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Written By Anthony
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Brooke opens her fridge. When she closes it Bill is standing there. He asks her if she knows what the opposite of closure is because he wants closure himself.

Quinn walks into Eric’s office where Wyatt and the two interns are. Wyatt congratulates her on an awesome show. The interns also congratulate her. Quinn thanks them. Quinn bets that this was quite the staging. Wyatt promises that her interns were waiting for her. The two girls explain they have phone calls she needs to get back to as well as inquiries from buyers. Pam tells Charlotte to take the mail down to legal. Wyatt wonders if she is to take all of it. Pam says no. The rest is for Quinn. Quinn smiles.

Katie and Rick take a tour of the house with Katie’s agent. She explains that everything is up to date. Plus there is a home theater. Katie is glad that it isn’t the same size as the Forrester house next door. The agent points out that there are not many homes like that. Katie just doesn’t think she could ever maintain a house that size. The agent has all the information if she and her husband want to take a look. Katie laughs and explains that she is his aunt. The agent is sorry. She just thought marriage was the safest bet. Rick notes that he knows someone who has been watching this house since the foundation was poured. Katie notes that he didn’t tell her that. Rick just thought about it this morning. He isn’t sure that he will be able to make it. Eric walks in and asks if Katie is enjoying the view.

Brooke wonders if Bill would like some coffee. Bill is ok. He was up all night and admits that his mind was kind of racing. He thought that she would be sleeping late. Brooke did. She slept in a little bit. No one rushes back into the office the day after a big fashion show. Bill asks how it was. Brooke thinks that it was tense. Bill heard that. Quinn in charge and on the runway. Brooke feels that there is one thing she doesn’t lack and it is nerve. Bill imagines that Ridge was pulling his hair out. Brooke doesn’t think he was that bad. Bill asks how she knows that. Brooke tells him that Ridge stopped by here last night unannounced just like Bill. Bill reminds her that not that long ago she assured him that they were through. Brooke did. Bill wants to know if that relationship is over or if they are.

Quinn reads a letter that says it was a showing in the grand Forrester tradition. They thank her for holding her husband’s honors. Pam thought that she asked Charlotte to deliver the mail. Quinn tells Pam to watch her tone. Charlotte just wanted to tell Quinn that she thinks the jewelry she makes is so beautiful. Quinn thanks her. Pam guesses there is nothing better than youthful blind enthusiasm. Wyatt feels they are all grateful to have a strong revenue stream. Pam guesses that if no one else has work to do she does. Pam leaves. Wyatt wishes she could have seen Eric’s face.

The agent Amy says it is good to see Eric. Eric explains that when he sees Amy he knows that one of their neighbors is on the way up. Eric knows that Rick wanted to see him. Rick is glad to see him up and about. Eric notes that he responds to invitations stronger than some Rick tries to move past the remark and states that he noticed the house next door was for sale. Eric knows it is new on the market. Rick asks if he would like to keep it in the family. Katie is house hunting and he is trying to talk her into it. Eric smiles.

Bill has tried to explain that he didn’t mean to hurt her when he postponed the wedding. Brooke feels like she was dumped at the altar. Bill doesn’t think she was dumped. Brooke feels that it sure felt like it and for someone who doesn’t like being dumped he is pretty good at it. Bill could see that Ridge was still on her mind. Bill explains that if it was anyone else he would have moved on but he is still here. Brooke appreciates that and she is trying to but she should have told Ridge to leave the minute he walked through the front door. Brooke still loves Bill and he knows that. Brooke doesn’t think that marriage is really about that though. It isn’t about choosing a person but a life. Bill asks what she thinks her life with him would be missing. RJ walks in the house and calls for Brooke. Brooke tells him she is in the kitchen. Brooke whispers to Bill that now that he is back in town she will be able to talk to him. RJ explains that there is a big black SUV blocking his car in the driveway. He sees that Bill is there. Bill tells him that he is just the guy he wanted to see.

Quinn tells someone on the phone that she isn’t the company brand. If they need to use a face then use Eric’s not hers. She hangs up the phone. Wyatt wonders when she became so humbled. Quinn tells him never but she is being practical. She cannot plaster her face and jewelry everywhere. People will start to wonder what is going on at Forrester Creations. Wyatt knows he has been saying this a lot lately but he is proud of her. She has a sense of purpose and nothing rattles her. Quinn wouldn’t say that. She explains that her husband thinks the world of her. That she is worth losing the respect of his family. That she is worth all of his lives work. She tells him that something happened last night. Katie Logan… Wyatt wonders what about her.

Amy tells Katie that when Will is old enough he can walk to West Side. Eric feels that no one walks in Beverly Hills. Rick doesn’t think that is true. The mailman does. Eric points out that it is from his truck to the mailbox. Katie asks about the heating situation. Amy tells her that there are individual thermostats in each room. There is also an outdoor kitchen. Katie likes that. Amy has another client to get to but she can walk around if she would like. Rick has to go pick up Maya and Lizzie from the pediatrician. Eric is need of a child picture update. Rick will get right on that. Amy and Rick leave. Eric wonders what Katie thinks. Katie thinks that Amy is lovely and she thinks that Eric agrees too. Eric feels that she has made a few power couples. Katie used to be part of one of those. She kind of loves the house though. Eric tells her to buy the house then and they can get rid of the awful privacy hedge on the property then. Katie smiles.

Bill is blocked him in. RJ can move it for him. He won’t put any dents in it. He asks if it is two weeks old. Bill has a lot of cars. New and old. RJ wants to know why this is supposed to interest him. Brooke reminds RJ to use his manners. Bill is sure that the tough guy routine works great for RJ at school. RJ only uses it for Bill though. Brooke would like to take a time out. Bill wants RJ to take the car for a spin. RJ asks if he cut the break lines. Bill thinks they need to get on the same page. RJ reminds him that his name stands for Ridge Junior. Bill doesn’t think that they know each other well enough. He can ride shotgun. Brooke thinks this is good. RJ asks why he would want to know him. Bill is engaged to Brooke. RJ thinks that with any luck they won’t get married. He asks if he is going to move the car or not. Brooke feels that a better opportunity just presented itself. Brooke tells RJ that he will be spending the day with Bill.

Wyatt tries to figure out what is wrong. Katie watched the show with Eric… He wonders if she was critical. Katie guesses that she was very complimentary. Wyatt asks what the problem is then. Quinn wonders if he thinks that it is odd. The way she dropped in on him. Wyatt notes that Eric knew her parents. They have a long history. Katie knows all about the history the history of the Logan women and Eric. She just doesn’t feel comfortable having a single woman in her house.

Katie wonders if she can possibly buy the first house she sees. She wonders if she should keep looking. Eric tells her a life lesson it took him all to long to realize. Once you find what you are looking for you cannot keep looking. Whatever is behind door number two is irrelevant. Katie guesses it would be a suave place to raise a kid. She wants him to be honest though. She wants to know how he would feel about her living right next door. Eric would be very happy with it. The fact is that Rick would love to have a Logan next door. He thinks that Rick feels that his house always has felt like a house with a bar on it. Yet Katie would be creating a home next door for the Logan clan. Plus it would be a much needed reconciliation. Katie wonders about Quinn. Eric tells her that when Quinn came home last night she saw the glasses they used. Katie knows. She called her. Katie tells him it was fine. She guesses that some women are not to great on having other woman around when they aren’t. She just doesn’t want Quinn as an enemy if she is living next door. Eric promises that Quinn has changed even if he and Wyatt only believe it. He sees it in her every day. Quinn just doesn’t know Katie yet. Katie asks if they can all be friendly. Even when Bill stops by to pick up Will. Eric notes it is Beverly Hills. No one ever sees anyone.

Bill explains that he meant take a little drive. Brooke reminds him he said he would do anything. Bill has work. RJ has school. Brooke tells him that he is to late already. Bill notes that whatever time he gets there is when work starts. Brooke was talking to RJ. She asks what about his independent study program. There is nothing better than a day with Bill. Brooke will write a letter to his school. He will make up his school work. She thinks this means so much to her to have the two men she loves learn to respect each other.

Wyatt hasn’t known Katie to ever be interested in any man other than Bill. Quinn points out that she dated Ridge. He truly hates her. Wyatt is sure that Katie found out how fickle Ridge is. Plus Katie has been newly divorced for like twenty minutes. She probably is enjoying her freedom. Wyatt asks if Quinn really thinks that Ridge put Katie up to it. He knows that Eric loves Quinn. He is not out to get her. The worst possible thing she could do is make everyone upset. Katie wants to trust Eric but she would be foolish to not be on alert. She feels she is being smart.

Katie feels that this would be perfect. Eric is glad to hear her say that. Katie wants to thank him for his support and friendship. He helped her see something that she had a hard time seeing. She is the woman who lost her husband to her sister. Again… And her other ex is fighting over her too. She needs to not burst into tears every time someone asks how she is doing. She thinks this might be a low time for her but it doesn’t have to be. She can let Bill and Brooke be who they are because they love her. She is free in every respect that matters. She can do this. She can buy this house. She can live next door to a friend who is happy to see her. She thanks Eric for getting her out of the echo inside her head. She thanks him again. She can do this. Eric tells her ask for fifteen percent under. The sellers would be crazy not to accept the offer. Katie is going to do it. She is going to buy this house. Eric feels this is exciting.

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