B&B Monday Update 12/5/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge are kissing passionately. Ridge tells Brooke that he missed this. He missed her. They start to kiss again.

Steffy asks Quinn if she is being serious about her running Forrester. Quinn wants her to be CEO. She asks how Steffy feels about this. Steffy wonders if this is her idea. Quinn admits that it is. Steffy wants to know if she realizes how transparent she is. Quinn wishes that she wouldn’t choose to see it that way. Steffy knows she wants her back with Wyatt. Quinn explains that she would love her back with Wyatt but no it is not part of the deal. In her opinion she is the only eligible candidate to continue on Eric’s legacy.

Eric thinks that Liam is a good man but in his opinion Wyatt belongs with Steffy. Wyatt wishes that someone would tell her that. She has already filed for a divorce. Eric points out that the divorce is not final. He doesn’t want Wyatt to give up on her.

Liam thanks Zende for bringing something by. Zende hopes he likes them. Liam feels that Zende’s proofs are usually passable. Zende thinks he is starting to sound like Bill. He asks how Bill is doing. Liam assumes he heard about that. Zende notes that RJ is spreading it throughout the building. Zende assumes it is a hard time for Liam as well. He knows that Liam and Steffy are back together though.

Brooke and Ridge continue to kiss. Ridge thinks they need to get out of here. Brooke asks if he has work to do. Ridge has a lot of work to do but he is ready. Ridge needs Brooke’s house keys. Brooke hands the key to him. Brooke is smiling as he leaves. Ridge needs a head start.

Liam thanks Zende for the support. Zende feels that Liam and Steffy are a match made in heaven. Liam doesn’t think there is any argument from him. Zende knows how Steffy feels about Wyatt’s mother. Liam points out how Steffy has to deal with Quinn on a daily basis. Zende cannot imagine that being fun. Zende doesn’t think that there is any way that Steffy could have stayed in that marriage.

Wyatt walks downstairs and finds Steffy. He wonders when she got here. Steffy explains a little bit ago and she was talking to Quinn. Wyatt wonders if he even has to ask how that went. Steffy feels that she is persistent. She has to give her that. Wyatt guesses that he gets it from Quinn and Bill. He is practically swimming in it. Wyatt notices the tattoo and wonders how that is going. Steffy says it is fading. Wyatt assumed his would as well one day. After fifty years of marriage. Steffy asks how Eric is. Wyatt tells her he is good. He gave him some advice. Steffy hopes that it works for him. Wyatt hopes as well.

Quinn wonders if Eric counseled Wyatt. Eric did. Quinn asks if he was resistant. Eric doesn’t think he was to what he had to say. Eric wants to know what Quinn was telling Steffy. Quinn ran something by her and hopes he is not upset with her.

Liam gives Zende a beer. They drink to him and Steffy and better days at Forrester. Liam isn’t so sure that Steffy and the wicked witch can co-exist together.

Steffy feels that is pretty bold of Quinn. Wyatt wants to know why. He can see Steffy running the company. Steffy feels it is ridiculous. If anyone deserves to be CEO it's her father. Wyatt isn’t so sure that Ridge would make the short list. Steffy asks how she did then. It makes her question Quinn’s motives. It is like Quinn is dangling this over her head. Wyatt asks if there is anything he can do to stop her from going through with the divorce.

Quinn needs a way to get through to Steffy.

Eric wants her to give it time. Quinn has given it time. She is suspect to every kind word she gives. Eric guesses that he is putty in everyone’s hands. Quinn’s included. Quinn wants Wyatt and Steffy back together. She knows the reason they are not together is because of her. She has to get through to Steffy and she made a proposition to her. She suggested that she might be made CEO of Forrester. She knows he doesn’t want to come back and she assumes that Eric wasn’t going to give it to Ridge after all he has done. Steffy is a powerhouse. She embodies everything Forrester stands for. If she joined forces with them, then she would be perfect for the job. Eric thinks it would bring her and Wyatt back together. Steffy doesn’t think that is a bad thing. Quinn thinks that Steffy can heal the family and bring them all together.

Quinn guesses that Quinn is getting very good. It is more than clever. Wyatt wonders who else could run the company. Steffy doesn’t think anyone but Eric or Ridge can run the company. She wanted to be CEO but since she cannot she has decided to win her over. Wyatt guesses that Steffy really has those blinders on. Wyatt feels that anyone can see that Quinn has changed. She has a new passion in life and it is Eric. Wyatt feels that love does that to people and they were good to people. Eric walks downstairs. Eric feels that Wyatt is right. Love does do things to people. Eric asks Wyatt if they could have some time alone together. Wyatt leaves.

Liam thanks Zende for bringing these by. He wouldn’t worry about Quinn because they will get rid of her somehow. He bets that Steffy is coming up with a plan now.

Wyatt wants to know how Eric reacted. Quinn admits that he was thrown. Wyatt asks what he thought about putting Steffy in charge. Quinn hopes that he is ok with it.

Eric feels that Quinn has changed. Steffy wishes that Eric wouldn’t go on about this again. Eric knows he has said this so many times. He wishes that he wouldn’t have to keep saying this. He doesn’t think that any of this is true. Eric wonders who knows Quinn better than Wyatt. He has accepted their transformation. This should speak volumes. &# 9;Quinn has no interest in running the company. Nor does Eric. He explains that the person who Quinn thinks should be running the company is Steffy.

Brooke walks into her bedroom to find pink rose peddles all over the ground. She smiles. She starts to think of when Ridge first returned. Ridge asks if she remembers. Brooke wonders how she could have ever forgot. The two start to kiss. Brooke is holding a rose in her hand. Brooke throws the rose on the floor. The two start to undress each other. Ridge throws flower peddles all over Brooke’s naked body. He kisses her legs. She sighs. Ridge kisses every inch of her body. The start to kiss again passionately.

Liam looks at a picture of him and Steffy kissing from their first wedding.

Quinn hopes that she got through to both of them. Wyatt does think it is a good idea. Quinn feels that it will open her eyes. She hopes it will for the both of them. To a marriage that never should have ended. Wyatt points out that it hasn’t. Technically not yet.

Steffy cannot believe that Eric is even considering this idea. Eric wonders if she thinks she is capable of running the company. Eric knows she does. It may have been Quinn’s idea but he is the one asking her. Steffy is honored and amazed but she asks about Ridge. Eric doesn’t trust him. Steffy explains that she probably feels the same way that he does. Eric is sure she does but he doesn’t think that Steffy is as hardened as Ridge is. Steffy wonders about Rick or Thorne. Eric feels that they will always have a place in the company. If Steffy joins forces with Quinn and him then they will be in control. He is aware of the percentages. Steffy feels that there are other reasons that Quinn wants her as CEO. Eric is well aware of them. She is in the middle of divorcing Wyatt. He is devastated. Steffy reminds him that she set her up. Eric will not let Steffy victimize herself. That is not her. She married Wyatt because she loves him. She is letting her hatred of Quinn cloud her. Quinn doesn’t know what to say. Eric doesn’t want to tell her to end up with but she needs to take some time to consider things. He wants her to consider things. Quinn wants what is best for Steffy. He thinks that Steffy would be a champion. He wants her to say yes. She would be the next CEO of Forrester Creations.

Ridge doesn’t think he has ever been happier. He isn’t sure how they lost each other. They found their way back. Brooke feels that should be the title of their memoir. Ridge loves that the family is back together. It doesn’t get more exciting than that. Ridge loves this room. Brooke thinks it is their bubble. They will come here to escape. Ridge thinks that some things stay the same. Ridge cannot lose her again. She brings out the best in him. He remembers how it started. She was catering a party for Stephanie. He doesn’t know how it will end, but he knows it will be with his Logan. They throw flower petals at each other and kiss each other as more descend from the ceiling.

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