B&B Thursday Update 11/17/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/17/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is punching a bag in his office. He turns around and tells RJ that it is his turn.

In Eric’s office Ridge tells Brooke that is not how he would want to start his day. Brooke explains that is why Bill came to her house and not his. If it makes him feel better RJ gave him a hard time. Ridge says that is his boy. Brooke does not want Ridge to encourage RJ. She wants the two special men in her life to get along. That is why she is having the two spend the day together.

Eric calls for Quinn in the mansion. He walks up the stairs.

In Rick’s office he seems happy that Katie made an offer on the house. Katie did. She is just waiting to see if the seller accepts. Rick thinks that is awesome. Katie cannot tell him how much she appreciates his help. Plus Eric is really the one who convinced her to make the offer.

Eric walks into his bedroom. Quinn is wearing a robe on her bed with candles lit. Eric thought she went into work this morning. Quinn went in for a little bit. Eric is sure that she got a hero’s welcome after the wonderful fashion show she staged. Quinn did from some people. She would love to spend a little time with Eric though. Ridge asks if she decided to make his son spend the day with Lucifer. He wants to know why. Brooke feels that Bill and RJ don’t know each other well enough. So she wanted them to get to know each other. Ridge asks what RJ did to get punished like this. He asks if he wrecked the car. Or came home late one night. He asks why Brooke is punishing them. Brooke is sure that they will find something in common. Ridge is sure that they will have nothing in common. He just feels sad for his little boy.

Bill likes to get in a few rounds before starting work every day. RJ wonders if someone lugs this in and out of the office for him then. Bill does have someone unless he goes down to the Spencer gym. Bill knows that neither one of them is thrilled about this. He is a business man not a baby sitter so he needs to it the bags.

Katie just got a text from Amy. Apparently, there are other offers on the house. She hopes it works out. Rick is sure that it will. She really does want the house.

Eric feels that Quinn is very impressive these days. Jewelry designer and lead model. Plus, CEO. Quinn is only temporary. She had a good idea though. Quinn thought it might be time to invest in the bedroom line. She thought she would show off a design especially for him. She takes off her robe. Eric likes the way she thinks.

Katie still cannot get over the house. It is close to everything. Katie thinks that this is a plus. She could not think of one person who would not want neighbor like Eric. She feels that there is only one downside. She would also be living next to Quinn.

Quinn promises that she really has changed. Eric likes when she changes. Especially into something like this. He knows that she has changed though and he is proud of her. Quinn feels that it is because of him. He has trusted her. He has transformed her life. He made her into a woman that her son could be proud of. Quinn wakes up happy every single day because of this life that they are making for each other. Eric brings a lot out of Quinn. The two kiss each other again.

Bill is sure that RJ has heard float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. RJ has. Bill is glad. He was a dear friend of his. You always have to move keeping your hands up. RJ informs him it is only a bag. Bill tells him that this is his enemy. He asks if he will let him punk him. RJ would file a police report and get the guy back. He prefers conflict resolution. Bill informs him he hasn’t done that with him. RJ guesses he hasn’t. RJ punches the bag but it isn’t that hard. Bill tells him to go hard. Bill thinks that is enough for now. Bill wants to show him something and he thinks he will be impressed. It is something very few people have seen.

Ridge understands why she would want the two of them to get along but it isn’t necessary. Brooke feels that it is. She is still wearing his ring. Ridge can take it off. Brooke is still wearing it because she believes in him. Ridge thinks their good times were better than the bad times. Brooke asks why he is doing this now. She wonders if it because she is with someone else. Brooke knows that he needs her because he needs a conquest. Brooke wonders who will be the next conquest. Who will be younger or prettier. She asks what will make him walk away.

Bill opens a door and shows RJ a room. Bill tells him this is his safe room. RJ notices a gun. He wants to know why he has a gun. Bill needs security and he has more. He wants to show him something. RJ is fine. RJ asks what this is. Bill tells him that this is cold hard cash. He has ever currency possible. He needs to be prepared if there is an emergency. RJ asks if this is his survival kit. Bill thinks that cash is all you need. Bill tells RJ to take a whiff of that.

Ridge understands that Brooke is guarded but this time she is wrong. Brooke knows he always wants what he cannot have. Ridge asks if she is really saying that he cannot have her. They had an amazing past. Brooke will always hold those memories dear. Ridge promises that he will prove to her that he cares about her. He wants her to come with him.

Eric wants to know what he did to deserve this. Quinn thinks all he did was be him. Eric feels that she has brought so much to his life. He thinks of who he was a few short months ago. He was disconnected from the company and had a son who was trying to steel Forrester Creations from him. Now he is CEO again and has his chief right here. The company is thriving because of Quinn. She is his wife. His beautiful and talented wife who can do whatever she wants. Quinn thanks him. Eric knows the doubters didn’t believe but he knew she could do it. Quinn just wants to make him proud. She wonders if he has ever doubted one of the decisions that he has made on her behalf. Eric hasn’t even once. Quinn just wants to live the rest of their life like this.

Katie feels that now that she has put an offer in she wants it so bad. Rick wonders if she does even with Quinn living next door. Katie does. It is kind of weird how she confronted her. Rick feels that she was just trying to say thank you. That is no big deal. Katie knows. She can kind of understand. Rick thinks she is still unstable. Rick thinks she should invest in some binoculars to spy on her. Katie asks if he is serious. Rick nods yes.

Brooke asks why they are here. She wants to know why he brought her to Stephanie’s grave.

Rick doesn’t think that Katie has to worry about anything. Katie guesses that is true if she gets the house. Katie knows that Eric has been so positive. She knows that Eric loves Quinn but she cannot understand how a man like him ended up with a woman like Quinn. She will never understand it.

Quinn wonders what Eric did today. Eric tells her that she might find it hard to believe but he managed to get out of the house today. Eric took a walk next door. It is for sale. Rick has been helping Katie find a place to live and he showed her the house. She is interested. Quinn asks if Katie Logan really is.

Bill asks what RJ thinks. He must think it is pretty cool. RJ wonders if this is for like nuclear war or something. Bill feels it is for every situation. RJ asks why he doesn’t have things to help survive like a first aid kit then. Bill tells him that is in the practical room. Bill asks if he can tell how much is in here. He won’t tell him though. RJ wonders if it is one million then two million. Bill says higher. RJ thinks that he is really into money. Bill feels that it is the only thing he has ever been able to count on. Money. Bill loves the word money. He doesn’t think they call him dollar Bill for nothing.

Ridge likes to come here sometimes to be close to Stephanie. Brooke does as well. She does miss Stephanie. Ridge thinks she was wise. Difficult but wise. She always did what was right for her children. Brooke knows she did especially for him. Her beloved son. Brooke knows how hard she treated her for many years. She almost did her in. Ridge thinks that Stephanie made Brooke into the woman she is today. Brooke wishes that she was more like her. Ridge knows that Stephanie finally told her how she really felt about her. He imagines that was shocking to hear. Brooke was finally told that she loved her. Ridge knows she did and he loved her. From the first moment that he saw her at the party at the mansion. They helped build a family and raise a son. She will never have that with anyone else. Ridge asks if she knows what Stephanie would say if she were here right now. Brooke wonders if it is before or after she would slap her. Ridge feels after. She would say leave Bill and come home with him.

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