam asks if everyone is just blind to this. Quinn is pathological. Bill agrees but it is Steffy’s choice. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy can take the job.

Pam thinks that Quinn has to have put Eric up to this. Eric explains that this was all his idea. Rick cannot believe that Wyatt gets to run a whole department while Steffy runs the company. He wonders what his two sons are left with. Eric guesses they get to keep their jobs. Rick cannot believe after all his years with the company. Eric wants him to stay as head of international. There is no discussion. They betrayed him and let him down. Ridge asks what else he needs. Eric thinks that Wyatt qualifies. Quinn wants to say something. Quinn explains that Eric has been so kind to her and her son. They really do make each other happy and it breaks her heart to know that Wyatt’s marriage was sacrificed because of it. She had no idea Eric would ask Wyatt to get involved. She is thrilled because she knows how well Wyatt and Steffy will work together. Eric wants them all to have peace and harmony. She knows Steffy will allow the company to move on. Quinn has so much admiration for Steffy. She can succeed at anything. She knows that she will. She believes in Steffy. They all do. Eric agrees with everything Quinn said. She is as brave as Stephanie. If she could see her behind that desk should have has such joy. Eric asks if Steffy is going to accept the offer and be the new CEO of Forrester Creations.

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