B&B Thursday Update 12/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy run into their living room after going swimming. They start kissing passionately.

Bill explains that the jet is waiting and it will not be long until they are in Saint Bart’s. It will not be long now. He has to believe that Brooke wants that. He needs Brooke to say that she still wants to be his wife.

RJ guesses that if Brooke wasn’t into Ridge then she is now. Ridge isn’t so sure about that. RJ points out that he drew a giant heart in the sand and recreated one of her favorite memories. Ridge told Brooke to go back to Spencer and give him his ring back. RJ assumes that is where she is now. He has no idea why Ridge still looks so unsure. There is no way that Brooke is going to marry Bill. He cannot possibly think that there is still a chance.

Liam gives Steffy a cup of something. Liam wonders if she is warm yet. Steffy feels that she will be soon she just needs a hug. Liam does so. Liam wonders how her finger is doing. Steffy looks at her finger and it isn’t that bad. She only has a few more appointments. Liam cannot wait for the ring to be gone so he can put one of his own on. Steffy will never take that one off. Liam wonders if she really wants to be thinking of wedding plans so soon after. He is ready. Steffy is as well. She reminds him that their marriage isn’t the only one in the family. Bill plans to take Brooke to get married today.

RJ wants to know why Brooke would want to be with Bill when she has Ridge. Ridge notes that he has a lot of great history with Brooke. He wasn’t always an angel though. RJ knows but he made up for it. They have something special. Bill is all flash but no substance. Ridge thinks it might be better not know how things turn out. As they don’t know what the answer will be.

Brooke loves Bill. Bill does as well and wants to go get married. Brooke has so much she wants to say to Bill. Bill guesses they can say it in Saint Bart’s. Brooke has always admired him. She can tell that he really does love her. How much this relationship really meant to him. She will always be proud to have been such a big part of his life and she will always be grateful for that. Bill wants to know why it sounds like she is saying goodbye.

Liam doesn’t think that Bill mentioned anything about getting married today. He wonders how she knows this. Steffy went to go visit Liam at work and she ran into Bill. He said they are going to the Caribbean. Liam loves how Bill keeps him completely in the loop. Steffy suggests that he didn’t tell him because he wasn’t sure if it would really happen. Liam asks why she would say that. Steffy points out that Ridge isn’t completely out of the picture. Liam wonders if Ridge knows about the wedding. Steffy guesses that Brooke told him. Bill was kind enough to grant her one final goodbye. Liam assumes that Ridge saw this coming. Steffy doesn’t want either one of them to be hurt. Steffy guesses they will see if it happens.

RJ doesn’t want Ridge to lose sight in this. Ridge isn’t. He just doesn’t want RJ to get his hopes up. RJ admits that it would be great to see his family back together but he knows that Ridge would be miserable without each other. Ridge never understood what Brooke saw in the guy. He thinks Bill is a tool. RJ thinks that what Brooke and Ridge have is real. It is something that two people have for the rest of their lives. Ridge knows what RJ wants. He wants to be convinced that they are going to be together for the rest of their lives.

Bill tells Brooke that they are finally free. Brooke knows and being with him has been so wonderful. Bill thinks they have so much in front of them. Bill knows she is feeling the pressure from Ridge and RJ. Right now it is about their happiness. She has spent years sacrificing for others. It is time to put Brooke in front. She cannot put RJ first in getting his parents back together. She cannot trust a word that Ridge says. Bill thinks that Brooke knows why. Within a year he will leave her again. That is what he does. The fact is that is the greatest part of her history. She can count on Bill today. She can count on him forever. So they need to go and get married. The jet is waiting. So is their future.

RJ knows what Ridge is trying to do. Ridge is trying to design the next collection. RJ knows that he is trying to distract himself. RJ asks if he is bothering him. Ridge feels he is a little bit. RJ isn’t going anywhere until Brooke comes back. Ridge doesn’t think that anything can make him happier. He knows that he has no power though. RJ wants him to think positive.

Liam needs Steffy to realize that Bill always gets what he wants. Steffy gets that Bill is relentless but he wasn’t around for the whole Brooke and Ridge thing. They have chemistry even better than Ridge did with Taylor she hates to say it. She hates to say that Brooke has always been the one. Liam doesn’t know. If it were any other guy but Liam thinks that Ridge has met his match.

Bill wonders what he can say that will make this right. To prove what they have been fighting for so long for. Bill has to believe this is what she wants. Bill thinks they had to fight for everything they have had. Brooke asks at what cost. Brooke reminds him that they broke up his family and Will doesn’t have his parents together anymore. Now her son is here and wants to see his mother and father together. Family is important. She cannot be mothering Katie’s son and turn her back on her own. Bill doesn’t think that she will turn her back on anyone. He asks what Ridge did to him. Brooke explains that RJ was there as well. Bill can only imagine that he was. Brooke doesn’t love Ridge more. They both share a place in her heart but she cannot stop thinking about the children. Ridge and her share a son. She asks where the decency is. Bill thinks that all the kids will be surrounded by love. Brooke cannot stop thinking of all the harm she caused Katie. Bill wants her to think about them. Brooke thinks they are taking about family. Brooke is older and wiser. He says that she needs to put herself first. She needs to put the children first. She needs to do what is best for them. Bill asks what this means for her and Ridge. He thinks she is blind. Bill knows that Ridge has used every trick in the book to manipulate her. Bill thinks that they are supposed to be getting married today. He loves her and he knows that she loves him. He has been so understanding. He has been so patient. It doesn’t matter. What he hears her saying is that they may never be together. He cannot do this anymore. They cannot do this anymore. Brooke is crying. Bill wipes her tears but he leaves without saying or doing anything else. Brooke starts to sob.

RJ likes the design but he would shorten the hem. Ridge is amused by the mind of a teenage boy. RJ suggests they go out for a sandwich. He asks if he can borrow twenty dollars. Ridge thanks him for trying to distract him but that won’t work right now. RJ isn’t worried at all. Ridge thinks he might have lost Brooke. RJ doesn’t think he did. Ridge asks if he really knows how extraordinary Brooke really is. RJ has an idea. Ridge wonders if he knows that their two names go together. RJ knows that Brooke and Ridge make Bridge. Ridge realizes that they have gone over this but there is a bridge between their hearts and they always have a connection. Ridge just hopes that he didn’t lose her forever. Ridge is going to get some fresh air.

Liam knows that Bill will get the job done. Yes Ridge stopped both the previous two weddings. That won’t happen again though. He is absolutely crazy about her. Steffy guesses more power two them. Liam isn’t discounting the love that Ridge has for Brooke. Steffy wonders if people will discuss their love that way. Their undying connection. Liam isn’t sure about much in life but he is sure that they are meant to be. He kisses her.

Ridge walks outside and looks at the Forrester parking lot. Brooke walks over. She calls for Ridge. She starts to walk a little faster. She walks over to Ridge. He picks up her hand and sees no ring. She smiles. Ridge smiles back. The two hug each other. Brooke tells Ridge that she is back. She is here to stay. Ridge calls her his Logan. Brooke confirms that she is his Logan. The two kiss each other.

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