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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/12/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn looks down at Katie’s dead body and the blood on the ground. She looks freaked out and is breathing heavily.

In Eric’s office Brooke asks Rick why she would do that. Rick thinks that she is trying to help Wyatt out. Brooke believes that this will only cause more issues for the family. Rick realizes this and thinks that she should be telling Eric. Brooke is shocked that Eric named Steffy as CEO of Forrester. Rick doesn’t think that it makes any sense. She doesn’t have the experience or the record. If anyone deserves to run the company it is him. He has the record. If he was thinking rationally then Rick would be. Brooke feels that Eric must have considered him. Rick knows that Eric didn’t. Brooke doesn’t believe this. Rick points out that Eric doesn’t have much to do with the company anymore. He does whatever Quinn tells him to do. Brooke points out that Steffy hates Quinn. She wants to know why Quinn would want her in charge. Brooke asks if Quinn actually plans on stepping aside and allowing Steffy to be CEO. Rick points out it is with Eric’s blessing. She is using this to take advantage of something. Brooke thinks about how Steffy would be Quinn’s boss. Rick knows and she would be his as well which would be horrible. They have to get Eric to reconsider. Brooke doesn’t understand why Eric is doing this. She was President for a while but she never ran the company or even international. Brooke asks if this is a ploy to drive a wedge between Ridge and Steffy. Rick thinks that Quinn is drying to help get Wyatt and Steffy back together. Rick asks if this would shock her. Brooke asks if Eric questioned her. Rick guesses that Eric does whatever Quinn wants. Brooke is going to go talk to Eric. She leaves. Nicole walks in and asks what that was.

Quinn looks at Katie’s corpse and starts to breathe heavily again. She then hears Katie’s voice say her name. The floor is now clear and Quinn turns to see Katie. Katie didn’t see her standing there. Quinn explains that it is her own house. She wonders if she should announce herself. Katie doesn’t mean that at all. Quinn asks what Katie is doing here. Katie came by to say hello to Eric. Quinn asks if she saw him. Katie did. She was about to head off. Quinn doesn’t want her to run off. She asks if she is all unpacked next door. Katie is and suggests that she come and see the place. Quinn asks if she wants her to come right now. Katie guesses now is fine. She has been over to Quinn’s house so she should come and see her house and see the view. Quinn notices the candlestick on the foyer table. She starts to think of the fantasy in her head just a moment ago. Katie thinks the view is just to die for.

Later on in the Forrester living room Eric tells Brooke that it is great to see her. He spoke to Ridge earlier about how they were getting back together. Eric is glad to hear it. He is sure that RJ is happy about this. Brooke confirms he is over the moon. Eric feels that he should be. It is something to celebrate. Brooke tells Eric that Ridge is not going to make a big announcement because of all that is going on. Eric feels that they should because it is so exciting. Brooke thinks that they will. She just wishes that everyone had as much to be excited about. Eric is happy for them even if he isn’t happy with Ridge. Eric wants everyone happy even if they cannot be happy for him. Brooke thinks that Ridge is just concerned. Eric is still happy for Brooke. She makes Ridge a better person. Brooke is glad that he is happy. She just wishes that Eric would show a little more support for Rick. He is their son. He has been devoted to Forrester and his commitment should count for something. Eric knows that it does. Brooke wonders why he would put Steffy in charge then. Rick has been a great CEO. He has run International and yet Rick was passed right up. Eric assumes she wants to know why. Brooke knows why. Rick told her. He is very upset about it and so is he.

Nicole is sure that Eric has his reasons. Rick knows that he felt betrayed but she is right it isn’t payback. It is Quinn. Now that she is married to Eric she is more

Katie shows Quinn around the house. Explaining that the decorator wanted to keep things minimal. Katie agreed but she has a child so she wanted it to be homely. Katie is working on the upstairs. Quinn blocks her out and opens the back door. Katie tells her to shut up because she has done nothing but yammer on since she got here. Katie asks if she could get Quinn something else. A cheese plate maybe. They could sit outside. Quinn asks if that is her house. Katie confirms it is. Quinn asks if she likes the view. Katie does. She loves it. On a clear day you can see to the ocean. Quinn sees Katie’s dead body in a fantasy again. Quinn knows that Eric loves her. Katie asks what she means. Quinn just wants her to know that she isn’t jealous or insecure. She just doesn’t want Katie to be alone with her husband. Quinn saw Katie kiss Eric.

Rick is sorry that he is laying this on to Nicole. She has already been through so much. Nicole is ok. If he wants to talk about it then she is ok. Rick is here for Nicole as well. He knows how much Zende meant to her. Nicole guesses that things don’t always go the way they want them to go. Nicole didn’t even know that Steffy wanted to be CEO. Rick doesn’t think that she ever really thought about it. Nicole asks if Steffy is worried about Ridge. Rick knows that Ridge will crack regardless of who is CEO. He thinks he is the only one who deserves to be CEO. Rick knows that Quinn and Steffy shouldn’t be working together. Rick doesn’t think that there is any possibility for Quinn and Steffy to work well together. He is worried about Eric as well. It is scary how much influence Quinn has on him.

Eric realizes that Rick and Ridge are disappointed. Brooke feels that they are both confused. Rick said that it was Quinn’s idea. Eric explains that Quinn thought it would be a good idea for Steffy to be CEO. It might bring the family together and he agrees. Brooke doesn’t think that is going to happen. Eric promises her that Rick will remain as head of International. Brooke reminds him that Rick will be answering to someone with less qualification than he has and Ridge will be taking orders from his daughter. Eric knows that will get some getting used to but it can be done. He worked under his sons for many years and he remembers once upon a time that he was working under Brooke. He thinks that this is a business and it is their responsibility to get work done. Eric thinks that things will be fine. He doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Brooke still has concerns. Eric asks if Brooke knows that Katie moved next door. Brooke thinks that Eric seems excited about that. Eric likes Katie. She is accomplished and thoughtful.

Katie didn’t kiss Eric. Quinn saw Katie before Eric went upstairs. Katie asks if she is talking about the peck on the cheek. Quinn felt it was inappropriate. They already spoke about what she should be doing. She came by to spend time with her husband. She has to wonder what is going on. Katie doesn’t think anything is going on. Quinn wonders if she is trying to get close to something. Katie has been friends with Eric for a long time. Quinn is not going to let Katie play on Eric’s sympathies. Katie doesn’t want to make this into a big deal. She promises that it will not happen again. She is sorry if Quinn found it inappropriate. Quinn would understand that she would feel isolated. Quinn knows she is by herself right now. She must feel so alone. Katie thinks that sounds like a threat.

Eric thinks that it is a big step to start a new chapter of your life. Brooke knows that Katie is moving ahead and starting a future. He thought that Katie would be a lot more upset with Brooke not marrying Bill. Brooke is shocked that she wasn’t. Eric thinks that Katie really is moving on. Brooke thinks that Katie deserves to be happy. Eric knows that she has a beautiful new home and a great new school for Will. Brooke knows that Katie can take care of herself but still she is glad that Eric is there to help her. Eric hopes that Quinn and Katie can become friends. Quinn is the first person to admit that she isn’t very easy to get along with. She has made big changes. It would be wonderful to see Katie and Quinn get close.

Katie asks if Quinn is trying to make herself feel uncomfortable. Quinn tries to compare it to the way she felt after seeing Katie kiss her husband. Quinn is just trying to figure out why Katie would do that after opening up to her. She is trying to act like Misses Eric Forrester because that is who she is. Katie knows that and truly the last thing she wants to do is make her feel disrespected. She doesn’t think that Katie is trying to go after her husband but she doesn’t believe that she didn’t do that on purpose. Quinn is disappointed in Katie. She thought they could be friendly but as soon as she moves in she goes to see her husband. Brooke is her sister and she is Rick’s aunt. Eric isn’t getting advice from the family so maybe Katie thought she could be the one to do it. Katie didn’t think that this was part of some manipulation. Quinn wants Katie to say she understands. If it looks like she is trying to be over protective then she is. Quinn knows that people call her crazy Quinn. She doesn’t have to worry though because if she has those urges again she knows how to handle them. She is very grateful for the life she has with Eric. She will not jeopardize Eric. She hopes that Quinn has made herself clear. Katie thinks that Quinn has made herself purposely clear.

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