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Ridge will own what he did to Eric. He broke his trust. He asks if that means they are done or can they work through it. Eric is his dad. He raised and groomed him to take over the company once he stepped down. This was always his position to take. Steffy is incredible but she is young. It isn’t her time. It is his time. They need to get back to the original plan and make him CEO.

Liam feels that this shouldn’t even have to be a conversation. Quinn offers her something then she says no. Steffy believes that this has more to do than just Quinn. Eric asked her. Liam points out that Quinn put it through his head. Liam is sorry. He isn’t saying she doesn’t deserve it but it is Quinn they are talking about. They are Quinn’s words. Steffy gets his concerns but he is acting like Eric cannot think or speak for himself and she is just to gullible. This is huge. Liam feels that Quinn is trying to wrap Steffy up and hand her to Wyatt in a neat little bow.

Quinn believes that Wyatt has to admit this is one of her best ideas ever. Wyatt feels that it isn’t bad. It is nice for Steffy even if it doesn’t accomplish what he wants. Quinn doesn’t want Wyatt to pretend that he isn’t happy about this either. Quinn doesn’t like that Steffy left him anyway even though he did nothing wrong. That was because of her and she feels badly about that. She never meant to hurt Wyatt. It was all at his expense though. He has to know if she can fix this then she will. She isn’t hiding her feelings this time. Quinn doesn’t want him to give up on Steffy. Everything will be fine.

Liam knew this was coming. Quinn never goes away. She plays the look how much I have changed card. She is manipulating every one’s life again. Steffy doesn’t need to be schooled on Quinn. Liam feels that she does if she is willing to lower her guard. Steffy isn’t. Liam is sick of this woman getting involved in their lives. He is going to go put a stop to it. He leaves. Steffy asks where he is going.

Wyatt cannot believe how optimistic Quinn is. Quinn wonders why he isn’t. Wyatt reminds her that Steffy is with Liam. He supposedly is the love of Steffy’s life. Quinn tells Wyatt that he is the love of Steffy’s life. He has to be in it to win it and that is just half the battle. If Steffy becomes CEO then he has it. If Steffy spends some time with her then maybe she will see that she has changed and maybe even like her a little bit. If Steffy takes the job offer then it could put his marriage back on track.

Ridge demands to be put back in charge. He will not regret it. Eric wants Ridge to know how much he hates saying this. He doesn’t trust him. He boycotted his wedding. He lied about the power of attorney. He offered it to Steffy and he is committed to that. Eric is not too old to make up his own mind. Ridge knows this was Quinn’s idea. Eric understands that it is difficult when he doesn’t get his own way. What is hard for him to accept is how Ridge turned his back on him. Steffy will be able to do it. If she wants it then she can have it. Ridge thinks he is making a mistake. Eric feels it is his to make. Rick walks in as Ridge walks out. Rick wonders what has gotten into him. Eric explains that Ridge isn’t happy with him and he assumes that Rick will not be either. Rick asks what is going on. Eric will not be returning to Forrester anytime soon. He has offered the CEO position to Steffy.

Quinn was first thrown when Eric said that he wouldn’t come back. It was always part of the plan. She would fill in until he felt well enough to return. Wyatt thinks she did a bang up job. He is being serious. Wyatt thinks that running a company the size of Forrester with no experience. He is proud of her. Quinn always thought that she would only run the company temporarily so when Eric decided to not come back she wondered who would take over. Wyatt asks if she ever considered herself. Quinn didn’t. If Eric was going to stay home then she wanted to be with him. Her automatic go to was Ridge but they know that isn’t going to happen. Not after the way he treated Eric. Then she thought Steffy. She has experience with the company plus she is a huge success on social media. If they are working together then maybe she will have a chance to respect her or maybe like her. Then there is them. There is a chance that the two of them could get back together if she is not an obstacle anymore. It is rather genius really. Quinn asks if he sees the positives in this. Wyatt knows her intentions are good and if this works then it could be positive. He isn’t with Steffy anymore though. He cannot put his emotional wellbeing into something so uncertain.

Rick helps Eric into bed. Rick doesn’t understand a few things. He asks why he would want to step down now. Eric wants to because of Quinn. She brought him back to life and he wants to spend time with her now. He wants to be here with her and not at the office directing drama traffic. Rick asks why not offer the position to Ridge. It is likely he feels entitled to it anyway. Eric is sad to say that he doesn’t trust him anymore. It has been one betrayal after another. Rick asks why not ask him. He wants to know why not him.

Ridge storms into Steffy’s living room. She assumes that he heard. Ridge didn’t from her. Steffy came right here after getting the offer. Ridge is at Eric’s house telling him how he is ready to lead the family again and it turns out he has already picked someone else. Steffy didn’t campaign for this. She was just as shocked that he offered her CEO. Ridge knows it wasn’t Eric’s offer though. It was Quinn’s.

Someone is banging on the door of the mansion. Wyatt walks over and opens it. Liam storms in demanding to know where she is. Wyatt assumes he means Steffy. She left. Liam means Quinn. Liam wants to know where she is. Wyatt tells him that she is upstairs with Eric. Liam demands to see her right now. Wyatt wants to know what is going on. Liam wants to see her face to face when he tells her to stop getting involved in Steffy’s life. Wyatt is not bringing her down here until he calms down. He is so fed up. Quinn is yet again manipulating the situation to get what she wants. Which usually has to do with Wyatt. He asks if Wyatt is involved in this as well. Wyatt has no idea what he is going on about. Liam means the CEO position. Wyatt asks if he is mad about that. Liam wonders if it surprises him. Wyatt would assume that he would be thrilled about it. Liam asks why he would be thrilled. Wyatt thinks it means a lot to Steffy that Eric trusts her. Liam feels it would mean a whole lot more if it wasn’t coming from Quinn.

Ridge thinks that it speaks volumes that Eric just wants to hand Steffy the company. That is how much he trusts her. Steffy thinks that it means the world to her. Ridge will be behind her one hundred percent one day. Steffy asks if she is supposed to turn Eric down. Ridge will not let her accept this. Steffy thinks that Eric really believes in her. Ridge feels they all believe in her but Quinn wants something out of this.

Rick reminds Eric that his run of CEO was incredibly successful. Eric knows that it was. He doesn’t want to take any of his accomplishments away. Rick feels that he is by handing it over to Steffy. He realizes that he hurt him but to offer the position to her instead of him. Eric explains that the idea came from Quinn. He is on board with it. Rick asks if he sees how often this happens. Eric asks if he really wants to go down that road with him. Rick feels that every time they try open his mind to the woman he married he refuses to hear it. Eric is not going to have them put down Quinn. This all has to stop. Quinn rushes in and asks what is going on. She realizes that Rick heard the news. Rick asks what is in this for Quinn. He realizes that it has to do with Wyatt and Steffy. Eric doesn’t want to hear more of this. He has no say here. Eric is just a little short of breath. Quinn tells Rick he has to leave. He is upsetting his father. Rick rolls his eyes and leaves. Quinn tells Eric to relax. Quinn asks if he feels better. Eric is still a little upset but nothing to worry about. Quinn does worry. That is her job. Eric wonders what he would do without her. Quinn doesn’t want him to worry because she will always be here. Holding him and protecting him. Loving him more than anything.

Wyatt thinks that Liam is way over reacting here. Liam asks how. Wyatt wants to know what is so horrible about Quinn wanting Steffy as CEO. It is an amazing opportunity. Liam thinks that it is for Quinn. Wyatt asks what this has to do with her. She doesn’t even want to be at Forrester. She wants to be with Eric. Liam knows that Quinn wants what is right for her son that must have what he wants at any given moment. Wyatt doesn’t even recognize his own mother. Everything she does it to make Eric happy. Healing the family is part of that. She thinks Steffy is the only one who can pull it off. Liam thinks that this is the reason that Quinn is giving her. There has to be more to this. Quinn is operating again and trying to play matchmaker on his behalf. Wyatt thinks the nerve of Quinn. They are not even divorced yet. Yet Steffy is living with Liam. Wyatt will not have Liam coming in here policing morality when he has zero respect for his brothers marriage. Wyatt walks over to the door and storms out.

Ridge knows that Quinn is up to something he will not let Steffy play into her hands. Steffy is really starting to resent that people think she is to gullible. Liam thinks the exact same thing. Ridge feels the two most important men in her life have alarm bells going off and that should be enough. Ridge knows that she loves him and he loves her which is why he doesn’t want Quinn playing her anymore. She wants Wyatt back in her life. Steffy reminds him how they alienated Eric. They will not need Bill’s shares if they do this. Ridge thinks that if Steffy accepts this offer then she is Quinn’s friend. Quinn wants Liam away from her for good.

Quinn is putting away a plate in the kitchen. She turns around and asks what he is doing in her kitchen. Liam realizes that it is her kitchen now. She really pulled that one off. Quinn asks what he wants. Liam tells her it isn’t going to work. Steffy is planning a future with him. Quinn is glad that he is able to get that off his chest but she wonders if they are done now. Quinn thinks that Steffy wants to be CEO. Liam knows better. He knows it is a trick. It is a way to get Steffy for her son. Quinn asks why he feels so threatened. It is because Steffy wants to be CEO. Liam want to keep her down so he can fool her into thinking that he deserves her. Stop her from becoming the woman that she was meant to be. Wyatt would never do that. Wyatt supports her ambition. Liam thinks that Quinn cannot even oppress things. Quinn doesn’t think that things are over until they are over. They are not divorced. She will be the woman she was always meant to be. Liam is warning Quinn to stay away from Steffy.

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