B&B Wednesday Update 11/23/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/23/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn and Eric walk downstairs and the house is decorated for Thanksgiving. Steffy and Liam walk out from the living room and say Happy Thanksgiving. Steffy even hugs Quinn. Quinn thanks Steffy for organizing. She is the reason that everyone is coming. Not just the Forrester family but she also got Wyatt to show up. That made her so happy. Steffy wasn’t going to let him be alone. Liam assures them that they are going to make this as painless as possible for Wyatt as possible. Wyatt walks downstairs and asks what he means by making what less painless. Wyatt assumes it is Pam’s broccoli casserole and if that is the case then he will pretend to like it. Ivy walks in from the kitchen. Eric asks how things are going in there. Ivy tried to help but she got kicked out. Eric thinks that it is best that she stay out of Pam’s way if she knows what is best for her. Steffy receives a text message from Thomas. He is already in a turkey coma. Eric asks how long he and Caroline will be in New York. Steffy isn’t sure. Bill walks in and says hello to Wyatt. Wyatt asks how he is doing. Bill explains that he is not exactly thrilled to be here but if his son is then… He looks at the wall and notices the picture of Quinn. He wants to know what the hell that is. He cannot believe that Wyatt didn’t warn him first. Wyatt points out that she is the lady of the house now. Bill doesn’t want to hear it. Ridge, Brooke, and RJ walk in and Eric welcomes all of them. Brooke walks over to Bill. The two kiss each other. Bill think she should have told him that she needs a ride. Ridge tells him that she didn’t need a ride. Bill is going to be the one to drive her home. RJ tells them they should all get inside. Katie and Will walk in. Quinn looks at them and smiles. Katie wishes everyone a happy holiday. Katie and Quinn hug. She thinks they have so much to be thankful for this year.

In the kitchen Charlie tells Pam that this is going to make all the difference. Pam asks if they cannot just do it the old fashion way. Charlie thinks they have to keep up with the new technology. The app he is using will help them keep the whole meal going steady. He has an alarm go off and says it is for the corn. Charlie realizes the sweet potatoes need to get in the oven. Brooke and Katie walk in and tell Pam that the Logan girls are reporting for duty. Pam sarcastically says great.

Back in the living room Steffy goes over to Will and plays with him on her phone. Bill walks over to Ridge and thinks that the first year with his new step-mommy should be fun. Bill explains he was invited because he is engaged to Brooke. On the other side of the room Rick and Maya walk in. Eric greets them. Nicole walks in with Lizzie in her arms. Eric asks if she couldn’t talk her parents into coming. Maya explains that she couldn’t. Eric thinks that there will be a lot of left overs. Zende walks in and is glad that Nicole came. Zende has the ring with him and will always have it with him for when she changes her mind. Meanwhile Ridge tells Steffy that she did it. She got everyone together for the day. Steffy admits that it wasn’t easy to get everyone together for the meal. Elsewhere Rick and Maya notice that Nicole and Zende are sitting together. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about the ring today. Nicole explains she cares about him a lot but this isn’t the day. Zende understands that. Tomorrow she can change her mind. She will ask if he has the ring and the answer will be yes.

Charlie’s alarm goes off again and Pam screams that it is the turkey. Brooke and Katie are freaking out. The turkey is smoking. RJ walks in and tells them that Eric wants everyone in the living room when dinner is ready.

Eric wants to take a picture of everyone. He wants everyone in the kitchen here as well. They all walk in. h tells them all to sit next to Quinn. He demands that Ridge just do so. They are all sitting down. Eric has them all say stuffing. Eric explains that the picture is here for those who are not here today. It is to show they are capable of getting together at least one day a year. Steffy thinks that they are grateful that Eric is healthy and happy and here with them. For that they give thanks. They all wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

In the dining room Eric tells them all that they are seated together as a beautiful family. Eric tells Steffy they have a game to play. Steffy reminds them that they have to say something nice about the person on their right. Just be positive and truthful. Steffy will start with Rick. Rick tells her that she better say something nice. Steffy couldn’t picture Forrester Creations without Rick. He has passion and commitment to the company and his family. She thinks it is cool to see him as a father. Rick thinks to mention his beautiful family he is so honored to have a daughter with Maya. He wants Lizzie to be the same type of woman that Maya is. Bold and courageous. He thanks her for choosing a life with her. Maya doesn’t think that there is any place she would rather be. Maya turns to Zende. She admits that she put him through a lot last year. She will always appreciate how he came undone and understood how to support Nicole and realize what she gave them. She is so grateful for the memories he gave Nicole and hopes there are many more. Zende does too. Zende turns to Nicole. He thinks she has such a generous spirit. He knows he doesn’t always react the way he should. He does respect her though. Nicole turns to Charlie. She appreciates his look on life. They all feel much better with him around. For his friendship. Charlie thinks that is very sweet of her. Charlie turns to Pam. He thinks that she is the light in his oven. She is beautiful and charming. He also loves her beat salad. He means it. Every bit of it. Pam turns to Charlie. She really admires her. She wishes that she had learned sooner how to be self sufficient and strong like she is. Like Stephanie was. She reminds her of her in so many ways. Katie thanks her. She thinks that is a nice compliment. Katie turns to Eric. She thanks him for being a good friend for so long. She values him so much. He has done so much for them. She really hopes he has no more health scares. Eric will do his very best. He has a lot to live for. Quinn gave him something to fight for. He wants them to grab hands. He wants them all to know what it feels like to be with Quinn. To have someone holding his hand. He will treasure her until his last day on earth. Quinn turns to Bill. She tells Bill that she doesn’t hate him. At least not anymore. Bill guesses he will finally be able to sleep at night. Quinn admits that she has a lot of making up to do with everyone in this room. Including Bill. She has a family now and it is because he gave her a son. She is so thankful for all the things Wyatt brought her. She never thought she would thank him but she is truly grateful. Bill turns to Brooke. He thinks she is the most valuable investment he has ever had and he cannot wait to cash in the return. He knows Brooke feels the same way. Brooke turns to Ridge. He has been one of the few constants in her life. She is very grateful for all the years that he supported her. She is grateful that he gave her their son. That little monster all grown up. Ridge thanks Brooke. Ridge tells RJ he is a little monster. Ridge thanks him for showing him what to focus on. RJ is glad he is back. He thinks Ivy is sophisticated and smart and knows what a bowler is. Ivy turns to Wyatt. She thinks it is pretty easy to list a bunch of things she likes about him. He is very willing to forgive a girl who has done some awful things. She is honored to call him her friend. Wyatt turns to Liam and knows that Steffy did this as part of a game. Wyatt guesses there is just enough brotherly love and friendly competition. He admires Liam’s honesty and principals. He knows how easy it is for people to like him. He is a good man and good brother. Liam is so glad for what Steffy accomplished today. All these people sitting here today. It is inspiring. It is her joy for life. It is infectious. He thinks there is nothing better than having her in his life. Eric thanks them all for doing this with him. He wishes them all a happy Thanksgiving. Pam and Charlie bring the turkey out and they all eat and enjoy each other’s company.

Later on Liam asks Steffy if she saw Eric’s face. He was so happy. Steffy thinks it is the best feeling in the world. Liam thinks that there is so much joy. It is like they took all the bad stuff and tossed it away. He is so proud of her. He wishes her a happy thanksgiving. The two look at each other and smile.

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