B&B Tuesday Update 11/15/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is making tea. She turns around and Ridge is standing in the entrance of her kitchen. She is startled. Brooke asks what Ridge is doing. Ridge came to see if he could tempt her.

Quinn continues to look at the wine glass. She looks worried.

In Rick’s office Katie is sitting down. Rick asks if she is sure that he cannot get her anything. Katie is fine. She just wanted to congratulate him on the fashion show. Rick thinks that everyone left early after it was over. Katie can imagine that the whole thing was stressful. It looked like a success though. Rick agrees that the collection was amazing. It was just Quinn wearing the show stopper. He swears that you never know what that woman will do.

Quinn walks into her bedroom. Eric was wondering where she was. Quinn was downstairs. Eric feels it was far too long. Quinn asks what all this is. Eric is celebrating her success. He was so proud of her. He watched the whole show. He thinks that she was right. The whole jewelry pass was sensational. Quinn asks if she was alone. Eric explains that Katie Logan was with him.

Brooke wants to know what he means by tempt her. Ridge wants to tempt her with something sweet and delicious. Ridge shows her some ice cream. Brooke says that she will have some of that. Ridge grabs some spoons. He thinks that there are only two things in the world he enjoys and he is doing them both with her. Brooke feels that after the fashion show he should have brought a gallon of ice cream.

Katie can understand why the family has issues with Quinn. Rick doesn’t think they can get rid of her. No matter what they do she comes out on top. Katie feels that Rick cannot get upset that the fashion show was a success. Rick doesn’t like that Eric will give her credit for all of it. He can tell that Eric already did. Katie admits that Eric is very proud of her. Rick guesses to him she can do no wrong. Katie explains that Eric really does love Quinn. Rick feels that is what scares him.

Quinn asks if Katie Logan was really here. Eric explains that they watched the show together. Quinn wonders if it was out of the blue. Eric notes the last time they spoke together she was worried about getting Will into school. He told her she didn’t have to worry. He could get him into any school she wanted. Quinn asks if she was here before then. Eric says it was yesterday. He spoke to the headmaster of West Side. Then today she came by to thank him and tell him that Will got accepted. Quinn thinks that is very kind of him. Eric didn’t think that Katie needed his help. He guesses that he forgot to mention it. Quinn takes a sip of wine. She looks uncomfortable.

Brooke notes that the buyers are very excited about the collection. Ridge knows that he cannot complain about that. The press think this was the best fashion show they ever had. Brooke guesses that it was good and bad. Ridge guesses that if Quinn didn’t have a hand in it he would be thrilled. Brooke knows the showstopper got rave reviews. Ridge knows and Quinn was the one who was standing up there in it. He is sure that Quinn will be even more in the loop with him even more out. Brooke points out that other women have been in Eric’s life and other people have ran Forrester Creations. She feels that Ridge will get through this. Brooke knows he wants to protect the company. He will and they will get through this. They have gotten through a lot of crisis’s that failed. Ridge guesses that he has more important things to think about. Ridge attempts to put his hand on Brooke’s cheek but Brooke removes it.

Rick is just thrilled that Will is enrolled. It will keep up the family tradition. Katie guesses that it is because of Eric. Rick bets that he told her that she didn’t have to thank him. Katie explains he did and told her they should keep it between the two of them. Rick guesses that in that case she should go overboard. Katie guesses that with this done she can focus on the thousands of other things she needs to do like finding a house. She wants to find something nearby. Katie has an agent but she really hasn’t been looking. Rick thinks they should start looking right now. They might even find something she likes.

Quinn asks if Katie really wanted to thank him. Eric explains that it was very sweet. She brought him a bottle of fine champagne. Quinn asks if he had a drink with her. Eric explains that it was only water. Quinn guesses that explains the two glasses one with lipstick. Eric is sorry that they were still downstairs. He forgot it was the maids night off. Eric asks if this bothers her.

Rick reads a listing that says historic. He knows that means weird walls and shag carpet. He knows there are a lot of houses in Beverly Hills but she and Will need something to move in right away. Rick looks at a house and sees that she wouldn’t want it. He explains that it was haunted. Rick had a friend who lived there and moved out three months later. Katie guesses they can go to the next one. Rick thinks the next one is for her. It is Eric’s street. He practically grew up in that house. His friend Ben lived there. If she were playing tennis it would land in Eric’s backyard. Rick thinks she needs to see the house. Katie doesn’t know. Rick feels it is perfect. Katie isn’t sure. Rick feels that she should look at it first. She won’t know until she sees it.

Eric wonders if it bothers Quinn that he didn’t mention that Katie was here. Quinn is just shocked he didn’t mention it. Quinn had a wonderful day. She couldn’t help wish that he had shared it with her. Then she comes home to find out that he shared it with someone else. Eric would have much rather been there with her. Quinn isn’t accusing him of anything. She trusts him completely. Eric promises that nothing will happen. Katie is an old friend. He has known her most of her life. He invited her in to see it with him. She was very impressed and loved her jewelry. He knows that it hasn’t been easy feeling attacked all the time. Katie didn’t come over here to criticize her. It seems she has a Logan on her side. Eric hugs Quinn.

Ridge tries to play it off that Brooke had something on the side of her face. Brooke is being serious. Both Ridge and Bill mean so much to her. Ridge notes that only one of them is in her kitchen eating ice cream. Brooke guesses she could ask him to leave. Ridge hasn’t though. Brooke is still wearing Bills ring. Ridge suggests she take it off. Brooke believes that is something that she should talk about with Bill and not him. Ridge asks if she has spoken to him. Brooke notes that he is still upset with her. Ridge knows that he left her at the altar. Brooke points out it is because of him. Ridge wants his family back and RJ does as well. Brooke knows that is all he seems to talk about. Ridge points out that he is here. He feels that is commitment and Brooke should eat it. Brooke laughs.

Katie thanks Rick for this. Rick thinks anything he can do to help. Katie will get out of his hair. Rick thinks it is fine. He does have to go check on something down in shipping though. Katie guesses he isn’t the only one working late. Her agent can she her the house tomorrow. Katie feels that is kind of quick. Rick does think it is a great house and it won’t last long. Rick will go with her. Katie guesses that she is in. Rick points out if she likes it then she ends up being Eric’s next door neighbor.

Eric is so proud of Quinn. She made the company a success because of her. Quinn did it for Eric but this was her first and last fashion show. He will be back in charge before they know it. She kisses Eric. Quinn smiles.

Ridge feeds Brooke ice cream but she doesn’t want anymore. Ridge suggests they do something else or not. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty. Brooke feels that she might actually be putting people’s lives on hold. Ridge doesn’t care. He cares about her. The only thing Bill is right about though is that she should have a Spencer-less life. Brooke guesses that means she has make a choice. Ridge feels she does. Ridge thinks that when she is ready he will be right here. Brooke thanks him.

Quinn walks downstairs and sees the glass again. She gets her phone out. She makes a call. At Forrester Katie answers her phone. Quinn says hello. She hopes she didn’t catch her at a bad time. Katie says no. She saw the fashion show it was wonderful. Katie thinks Eric was pleased at how things turned out. Quinn was as well. She is really glad that Eric had company but she doesn’t think it was appropriate. Katie really doesn’t want her to think anything… Quinn doesn’t think she is taking it the wrong way. Quinn would like to be here the next time Katie is around. She has always liked her. Katie doesn’t think that Quinn needs to be concerned. Quinn isn’t. She just doesn’t think it looks good. Katie thinks she has it all wrong. There is no reason to feel insecure. She just wants a heads up next time. Quinn thanks her. She hangs up. Quinn says she is a bitch and throws her phone. She looks at the photo on the wall of her and smiles.

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