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Written By Anthony
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Quinn asks how she is supposed to stay away from Steffy. She asks Liam if he realizes that she is married to her grandfather and they work at the same company. Liam knows and she will nod and smile but that is it. He will not allow Quinn to manipulate her way back into Steffy’s life. Quinn feels that this is a tremendous opportunity and he should be proud of her. Liam is proud of her. She deserves to be CEO but having Quinn attached to the offer is a red flag. Quinn realizes that the reason that Liam is here is because Steffy isn’t listening to all his demands. Quinn can tell that Steffy is planning on taking the job.

Ridge doesn’t think that they can trust Quinn. She is always up to something. Steffy feels that if she is one step ahead of her then she will be fine. Steffy already knows that Quinn wants her back with Wyatt but Quinn doesn’t get to decide her fate. She does. Her eyes are wide open. Ridge doesn’t know why she wants anything to do with Quinn. Steffy explains that like it or not Quinn is part of the equation and Eric trusts her with his life. He trusts her running the company and he believes in her. It helps her believe in herself.

Someone knocks on the door of the mansion and Eric opens it. It is Katie. Eric wonders what this about. He got her text. Katie explains that he has a very long driveway. Katie gives Eric a small wooden box. Katie feels that they are for motivation. It is shown to be two pens. Eric thinks they are beautiful. Katie is sure that he is drowning in sketching supplies but she thought that he could always use more. She is sure that he is eager to go back to work and start designing. Eric thinks he might design but he isn’t so sure about running the company. He won’t be if Steffy accepts his offer. Katie wonders what offer. Eric offered her CEO. Katie asks if Steffy will really be CEO instead of Ridge. Eric believes he has trusts issues with Ridge that he cannot get over. Katie would have assumed that it would also apply to Steffy as well. Eric notes that Steffy was just following along to what Ridge wanted. Ridge himself was the one who orchestrated all of this. Eric feels that Steffy has something that Ridge doesn’t and that is Quinn’s blessing. Offering the CEO job was Quinn’s idea.

Ridge feels that Steffy should always believe in herself. Eric was right to give her the company. She is smart and compassionate but she shouldn’t be talked into something she isn’t ready for. Steffy is ready. Ridge doesn’t think that Quinn wants Steffy to do this because she deserves this.

Quinn knows that Steffy is thinking about taking the job. Liam is sure that Steffy will be CEO someday when Quinn is no longer part of the company. Quinn feels that she wants to be CEO now. She asks why she wouldn’t. Liam feels it is pretty obvious that the reason is Quinn herself. Quinn knows that Liam tried to talk her out of it and that is the reason that he is here in her kitchen trying to bully her. Liam guesses that if that is what she wants to call protecting Steffy. Liam thinks that this is stress. Steffy is scared of what Quinn could do. Quinn is aware of how they might be scared of the woman she used to be. Liam doesn’t want to hear that. She has not changed. The job offer is an example of how she hasn’t.

Steffy asks if he knows a better idea of how to get Quinn out of the drivers seat. Yes she will have to work with her but not as much. She will be focused on the jewelry line and Eric. Steffy thinks it is better than what they have now. Steffy knows that Eric will eventually see Quinn’s true colors. Ridge doubts that will happen. Steffy knows it will. Eric will catch on and what it does she will be right beside him pushing her out.

Katie guesses that Steffy would make an interesting choice. She would be a good idea for the company. Eric knows she would be for the family as well. Katie can tell that he is optimistic. Katie knows that he is going into this with a smile. Eric wonders if she is all unpacked. Katie is mostly. Eric thought that he was going to have her over here all the time. Katie doesn’t want to be the annoying neighbor. Eric thinks that she is always welcome. Katie tells Eric that she can be kicked out if she needs to be. Eric doesn’t think that is possible. Katie doesn’t that Quinn would agree.

Liam feels that Quinn is manipulating Steffy and it is obvious. Quinn asks why people cannot realize that she isn’t the monster they all think she is and she is actually really good for her grandfather. She wants to bring the family together. Quinn asks why it is so hard for people to realize she wants to unify the family. Liam knows she is just trying to cement her place in the family and Wyatt’s. Quinn can tell that he is afraid that Steffy will go back to Wyatt. Liam is worried that she will spend the rest of their lives making sure that it happens. Quinn asks if it is because of the job offer. Liam doesn’t think it is the job offer. That is just the first step. Steffy takes the job and then what. Liam is pushed off a bridge or locked in a cabin. Quinn admits she has made some questionable choices… Bad choices but she is regretful for those. Liam doesn’t think that changes how she operates. Quinn asks what she has done lately. She asks what she has done since being with Eric. Quinn wants one example of the old Quinn. She knows he can’t. Liam thinks part of the problem is no one can tell what will happen until it happened. Quinn feels that Eric really has changed her. Liam remembers that he did as well. He asks if she remembers that. Eric is just as much her hostage as he was. Quinn tells him it is time he goes. He needs to go out the back so Eric doesn’t get upset. She will never be the woman she used to be. Liam doesn’t want her to never say never.

Ridge asks if Steffy honestly thinks that Steffy running Forrester will make it easier for Eric to see the light. Steffy does. Then they will get her out of Eric’s house and out of the office too. Steffy wonders if Quinn has changed. Eric thinks that and Wyatt insists. She doesn’t know if it is impossible. Ridge thinks that it is. She should be in jail for what she did and not the family living room. Liam storms in and doesn’t want Steffy taking the job. Steffy gets both of their concerns but if Quinn is in charge then they cannot do anything. If she is in charge though then they can keep an eye on her. Liam just came from seeing her and she is hardly holding it together. They all know she is dangerous. Someone is going to encounter her bad side at the worst possible time. He is trying to prevent that from happening.

Eric asks what she means by Quinn may not approve. She is welcome here at anytime. She is his new neighbor. Eric was hoping to see more of her all the time. Katie will be but not unannounced. Eric tells her anytime she wants. She does not need a scheduled visit. Eric feels the Logan’s are a part of the Forrester family. Katie guesses that now that Brooke and Ridge are back together it really is. Eric asks if she heard. Katie did. Eric cannot imagine that was welcome news. Her marriage to Bill ended because of Brooke and now she is… Katie knows she is doing what she always does and that is go back to Ridge. Katie guesses it caught her a little off guard. She wasn’t upset though. She thought she might be but she wasn’t upset at all. Her marriage to Bill was over. They were toxic at the end. It wasn’t good for her. It didn’t matter what Bill and Brooke did because it didn’t affect her. (Quinn walks out from the kitchen and sees the two of them discussing things).

Steffy explains that Ridge told her that Liam needs to keep at it. Liam wonders what she means. Steffy means harassing her. Liam promises that it will continue but first… The two kiss each other. Liam wants her to know that he supports her at anything. Steffy knows that he does so long as it doesn’t involve Quinn. She has wanted to be CEO for years. Steffy knows he thinks some day but the offer is now. Liam knows but the offer is from Quinn. Liam doesn’t want her to do this. He wants her to think about this. He doesn’t want her anywhere near Steffy when Quinn cracks. The two hug.

Katie admits that a lot has happened to her but she is really excited about the future. Katie wants to see what comes next. Eric is a part of what has helped her get to this point. She cannot thank Eric enough for this friendship. Katie pecks Eric on the head. Eric gets a notice saying it is time to take his medication. Eric goes upstairs and Katie grabs her phone. Quinn is standing behind her and saw Katie kissing Eric. She doesn’t want to hear that they were friends. Katie is going to go. Quinn asks what her plan is. She knows that Katie is going after her husband. Katie asks why not. She isn’t good enough for him. She shouldn’t be married to him. She should be in jail because she is crazy. Katie starts to leave and Quinn smashes Katie over the head with a candlestick. Blood all over the place. Quinn has blood on her hands and is crying hysterically.

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