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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam wants to know if Steffy sees what Quinn is doing. She should know how manipulative Quinn can be. She is trying to get Steffy on her side. Steffy is not on Quinn’s side. Liam feels like that is the point. She will have to be in order to be CEO. Quinn is dangling this in her face and using Eric in order to do it. Steffy doesn’t think that Eric would go along with it if he didn’t think that she was ready for her to run Forrester. Liam knows that Steffy would be brilliant as CEO but Quinn is doing this to further her own agenda. Steffy knows that Quinn has an agenda but Eric hates all the things that happened between them. Liam doesn’t have a problem with that. He has a problem with Quinn. She is manipulating the situation and she cannot let her do that. Steffy cannot let Quinn win one more time.

Quinn believes that this could be a turning point for Wyatt and Steffy. Wyatt asks Eric if he realizes that Quinn is already picturing Steffy running Forrester with him by her side. Quinn is picturing them running as husband and wife. Wyatt thinks what would be wonderful would be Steffy seeing Quinn in a different light. Quinn hopes that she will. Eric thinks that Quinn is determined to make sure that no ones happiness is sidelined. Ridge walks in slamming the door. He wants to talk to Eric alone. Quinn guesses they will give them some space. Wyatt and Quinn leave the room. Ridge has some news. Brooke and him are back together. Eric feels that is wonderful. Ridge thinks that signals a new beginning for them and the family.

In the kitchen Wyatt asks if they are out of sardines. Quinn doesn’t respond. Wyatt tries to get her attention again. Wyatt tells her to stop trying to pay attention in there. Quinn hopes that Wyatt didn’t make those fishy sandwiches when he was married to Steffy. Wyatt feels that Steffy loves them more than he does. Wyatt guesses that is a life but that isn’t what broke them up. Quinn knows she did but with any luck and Eric’s offer… she really thinks that Eric thinks a lot of Wyatt. He really thinks of him as a son. Wyatt wonders what Ridge is speaking to Eric about. Quinn has to guess it probably has to do with his never ending quest to get her out of his life.

Ridge assumes that Eric is happy for him and Brooke. Eric is. Eric wonders how he could think otherwise. Ridge just thought that with everything going on. Eric has always been a huge supporter of him and Brooke. He bets that RJ is thrilled. Ridge knows that he is but they cannot get married soon enough. Ridge thinks that he and Brooke should lead the family into the future. Ridge asks what Eric says.

Liam wants Steffy to know that he is just trying to protect her. He doesn’t want Quinn getting in her head. Steffy doesn’t think she has. Eric is the most important thing to her. Liam reminds Steffy of how many people Quinn has hurt. Steffy knows that. This is about Eric and the woman he knows her to be. Stephanie Forrester was the women of all women. That is exactly what Eric is asking her to be. Liam thinks that he is asking her to accept Quinn and demanding that she forget all the damage that she has done. Liam isn’t putting down Eric in anyway but he feels that this is just a way to get Steffy to like Quinn. Steffy thinks that Liam should know how she feels about Quinn. Liam knows but he also knows how Quinn feels about her and Wyatt. She wants them back together. Steffy doesn’t think that is going to happen. Liam knows that they know that but Quinn will never accept it. Steffy doesn’t care about that. The offer that Eric gave her was real. Playing matchmaker isn’t going to work. Especially if Quinn is going to run the company otherwise. Steffy cannot not do this. Eric has faith in her and wonders what kind of granddaughter she would be otherwise.

Quinn has made Wyatt a special sandwich. Wyatt thanks her. Quinn will have sardines put on the shopping list for him. Quinn suggests making a sandwich for Ridge. She asks if Wyatt knows a better way to find out what they are talking about. Wyatt guesses that she could listen in like she usually does. Quinn would love to be a fly on the wall when Eric tells Ridge that Steffy will be the new CEO.

Eric doesn’t think there is any question that Ridge and Brooke being back together is good for the family and business. Strong leadership is a good thing. Ridge thinks it is like Eric and Stephanie all those years. Eric agrees and like him and Quinn now. Ridge doesn’t think that he and Quinn built the company from the ground up. That was Stephanie. There isn’t anything they cannot do together. Eric thinks he is right about that. Stephanie was more than a wife. She was a partner in every word. She is gone now. They have to move forward. Ridge knows. Which is why he thinks that he and Brooke should be the ones to lead the company. Eric bets that Quinn has to step aside. Eric explains that she is about to. Quinn is fully aware that it should be a Forrester in the lead chair. Ridge guesses that Eric is going back to work. Eric isn’t but he has chosen someone that he loves very much that betrayed him but forgiven. Ridge cannot even tell him what it means to him to give him a chance to run the company. He thanks him. Eric tells him it isn’t him. He has chosen Steffy to be CEO.

Wyatt tells Quinn to give them some privacy. Quinn will not miss Ridge’s meltdown when he finds out that he will not be CEO. Wyatt tells her it is time to sit. Quinn guesses that they should be able to hear Ridge from here. Wyatt doesn’t think that Ridge will explode. He knows he will not be doing cartwheels but Steffy still is his daughter. Quinn thinks that the tables have turned. The favorite son has been bypassed.

Eric thinks that Steffy has everything it takes to lead the company into the future. Ridge thinks that she does but wonders if he doesn’t. Eric cannot be expected to brush aside everything that Ridge did to him. It was all very hurtful. Ridge thought they moved on. Eric knows what he thought. Eric has confidence in Steffy. She has all the intelligence to run the company. Quinn suggested her and he agrees with his wife. She would be make a great CEO. If she accepts.

Liam doesn’t think that Steffy is hearing him. Steffy is hearing him but cannot turn her back on Eric. Liam isn’t asking her to do that. Liam wants her to remember all the crimes that Quinn has committed. She always wants things to work out the way she wants. He is worried things will turn out worse if she takes CEO. Steffy is aware of all these things. That is why she hasn’t said yet to Eric. Liam knows she wants to. Steffy wants Quinn gone. She wants her family whole again before she infested all of this. If she turns this down it could go badly. If Quinn was the only person who had offered her this then she would have said no. Eric did as well though and he has confidence in her. Everyone says that she is like Stephanie. Eric does as well. This is an incredible opportunity. Liam knows she deserves this but it doesn’t change the fact that Quinn is evil. Steffy cannot let Quinn draw her in.

Quinn feels it all lies on Steffy accepting the CEO position and if it does then it might be the first step to putting his relationship back together. Wyatt asks about Liam. He will push back and hard. Quinn is sure that nothing Liam can do or say with turn Steffy away.

Steffy’s eyes are wide open. She knows Quinn is all about motives. Liam points out that Quinn has total control of Forrester right now. He asks what the chance of her giving that up is. Steffy doesn’t think that Eric is in it for the same reasons. Liam suggests that Quinn is manipulating Eric into wanting this. Steffy doesn’t think that means that Eric doesn’t want this for her. Liam doesn’t think she knows what Eric wants for her. He is still recovering. Steffy knows what Eric said. Liam thinks that Quinn is programming him. Steffy had the most touching moment with Eric and he is telling her they are just words that Quinn put in his mouth. Liam is trying to prove her wrong. Liam points out how many times they have suffered at Quinn. She should be CEO but not like this.

Ridge asks if Steffy hasn’t accepted. Eric explains she hasn’t yet. Ridge is sure that she is conflicted. Eric knows it is a big choice. Ridge doesn’t think that Liam will allow Steffy to do this. Eric feels that Liam will have to get behind it. Ridge asks about her loyalty to him. She knows it is his turn to run the company. She will have a turn but not now. Brooke and him are back together and he knows that Eric doesn’t forget all the good things that they did for the company. Eric also remembers the scandals that were caused. Ridge knows that there is still a strain between them. Ridge wants Eric to remember how much he loves and respects him. He misses how close they used to be. He did what he did for him. Ridge gets it. He knows he hurt him. He isn’t sure what to do now though. All he can do is be a better son. Eric groomed him for this and now he is ready. Ridge wants to take the company into the future with Brooke at his side. Ridge wants him to appoint him CEO.

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