B&B Tuesday Update 11/22/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/22/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the Forrester living room Quinn is sitting with Pam and Steffy. She wants to thank the two of them for helping her out with Thanksgiving. Pam admits that Thanksgiving is very important to Eric. Quinn points out that Eric is very important to all of them. Quinn thinks he is very important. Steffy knows that this is his favorite holiday so they need to just get through with this. Quinn asks if Steffy is making sure everyone shows up. Steffy knows that Eric invited them so she will make sure they come. Quinn thanks her. Steffy is only doing it for Eric. Pam notes that is the same reason she is making Eric a big batch of Lemon bars. Quinn wonders if that is really a great idea. Doctors orders. Pam doesn’t think that a couple of Thanksgiving lemon bars will not kill the man. Steffy thinks that Eric will be thankful and wonders if Quinn will agree. Quinn reluctantly says yes. Eric walks in and thinks that right here is three things he can be thankful for. His three favorite ladies working on getting the family together for Thanksgiving.

In Rick’s office Maya and Rick confront Zende. Maya knows that they asked a lot of Nicole but what Zende did… Zende thinks that it was a lot. Nicole already gave them a child. Now they were asking for another one. Rick guesses that was grounds for him to hit on Sasha. Zende didn’t hit on her. Rick asks if that is true. He asks if he just took her to Hawaii then. Maya notes that he slept with her. Zende regrets that more than either of them know. He was a mess (Nicole is lurking outside now) the woman he loves is not Sasha. It is Nicole and it will always be Nicole. Zende opens the door and finds Nicole standing there. Nicole is sorry. She didn’t know he was in here. Rick thinks that it is ok. They wanted to talk to her anyway. Nicole can come back. Maya wants her to stay. Nicole asks what is up. Rick says that Eric wants everyone at the house on Thanksgiving. Nicole states that Julius and Viviane will not be there. Vivienne has the flu and Julius wants to be there for her. Zende thinks that would be to bad. Eric wanted everyone together. Rick knows that they are all a little less than thrilled to be having dinner with Quinn but that is what they have to do. Zende knows that Thanksgiving is all about forgiveness. Rick thinks that they can put aside their differences for the holidays. Rick decides that he and Maya should leave the two of them alone.

Steffy is looking at the guest list. They have a lot of Forrester’s. Nine by her count. Eric would like to see. Pam asks if there will be any out of town people. Steffy doesn’t think this year. Eric is counting ten Forrester’s. She is leaving Quinn out. Quinn thinks the list looks wonderful. Pam asks if these people will actually show. Steffy knows that they will. They know it is a special day for Eric. Quinn knows one person who will not be here. Wyatt. Later on Steffy is texting. Quinn walks back in and asks where Pam is. Steffy says that she went to the store to get the food. Quinn guesses that she is texting with Liam. Steffy tells her that he wants to know when she will be home for dinner. Steffy asks what she wants to talk to her about. Quinn is not trying to get involved in her life. Steffy doesn’t want to talk about her life then. Quinn thinks that they can do that. She just wants to point out that she has a son that lives here who is suffering. Steffy asks where he is going instead. Quinn guesses he is driving up the coast. Quinn feels that they have so much to be grateful for this year. They have Eric’s health and the company is doing so well. This should be a huge family celebration. She will not be happy knowing that Wyatt is out there alone and she is sure that Steffy doesn’t want that either. Steffy is sure that he is just being stubborn. Quinn thinks that he is being honest. Quinn asks if she can imagine how hard it would be for him to sit across the table from her and Liam. Steffy guesses that he will just have to get over it. Quinn knows that he will. Tomorrow will be a start and she knows she wants him there and Eric does too. Quinn knows she has no right to ask but she needs Steffy to talk to him. She needs to ask him to join them for dinner. She might be the only one who can help him.

In Eric’s office Maya admits that she does not agree with Zende’s justification. Maya knows that Nicole should have told Zende about this first but for him to react that way was not ok. Rick agrees but it is Thanksgiving. It is a time to forgive. Maya guesses but she hopes that Nicole can forgive Zende.

Zende asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole wishes that she could say great but she will not lie. She is still pretty hurt. She asks how Zende is doing. Zende is not exactly looking forward to the holidays. Nicole isn’t either. Zende remembers that she was pregnant this time last year. Zende really thinks that they should be together. Nicole doesn’t think so. Zende would love to go back and undo the last couple of weeks but he cannot. He loves her and only her.

In the Forrester kitchen Pam takes out butter. She explains that it is unsalted. Good for the blood pressure. Eric walks in and Quinn tells him that he is supposed to be resting. Eric will do that after tomorrow. He can see that Quinn got through to Steffy. Quinn guesses they should see if she can get through to Wyatt.

Wyatt walks into the living room and asks Steffy what she wanted. Steffy needs help with Thanksgiving. Wyatt is more of a steak guy so if she is not serving steak then he is not showing up. Steffy means she needs his presence at the table. Wyatt assumes that Quinn told her. Steffy explains she said something about Wyatt going up the coast. Wyatt thought that the roads would be clear. Steffy thinks that he belongs with family. Wyatt doesn’t want to watch Steffy and Liam. Steffy wants Wyatt here. Wyatt gets why they didn’t work but he is not going to suffer through that. It will always be to soon. Steffy knows that Wyatt doesn’t want her here tomorrow. Liam understands that too. Wyatt asks if she really understands. He understands the way she feels about Liam. That actually makes it worse. Steffy wonders if it will make them understand why this happened. Wyatt wants to think that it happened because they cared about each other. Wyatt thought that it was amazing. Steffy knows it was real. Wyatt guesses not real enough. Steffy thinks it was because of Quinn. Wyatt knows. She put all the pieces in place. Wyatt thinks that what they had together was actually something.

Maya never realized how one simple question could cause so much drama. Rick didn’t either. She just thought about the smile on her daughter’s face. She thought giving her a sibling would be nice. Now she might have destroyed her sister’s life. Rick wants them to just pray that they will find a way to over come this.

Zende wants Nicole to say she believes that. It is true. She is the only woman that he wants. Nicole asks how she can. He was with Sasha. She asks how she forgets that. He must have had feelings for her. Zende will not make excuses. He was hurt and confused. They were planning a life together. He thought they wanted children together. Yet Nicole wanted to give her sister another child. He knows what he did was selfish but it felt like everything he so desperately wanted Nicole didn’t want anymore. Sasha was there for him. She was a good friend. Nicole reminds Zende that he knew what Sasha has wanted all along. It was him. She wanted him when she was pregnant and it almost destroyed them. Zende will not let anything destroy them. Nicole thinks that it already has. Zende never stopped loving her. He thinks they are unique. He doesn’t know what that means. It means she is the only woman he will ever love. Nicole knows he wants to mean that but they are only words. Zende thinks he can give them more than words. He holds out a ring box.

Quinn takes lemon bars off a baking sheet and Eric tries to eat one. Quinn smacks him with a spatula. She tells him no. Eric just wants the corner piece. Quinn tells him that he can maybe have it tomorrow. Eric guesses it will be like this. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Quinn knows they have so much to be thankful for. Eric tells her that at the top of his list is her and Steffy putting aside their differences for Thanksgiving. Quinn just hopes that Wyatt is here to share it with them.

Steffy knows their marriage was something else. Wyatt asks if she means something else good or bad. Steffy thinks wonderful and she doesn’t regret one day of it. Their memories she will cherish forever. It was just circumstances. Wyatt asks what she means by that. Steffy thinks it was Quinn. Wyatt feels that all that should have mattered was how they felt about each other. Steffy knows that before this she was in love with Liam. Had it not been for Quinn then they wouldn’t be married and honestly they shouldn’t have been. Wyatt asks if that is what she really means. Being married to her was the best time of his life and up until that point he knows that it was for her too. He guesses that doesn’t matter now though because she wants Liam. She should know though… Steffy asks what. Wyatt misses Steffy. He guesses he wished they were back together. Steffy doesn’t want to make things awkward and asks if they can start fresh with a new beginning. It can start tomorrow. She asks if he can be there. Wyatt says maybe he can stop by. Steffy asks if he means it. Wyatt says maybe. Steffy thanks him. She holds his hand. Wyatt looks at the bandage around her finger.

Nicole doesn’t know what Zende has but he better not open it. Zende asks why. Nicole cannot trust him. He certainly doesn’t need to be giving her jewelry. Zende wants Nicole to come to Thanksgiving tomorrow so they can tell everyone what they have. Nicole doesn’t think they have anything to say. That story ended when she saw him and Sasha together. Zende thinks that is unacceptable. He wants to tell them that they want a life together and the next child she has will be theirs. Zende begs her to say she will marry him. Nicole cannot do that. Zende wants her to at least come to Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eric wants them all there and Nicole is his family. He understands that she doesn’t want to accept that but she will be his wife.

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