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Eric can tell that Steffy is thinking and he thinks that thinking is good. Steffy is thinking that she has to be careful. Eric wants to know why. Steffy is starting to take this seriously and she doesn’t want to get the job for the wrong reason. She wonders if it is not the wrong choice. She always had a fantasy in her head that everyone would come to her and say that she is the only one. Knowing that Eric has faith in her is a dream come true but she has to wonder. There is another reason. There has to be.

Wyatt gets the impression that they are still speaking. Quinn wonders if has gotten a sense of what they are saying. Wyatt doesn’t listen in on conversations… or at least he doesn’t do it if he thinks that there is a chance he would get caught. Eric and Steffy do seem very serious. Quinn wonders if Eric just isn’t willing to forgive. Quinn knows that Steffy will not work with her but she will work with Eric and Wyatt. Wyatt hopes that this brainstorm of Quinn’s is more than just a way to get the two of them together again. Quinn asks if that would be so bad.

Liam and Katie walk into his living room. Liam thought she was bringing Will. Katie was going to but they had a rough morning. She decided to put Will down for a nap and leave him with the nanny. Liam hopes that she locked all the doors and windows. Katie lives in a very safe neighborhood. Liam doesn’t think it is a safe neighborhood when Quinn Fuller lives next door. Katie points out that it is Quinn Forrester now. Liam doesn’t want to be reminded of that. Katie has to admit that she has never seen Eric this happy since Stephanie passed away. Liam does not want to be told to lay off of Quinn. Katie would never tell him that after all he has been through. She just is trying to figure out how she feels about her living situation. She loves her house but doesn’t like living without adults. She loves living next to Eric but there is one issue with that. Liam doesn’t want to sound like a windup toy but she might want to invest in a Rottweiler.

Wyatt does not want Quinn to help him anymore. Especially with his love life. Quinn would never betray Eric. She just thinks that Steffy is the start of the family A family of opinionated and entitled people. They all rally around Steffy though. She is strong and confident when she wants to be. She is no pushover though. She doesn’t have the baggage that Ridge has and there is no harm.

Eric asks if Steffy really questions her motives. Steffy questioned her own. She has to be careful Eric loves Quinn but he is not her puppet. He wouldn’t ruin his reputation for her. He has been watching her, her entire life. There is a strength in her that has always existed. Her time is now.

Liam wants to know if Eric seems like himself to Katie. Katie thinks that she is probably the wrong person to ask that question. She has always been a little start struck by him. He is an accomplished man who isn’t aware of it like most of the men in her life. Katie feels like he can see right through her. He is probably acting normal then. Liam just has to wonder when someone like Quinn walks into your life and everything changes.

Quinn can make him a sandwich if he wants. They have some really nice roast beef. Wyatt didn’t just scrape his knee and fall. Quinn is not treating him like a child. Wyatt reminds her that Steffy is in the next room discussing not spending the rest of her life with him and she is offering him a sandwich. Quinn knows that his heart is broke. Wyatt is not in the mood for a mother and son talk right now. Quinn remembers when Wyatt showed her his ring. How he would never remove it. How he would always fight for it. He believed in commitment. Which is something the Forrester off-springs have trouble with. Sometimes publicly. She feels that the person who remains committed will always win in life.

Steffy cannot tell Eric how much this means to her. She does have her concerns though. Eric wants to make them go away. Steffy asks if she is setting herself up for failure. Eric wouldn’t do that. He would be her safety net. Steffy admits it has been a hard couple of months. She never thought she would make him proud of her. She would never try to replace him in the company. Eric thinks that is the reason she asks him. Eric feels that she has the ability to pull it off. Eric also knows she has a huge internet presence even if it isn’t as big as it used to be. Steffy relied on Wyatt for that. Eric thinks that Wyatt can help her. He isn’t match making though as that never works. Eric asks if she has any concerns. Steffy loves Ridge and he will not be happy to be passed over. Eric knows he will not. He cannot imagine that Ridge would be shocked. Ridge needs to take a long look at his life. Steffy wonders about Thorne. Eric tells her that he doesn’t want it. Steffy knows that Rick would accept it. Eric doesn’t think that anyone knows how to run international like Rick. Plus it has all taken a backseat to him being a new dad. There is only one person he would appoint and he is looking at her. He wants her to say yes.

Katie gets a text that Will is running a fever. Liam asks if everything will be ok. Katie is sure that things will be. She thinks that Will runs a little hot like his father. Liam thanks her for coming out to see him. Katie hopes that he and Steffy are happy. Liam thinks they have the happily part down. They are just driving down the ever after part. Liam needs Katie to be careful. Katie is the words safest driver. Liam means at home in her living room. It sounded like she wanted to be friends with Quinn. Katie would rather be her friend than enemy. She doesn’t think that Quinn has to many friends. Liam doesn’t think that Quinn has animal or plant friends even. Or fungus. Katie laughs.

Wyatt guesses he will have some roast beef. Quinn thinks that it is only the best for her son. Wyatt is so glad to be living with his mother and her cold cuts. Quinn points out that he moved in to help make things better with the family. Quinn thinks that if Steffy takes over as CEO and if she knows that she suggested it then she cannot think that she is a monster anymore. If she is the only obstacle standing between them then she will not be.

Steffy asks how often Eric has these headaches. Eric has them less than usual. Eric asks her about the proposal. Steffy feels that it is everything. She just doesn’t want it to go to her head. She wants to be able to think about it. She has one question. Steffy asks if she will only be CEO in name only. She knows he will out rank her but what about Quinn. Eric tells her that she will be in charge but Steffy will have to work with Quinn Steffy doesn’t think she will if she can help it. Eric feels that will have to change. Steffy questions if she only will get the promotion if she is nice to Quinn. Eric feels that is an insult he doesn’t deserve. If and when she accepts the job then she will have to deal with people she doesn’t like. He knows that she dislikes his wife and he will have to accept it. He isn’t asking her to love Quinn. Just professionals. Steffy thinks that the only thing unreasonable about him is his kindness. Steffy thinks there is one thing that Eric doesn’t know. How much she loves and respects him. The two hug each other.

Later on Quinn asks Wyatt to go grab Eric something. Eric asks Wyatt to wait a minute. Eric already had a pain pill. Quinn wonders if Steffy discussed the offer. Eric did with her and she wants to think about it. Quinn wants to know what there is to think about it. Quinn knows it is her. Wyatt isn’t shocked. Quinn asks if she said she would only take the job if Quinn was out of the building. Eric knows that Steffy is aware of important Quinn is to both the company and him. She also knows that Quinn is the eyes and ears of the company until Eric comes back if she does. Steffy made it clear that she understands they are husband and wife. The offer is coming from him though. Quinn guesses that she understands where Steffy is coming from but it annoys her that Steffy cannot see that she has changed. Wyatt thanks him for giving her a seat at the top. He thinks that Steffy is strong. He is being realistic. The connection he has with Quinn is real. It is starting to look like a force of good in all of their lives.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house. Liam made some kabobs and they will have them later. Steffy cannot wait. She asks how his playdate went. Liam explains that it went well. Katie and him had a nice little chat. He knows all to well what it is like to start over alone. He asks how Eric is doing. Steffy explains his headaches come and go but he is better. He also is not coming back to Forrester. Liam thinks he has said that before. Steffy explains that now it is different. Liam assumes that Quinn would rather be in charge. Steffy thinks she is more of a home body. Steffy was shocked. She said some nice things. Liam assumes she wants something. Quinn guesses. She doesn’t want to run Forrester Creations. Liam wonders what the point of seducing Eric was for. Steffy guesses that she realized it wasn’t for her. Liam assumes that Ridge is back as CEO then. Steffy tells him that Ridge and Eric have a lot of repairs to do. Liam guesses Rick then. Steffy tells him to guess again. She says that they offered her the position of CEO. Liam knows she turned it down. She cannot say yes. She knows that. Steffy asks if she does. Liam cannot believe that she would say yes. She has to say no.

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