B&B Friday Update 12/2/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/2/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Liam are kissing on the couch passionately. Liam thinks that Steffy tastes like the ocean.

In the Forrester living room Quinn and Eric are both reading separately on the couch. Quinn feels this is her favorite thing about them. Eric wonders what that is. Quinn means the small sounds the two of them make. Eric doesn’t think that any moment with her is small. Each is vastly different. He has never been so happy in his life. Quinn is so happy that Eric has given her so much. Even against his families wishes. Eric trusts him and she might be the only one that he does trust. Quinn asks if he thinks it is time. Eric tells her sure and tries to grab her hand. Quinn doesn’t mean that. She wonders if he thinks it is time that he goes back to work. Eric isn’t so sure he wants to go back to work. He likes being away from the drama and pressure. They will talk about it. Wyatt walks in. Quinn is so glad to see him. Wyatt reminds her that he lives here. Quinn knows but he has been keeping to himself lately. Eric wonders if something is on his mind or someone. Wyatt just cannot compete with how happy the two of them are and he cannot stop thinking about her. He looks down at his tattoo.

Brooke and Ridge stop kissing. Ridge asks if it is really over. Brooke nods yes. Ridge is glad that she is finally home.

Quinn is so sorry. She wishes that there was something they could do. She assumes he thinks that she has done enough already since Steffy is back with Liam. Wyatt guesses that is what is done is done. What does make him smile is how happy the two of them are. Wyatt is happy for them and he is hungry so he is going to go the fridge. He leaves the room. Eric wonders if she is worried. Quinn cannot help it. He did nothing wrong and Steffy left him anyway. She can tell that he is hurting. She wants to do something for her son.

Steff grabs her purse. Liam wonders where she is going. Steffy wanted to go see Eric. Liam asks if this is about Quinn. Steffy admits that after avoiding the wedding she is just glad that she was able to have a peaceful nice holiday. Her feelings have not changed though. Bill storms in without saying anything. Liam wonders if there is anything he can get Bill. Liam asks what is wrong. Bill tells them that Brooke is going back to Ridge.

Ridge tells Brooke about the significance about Bridge. He had to leave the office. He was thinking about them and Brooke and Bill. He ended up here on this bridge and he doesn’t know what this is called. Brooke thinks he knows what she calls this. Ridge guesses it is destiny. The two start to kiss each other again.

Quinn knows that Wyatt gave Steffy is full heart and she knows he is hurting. Eric needs to be let known if there is anything he can do. Quinn will tell him if she can think of anything. Eric will leave the two of them alone for a while. He is going to go upstairs and get some rest. Wyatt suggests that he should get as much as he can. He will need it for when he goes back to Forrester. Eric isn’t so sure he is going to do that. He is enjoying his life a little too much. Eric walks upstairs. Wyatt asks if he really means that. Quinn guesses that is what he said. Wyatt wonders if that means that Ridge will be CEO. Quinn doubts it after all that happened. Wyatt asks who then. Quinn thinks it should be Steffy.

Bill starts to question everything he has done now. Liam doesn’t want Bill to do that. He shouldn’t minimize what they had. Sometimes things just do not work out for people despite them wanting them to. Steffy does believe that she loves him. Bill knows she does. He guesses just not as much as Bill and the family. Bill knows that Ridge and RJ just got in his head with the guilt. Liam wonders what he can do. Bill needs scotch. Liam offers a pep talk. Bill gives him a look. Liam goes to get the scotch.

Brooke and Ridge walk back into Eric’s office. Brooke feels like she is caught in a whirlwind. Ridge points out they are there together. The way it was always supposed to be. Ridge knows this couldn’t have been easy but they are here now. They have to focus on the future and be in the moment. Brooke is here in the moment. RJ walks in. Brooke tells him that she is back. RJ runs over and hugs her. Ridge tells Brooke that they are back.

Wyatt asks if Quinn is really suggesting that Steffy take over as CEO if Eric doesn’t come back. Quinn thinks that she is qualified and that means that Wyatt gets to see her more. She knows that Wyatt still loves her. Wyatt points out the divorce is clearly happening. Wyatt doesn’t blame Quinn for falling for Eric. Quinn wants Wyatt to have happiness. His marriage doesn’t have to be over. Wyatt thinks it is too late for that. She is already back with Liam. Quinn doesn’t think that means that he has to give up. Quinn doesn’t want him to give up on Steffy.

Liam doesn’t know what to say. He knew about Ridge and Brooke’s legendary connection but he thought that Brooke was all in. Bill thinks that she was all in. Brooke loves him and it doesn’t just disappear. Liam doesn’t want him to give up. He didn’t and neither should Bill. Bill thinks that Liam is right. Ridge got into her hear but he isn’t going away.

RJ knew they were meant to be together. He just forgot that for a while. He feels that Brooke made the right choice for the entire family. Brooke loves RJ as well. RJ thinks that they are a real family again. Brooke thinks that today is a good one. The three hug again.

In Eric’s room Wyatt asks what Eric is drinking. Eric explains that this is Quinn’s special blend. It is full of all different things. Wyatt thinks it looks awful. Eric agrees and doesn’t ask what it is. Wyatt wonders if Eric was serious about not returning as CEO. Eric tells him if he wants the job he can take it. Wyatt wonders if that is a yes then. Eric confirms that it is.

Steffy walks into the mansion. Quinn is surprised she is here. Quinn explains that Eric and her were just talking about how wonderful Thanksgiving was to have the family here. She thanks her again. Steffy only did that for Eric. Steffy doesn’t want to do that. Quinn needs to talk to her about something. She explains that being in charge was an amazing opportunity for her but it was only meant to be temporary. Steffy is glad that she realizes that. Quinn tells her that is the thing. Eric might not want to come back. He is really happy with the way his life is right now. Steffy thinks she is trying to become CEO. Quinn wants someone else actually. Steffy asks who. Quinn wants Steffy.

Ridge tells Brooke it is all about timing. When he first came back to Paris he wanted to be with her but it wasn’t time. Now it is. They can put their family back together. Brooke wants that more than anything. Brooke and Ridge kiss each other again.

Eric feels for Wyatt. He knows what it is like to lose the woman he loves. If death doesn’t take her then there is still a chance. He doesn’t have to give up on Steffy. Wyatt thinks there is an issue because Steffy went back to Liam. Eric admits he likes Liam. He has a lot of respect for him but his advice is he has to fight for Steffy. If he hadn’t fought for Quinn then they wouldn’t be here right now. He doesn’t think Wyatt has anything to lose.

Bill asks how things are going for Liam and Steffy. He wants to know how things are going for Liam. Liam admits that things are fantastic. Then there is Wyatt and he feels bad but once the divorce is final he can get married. Nothing will stop them this time.

Steffy asks if she really should run Forrester. Quinn asks who better. She was groomed to run Forrester and she was a heartbeat away when she was President. Steffy reminds that Quinn unseated her. Steffy reminds Quinn that Ridge was the previous CEO. Quinn tells her that will never happen. He has betrayed Eric one to many times. Steffy asks if she hasn’t. Quinn doesn’t think to the same extent. One can argue that she got swept up in Ridge’s plan. Steffy asks if she is trying to drive a wedge between them. Quinn is trying to make a plan for the future. One that is beneficial for the company. Steffy knows that this is just a plot. Quinn doesn’t want to run the company. He put faith in her and she swore that she wouldn’t betray his trust. She is proud of all of that. The person that is going to take over as CEO needs to be born a Forrester. They need to inspire trust and loyalty. She hasn’t spoken to Eric about this but she doesn’t think that Eric will object. She knows that she wanted Bill’s shares, but she will not need them anymore. Not if she is willing to work with her and Eric. They can take the company and family in the future. They would make a great team if she could grasp that they work well together. She loves her. If Eric decides not to be CEO, then Forrester will need a makeover and that is Steffy.

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