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Written By Anthony
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Ridge will always love Brooke. He holds Stephanie’s ring out to her. Ridge treasures them and their connection. He wants them to recapture that because that is what Stephanie wanted. She wanted them to run the company together. This is their shot. He calls her Logan.

Bill hopes that RJ enjoyed their day together. RJ guesses it was ok. Bill wonders if he has to take RJ on the tour again so he has a full appreciation for everything. He wonders if they should start with the safe room. They can take another smell of the cash. RJ doesn’t think it is necessary. He is impressed with Bill. Bill guesses it is progress. RJ wonders if Brooke does marry him if he promises to keep her happy.

Eric walks downstairs and calls for Quinn. He walks around and notices his phone is open to a text message. He sees that Katie says she was next door. Steffy walks in and says hello. She asks if everything is ok. Eric isn’t so sure.

Katie asks if Quinn isn’t sure she is over reacting just a tad. Quinn is very protective of her marriage and relationship. If they are not going to be celebrated in their relationship then she at least expects respect. This house is not an option. She will not have Katie as a next door neighbor.

Steffy asks what is wrong and wonders if Quinn did something to him. Eric assures her that she didn’t. He just was caught in a moment. Steffy wonders if he is sure. Eric promises that he is. Steffy knows they have been hostile with each other for a while but she wanted to let him know that she was coming from a place of love. Eric knows that.

Katie thinks that what Quinn is saying is ridicules. She wants to know why she wouldn’t buy this house. It is in the perfect location. It is right next to her sons school not to mention the view. Quinn knows the view is facing one house in particular. Katie feels the conversation might be moot because she already put an offer on the house.

Bill feels that RJ is an impressive young man. That was an excellent question. Brooke means everything to him. He doesn’t deserve her but by some miracle she decided to overlook and shine her light on him anyway. He understands that he wants to see his parents together. The fact is that the ring on Brooke’s finger was given to her by him and not Ridge. They are getting married. He has Bill’s word. He will keep Brooke happier than she has ever been in her life.

Brooke wonders if Ridge is proposing to her. Ridge is reminding her of all the possibilities. What she decides is for her to decide. Brooke cannot believe he refuses to acknowledge that she already is wearing a ring and if she takes it off Bill will be the first know. Ridge reminds her it is Stephanie’s ring. It represents the future. Stephanie wanted her to wear it. Ridge won’t pressure her but he isn’t giving up. He is just going to put this in a safe place. When she is ready to accept it, it will be hers.

Eric knows that Thanksgiving is coming up. Steffy knows it is his first with Quinn. Eric was thinking of sending out invitations. He knows it didn’t work out so well last time. Steffy admits they were wrong last time and they all know that. Eric believes that Quinn will always be in the picture. Steffy knows he believes that. She just guesses that her attitude is more wait and see. She knows that Quinn is here now though. Eric asks if she will be here then. Steffy guesses that he can count on her. Eric asks if she will get the others to come. Ridge included. He is stubborn. Steffy doesn’t think he is as stubborn as her. She starts crying and asks for a hug. Eric thought she would never ask. Steffy asks where Quinn is. Eric explains that she might be next door.

Quinn feels that they have to go over the reason that she doesn’t want Katie living here. Katie heard her the first time. Eric and her are friends. They have known each other for a long time. She wants to know what Quinn thinks Eric would do if he found out she wasn’t buying this place because Quinn is insecure and doesn’t trust him or her marriage.

In RJ’s bedroom Brooke asks how things went with Bill. She assumes not well. She was hoping that they would be able to find some common ground. RJ guesses it wasn’t awful. He has a talk with Liam and he gave him a different perspective on him. Brooke thinks that RJ will get used to him. RJ just wants Brooke happy. He gets that she is torn between Bill and Ridge.

Ridge tells Stephanie that went pretty well. Bill walks up behind him. Ridge asks what the hell he is doing here. Bill has Brooke’s phone on GPS. Ridge thinks that is creepy. Bill asks if that is what the man who lures his ex-wife to his mother’s gravesite to court her.

Brooke asks if that means that RJ is ok with her marrying Bill. RJ didn’t say that. He thought today would be a drag but he expressed his feelings for Brooke and he believed him. RJ only has one family though and so does Will. They should be able to have a family together. Brooke is a great mother and should do what is right for all of them.

Bill has to admit that it is a hell of a move bringing Brooke to Stephanie’s grave site. It is cheesy and slick. It opened up old wounds of Brooke constantly trying to appease to Stephanie. Bill wants Ridge to just accept the compliment. Bill assumes he was throwing it on pretty thick. It won’t work. She isn’t going to fall for it. She isn’t here so it didn’t work. Bill tells Ridge to stop with the desperate stunts. He needs to knock it off. If he doesn’t he might need to make room at the family plot. Ridge asks if Bill killed him how he would know that Brooke would choose him over Ridge. Bill already knows. Bill feels that Ridge is only delaying things but when all is said and done Brooke will be married too him.

Eric feels that it was perfectly innocent to have Katie over but Quinn got angry. It turns out thought that Katie might be moving in next door. He encouraged her to make an offer. He got a text saying that it was happening and he thinks that Quinn got the text. The point is that Quinn probably isn’t too happy about it. Steffy asks if Quinn is jealous of Katie.

Quinn isn’t jealous. She trusts Eric. She also trusts her marriage. It is Katie that she doesn’t trust. Katie reminds Quinn that Eric has put a lot on the line for her. Quinn knows how lucky she is. Katie asks if Eric has ever given her any reason to doubt him. Quinn doesn’t think so but Katie is the one who keep coming over when she knows that she will not be home. Katie doesn’t think she is secure when she is over here making threats. She thought she didn’t want to be that person anymore. Quinn doesn’t. Katie tells her to calm down then. She shouldn’t be self-sabotaging herself. Quinn guesses she is right. This is how she is wired. She sees threats everywhere. When she was young she had to scramble a lot. She didn’t have help with Wyatt. It is the same thing with Eric. She just thinks that when Katie comes over she is conspiring with the others to take Eric away. Katie is not doing anything. Quinn understands but Rick is the one who has been helping her get this place. She asks if that is a coincidence. She doesn’t know. She asks how she is supposed to know she isn’t listening to the family. Katie explains the only man she listens to is very short and is going to lose his mind when he sees the pool. Quinn realizes that Katie and Eric are just friends. Katie just loves the house. Quinn is sorry. She was out of line and she hopes that Katie gets the house. She really does. She thanks Katie for the talk. She talked her down from a place she never wanted to go again. She is Misses Eric Forrester. That is the woman she wants to be.

Brooke sites in her bedroom and takes off her shoes. She starts to think about what RJ asked her. If she counts on Bill the same way that Ridge does on her. She still loves Ridge. She has to do what is right in her heart and all of them.

Ridge thinks that Bill is so confident even when he shouldn’t be. Bill understands that at the moment Brooke has a certain weakness and it is because RJ is home. He knows what they have though. Ridge asks if Bill is not just a tiny little bump on her journey back to him. Bill tells Ridge to stop living in the past. Ridge feels they always find their way back to each other. Bill thinks there is only one problem now. Brooke isn’t his Logan. She is his Brooke.

Quinn walks back into the mansion. Eric assumes she was next door. Quinn was. He knows she saw the text. Quinn explains his phone dinged. Eric guesses she gave it to Katie. Quinn didn’t. She almost did but they ended on a good note. They had a nice talk. She was really helpful. She gave her good advice. Eric thinks that Katie could be a good friend. Quinn will accept things if Katie gets the house. Quinn is trying to be worthy. Eric feels she is worthy when she opens her eyes. Quinn thinks that he is so amazing how deeply that he cares. Eric is glad to have her.

Katie looks at the house. Amy walks back in. Katie asks what is wrong. Amy just heard back from the sellers and the house is hers. Katie doesn’t even know what to say. She is completely overwhelmed. Amy knows it is a good match her and the house. She will leave her alone to be with the house. Katie starts thinking about Eric telling her that Quinn would appreciate having a friendly face next door. Katie says she is home.

Quinn and Eric hug each other.

Katie is crying.

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