B&B Wednesday Update 11/30/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/30/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks what Ridge has done. Ridge tells Brooke that she is not leaving him. He is not going to let that happen again.

Bill feels it is a done deal. They are getting married and it will be a lifetime of bliss. Steffy points out that he is not married yet. Brooke could still change her mind. Bill knows that she is just saying her goodbyes. Leave it to Mister drama queen to drag out his final curtain call.

Maya and Nicole walk into Rick’s office. Nicole cannot do this anymore. Maya doesn’t think that Nicole really believes that. Nicole doesn’t want to believe it either. When she thinks about Zende and Sasha in bed together and now she is defending him. Maya asks when this happened. Nicole says that Zende said sorry over and over again but it doesn’t change what happened or how she feels about him.

Zende is not saying anything in the photo studio. Sasha walks over and tries to explain to him that Rick has said that their photos have gotten a lot of European buzz. He wants to set up another one. Zende turns around and says he is sorry. Sasha is sorry. They cannot pretend that this is ok because it isn’t. Zende wonders what she was saying. Sasha knows that he was thinking about Nicole. If she isn’t willing to give him another chance then maybe it is time to move on.

Nicole wonders if she is wrong for feeling this way. Nicole knows that Zende loves her. She knows that Sasha and Zende didn’t mean to hurt her. Maya thinks that they still did it regardless. She also admits that she and Rick shouldn’t have asked her to have another baby. What Sasha did was wrong though and to it again.

Zende doesn’t just feel bad about himself. He feels bad for the two of them. Her friendship with Nicole could be over. Sasha doesn’t want him to feel bad on her account. She isn’t even looking at the entire situation. Had she not agreed to have another baby… Zende cannot blame her for that. Sasha doesn’t want him to beat himself up over this. She will not let him do it anymore.

Bill thinks that they are out of here. Once Brooke is done dumping Ridge they are off to St. Barts. Steffy asks if he isn’t going to stop at the court house and get the wedding out of the way. Bill is getting married on yacht. Steffy points out that Ridge could show up on a speed boat. Bill had water cannons installed all over the ship. He has been patient and realistic. He gave Brooke time to get over her feelings. Especially with RJ back. Now nothing will ever come between them again. He cannot wait to toast his wife with their feet in the sand.

Brooke asks if Ridge did this for her. Ridge notes that RJ and him did it together. They wanted to remind her of everything they have shared. Brooke asks if RJ really helped. Ridge claims that it was just the two of them and their hands. Brooke knows that isn’t true. Ridge admits it wasn’t but they could have. RJ is his biggest fan. He didn’t want to intrude because they know how important this is. This can be their next chapter if this is what she wants.

Nicole knows that as far as Sasha is concerned this is all her fault. Maya asks if it is because they asked her to have a baby. Nicole tells her that Sasha thinks that she threw Zende right into her arms.

Sasha understands that he is upset. Zende is. This whole situation is so messed up. He doesn’t like hurting people. Sasha knows that no one likes hurting people. At least he knows what his life with Nicole would be like now. She put him through the ringer again and again. Sasha asks if he is just supposed to be ok with it. Zende points out that Nicole isn’t even having the baby anymore. She changed her mind. Sasha thinks that she did so again. This is what she does. Without any regard to how he feels. She asks what is next. Zende guesses nothing because they broke up. Sasha thinks that he can be with a woman who he deserves now. Someone who will put him first.

Steffy feels that this is a very different side of Bill. Bill thinks that it has been a long time since he has been this happy. Steffy likes it. Bill wants her to get used to it. This is the new Bill. Steffy guesses that it is nice that Brooke didn’t get stuck with the last version. Bill wonders if he was that bad. Bill knows that Brooke didn’t have to give him a second chance and Ridge has been trying to get her to choose him. She knows though that what he is offering her is something that they can share for a lifetime. That is why she is saying goodbye to Ridge so she can marry him.

Ridge knows he is not making this easy on her. Brooke states that he really isn’t. Ridge doesn’t think that she seems that upset by it. Ridge thinks this is their beach and sun. Connected. Brooke knows it always will be. Ridge thinks that they are always a part of their lives. Sometimes their head gets turned and they make promises they cannot keep. This isn’t about Bill or children. He asks how she would feel about having RJ his parents back together. He thinks it is complicated and it could bother her. He thinks that they can fix all this. Ridge tells her to go back to Bill and take the ring off and then come home to him. They can be a family again.

Maya knows that Sasha obviously has an agenda. She wants to be with Zende. Nicole thinks this is her last chance. If she doesn’t take him back now then Sasha will consider it open season. Maya asks if she wants him back. Nicole wants to go back to the way things were. Nicole loves him but after what she saw… She knows he is sorry. She wishes that Zende could take things back but it happened. He made a choice he regrets but now it is time that he make his own choice She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.

Sasha states that Zende deserves to be with someone who appreciates him. Zende thinks that Nicole does. Sasha feels that he should be with someone who is realistic about life. Someone who enjoys going on adventures. He deserves that. Someone who enjoys that life is unpredictable and you do not know what will happen next. Zende cannot just move on.

Steffy should get out of here. She wants him to tell Liam that she stopped by. Bill feels that he will be long gone by then. Steffy already knows how happy he is but she thinks he is setting himself up. She has heard the same thing from Taylor on so many occasions. He cannot underestimate the relationship between Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge walks into Eric’s office with RJ following. He wants to know what happened. He wonders if Brooke ended things with Bill. Ridge looks annoyed.

Bill tells someone on the phone that he wants Brooke to feel like they are the only two people on the planet. He will see him soon. Brooke walks in. Bill explains that everything is ready to go. They just have to call. Brooke looks sad. Bill knows she talked to Ridge. Bill tells her that he will get over it. The good news is that Brooke doesn’t have to deal with this because Brooke will be focused on them. What they mean to each other. The kind of future they are going to have together. It starts right now.

Nicole walks around the office and starts thinking of the all the times she has spent with Zende in their relationship. She remembers him proposing. She thinks of walking in on Sasha and Zende.

Zende appreciates Sasha for what she is trying to do here. Sasha thinks that he is blaming himself for something that isn’t even his fault. Zende cannot excuse what he did. He made a bad situation worse. Sasha doesn’t think he is an awful person and it doesn’t give Nicole the right to make him feel like one. Zende cannot do this. Sasha guesses that he knows how to reach her.

RJ thinks that Brooke had to have been moved. The hear in the sand was a great idea. Ridge told Brooke that he helped him. RJ asks if Brooke saw him. He tried to keep his distance as he didn’t want to interrupt. Ridge doesn’t think he did. Ridge isn’t sure what happened. They have their own way of communicating. They were thinking about their history and what should have been. He wanted to say how much he loved her. He hopes that Brooke heard him.

Bill knows it is a big day. It is ok to feel emotional. He is sure that during the ceremony that the tears will be flowing. Once they get the captain under control then she can start crying. Bill thinks they can say whatever they want to say. Brooke needs Bill to know how important he is to her. She really appreciates how much she has learned about courage and passion. Bill inspires her with his strength and stubbornness. She really means all that. She doesn’t know if she is saying this right. Bill doesn’t think that Brooke is being selfish. He is sure that Ridge tried to make him feel that way. Bill knows that RJ will always be her family and that is the last ditch effort that Ridge will use. He thinks that today is about the two of them and them getting married. He wants them to be happy and he cannot wait to make her his wife. Brooke loves him and always will but… Bill tells her he better not have gotten into her head. Bill tells her to forget about what Ridge said. These are just words. He doesn’t really want her back. He just doesn’t want her with him. They are getting married. Bill needs her to say she wants that. He wants her to say that she still wants to be his wife

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