B&B Monday Update 11/14/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/14/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn and Ridge continue to get applauded on stage. Ridge can tell that Quinn is really proud of herself. Quinn explains that it is his show. She just wanted the whole world to see it. Ridge thinks that she is full of it. Quinn loves him too. Ridge tells her to keep smiling.

Ivy and Wyatt are excited backstage and think that they did it. Steffy walks over and tries to claim that they are applauding because of Ridge. They didn’t understand the jewelry pass. The only reason this looks like a success is because of her father’s designs. Wyatt reminds her that she was supposed to be wearing the dress. Ivy wonders what Eric thinks watching from home. Wyatt is sure that she is proud of her.

Katie wonders what they are saying to each other on stage. She wishes she could read lips. Eric hopes that they are complimenting each other. He thinks that Quinn looks beautiful in the show stopper. Katie guesses that she does but thought that Steffy was supposed to wear it. Eric knows she was and he is a little curious about that himself. All that matters is that the show was a success. Quinn will never let him down and she never will.

Zende walks backstage and asks if Sasha is decent. Sasha is more than decent. She cannot believe this is her first Forrester fashion show. Sasha wonders if it gets any better than this. Zende feels she did great. Sasha walks back from behind a divider. Sasha thought that the gown looked beautiful. Zende knows that the gown almost didn’t make it to the runway. Zende wants to know what was going on between her and Maya. Sasha explains that Maya is angry at her about what she did to Nicole. Sasha totally gets that. It was a total misunderstanding. She needs to tell Nicole that. Zende thinks that she needs to stay away from Nicole for a while. They both should. Sasha needs to know where this leaves the two of them.

Eric still has to wonder what happened with the show stopper. He still has to assume that it has something to do with Ridge. Katie asks if he is concerned. Eric is actually. He just wishes that he would reach out and listen like he asks. Eric is glad that Quinn came through for him the way he knew she would.

It is after the buyers have left the show room. Quinn feels like celebrating. She wants Ridge to make a toast. Ridge asks if she means to her. Quinn does. She saved him out there. Ridge feels that she saved herself out there. She wore a dress that she shouldn’t be wearing. Quinn feels she did the right thing. Ridge believes that none of this worked out because of the jewelry pass that no one could understand. Wyatt, Steffy, and Ivy all walk out from backstage. Wyatt notes that maybe not at first people didn’t understand what it was but then people seemed to like it. Steffy isn’t sure that they did. Ivy asks why she said that. Ivy was looking at people’s expressions. Pam walks in with a group of people. She tells them that some special people would like to meet with Ridge and Quinn. Ridge thanks them all for coming. One of them says that they are sorry that Eric could not he here. The lone female asks if he is doing better. Ridge promises that he is. Wyatt wonders what they all thought of the show. The other male states that he can speak for the other buyers when he says that Ridge’s designs were inspired as usual. Ridge thanks him. The male explains that he loved Quinn’s jewelry. He has never seen jewelry used that way so well in a show before. Quinn asks if he liked it. He did. She can expect a very substantial order. Quinn thanks him. They do not understand how much this means to them. Ridge, Steffy, and Pam all look angry at this. The buyers do not think that Forrester fashion shows disappoint. The female feels that Ridge and Quinn make a great team. Ivy thinks that they do. The female feels the show stopper was amazing and the jewelry line was as well. They can all expect a large order from them. Quinn thanks them. She states that if she wasn’t married she would kiss them all. She decides she will do it anyway. They assume that Eric must be proud of Quinn. They feels that it is a triumph for the Forrester collection to have Ridge and Quinn together. Pam feels it is time to wrap this up. Pam asks them to follow her out. Quinn thanks them all so much. Quinn asks if Ridge and Steffy will stay for a minute. There is something she would like to say that she wants them both to hear.

Zende starts to think of Nicole walking in on him and Sasha. He then remembers trying to say sorry to her but she would not accept it. Zende didn’t want to do that to Nicole. Sasha tells Zende that she is not trying to pressure him. Zende gets that she wants to know where they stand but he cannot think of anything else right now but Nicole. How much he hurt her.

Katie admits that when he told her the other day that she needs to get to know the Quinn he knows, she was a bit skeptical. She will admit. She is willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. She might have changed. She certainly made Eric change. She put a smile on his face.

Quinn wants them all to know how humble and honored she is to represent Forrester. She knows that it wouldn’t have happened without Ridge, Eric, and Thomas’s designs. She is also proud of her designs. Ivy thinks people will be talking about this show for years. Ridge asks if her cheering section follow her around everywhere. Wyatt thinks that they do only when they need to. Wyatt feels that Eric really came through for them. Quinn thinks that despite a few glitches they did it. She thanks Wyatt and Ivy for their support. She is so grateful for it. She cannot wait to hear what Eric thinks about the show. She is sure that nothing will change the way Ridge and Steffy feel about her but she will keep trying. They need to all get along. They need to be a success. She loves Eric and she wants him to be proud of her.

Katie realizes that she should go. She doesn’t want to wear out her welcome. Eric doesn’t think that is possible. He is grateful that she stopped by. Katie is grateful that her son is going to the right school. The last couple of months haven’t been easy. She is so thankful for her son but this was nice. Eric will always be there for Katie. Katie won’t forget that.

Wyatt still cannot believe that they got away with that. Ivy feels like if Ridge had gone against anyone else then he would have gotten away with it. Ivy thought when Quinn came down the runway it was amazing. Wyatt doesn’t think that Ridge will ever forget it. Ivy doesn’t think Steffy will either. Wyatt gets that she doesn’t want to do wrong for Ridge but in this case he is wrong about Quinn and Eric. Ivy is just happy that Wyatt came around. Wyatt admits he didn’t see things the right way at first but he hopes that this is the turning point for how Ridge views his mother and Eric. Wyatt isn’t going to hold his breath though.

In Eric’s office Ridge is on the phone. Steffy walks in. She asks if that was another order. Ridge explains that they keep coming in. Pam’s phone will not stop ringing. Steffy wants to know how Quinn keeps pulling rabbits out of her hat. Ridge doesn’t know. Ordinarily he would be thrilled but there is nothing ordinary about this. Quinn is running the place. Steffy points out that it is only temporary. Then Eric comes back. Ridge wonders if that will really change anything because she will still have his ear. Steffy asks if he thinks that Quinn will tell Eric about the show stopper. Ridge thinks that will be the first question out of his mouth. He is sure that she will answer it to make her sound like the savior she thinks she is.

Quinn walks into the mansion. She calls for Eric and wonders where he is. Eric wonders if she is looking for him. Quinn thought he would be upstairs wresting. She would have been home sooner. She asks if he saw it. Eric saw the whole thing from start to finish. Quinn hopes if it was ok. Eric wonders why she asks. Quinn isn’t sure by the way he is talking to her.

Ridge pulled the show stopper because he couldn’t endorse Quinn and her role in this company. She turned the tables on them. Steffy knows that he thinks that he is saving the family and Forrester but she has to admit that Quinn did save them. Quinn wants him to imagine what it would have been like had they ended the show when they did. They need buzz to make sales and the show stopper did that. It would have been a huge financial hit. Ridge knows and that is why he didn’t disagree when he was told he makes a great team with Quinn. If they knew what was going on behind the scenes it could be detrimental to them. Even more so is Quinn to their lives.

Wyatt knows what when Quinn wore the show stopper it was because she was coming around for her husband. He knows he fought against them for a very long time. Wyatt is a believes of Quinn and Eric. Ivy smiles.

Quinn is sure that Eric is wondering why she was wearing the show stopper. Eric assumes it had something to do with Ridge. Eric asks if she is going to tell him. Quinn knows if she does then it is throwing Ridge under the bus and she doesn’t want to do it. Eric wants to hear anyway. Quinn explains that Ridge pulled the dress at the last second. He didn’t want to do the jewelry pass and he convinced Steffy not to wear it. Eric guesses that meant she had to wear it. Quinn tried to get anyone else to wear it. Ivy or the models but they are all so tall and it was fit to Steffy. She couldn’t let Eric down so she ended up doing the one thing she never thought she would do was walk down the runway. They buyers promised big orders and the only important thing is what he thought of the show. She cannot tell. Eric loves Quinn. Quinn loves him but he can be honest. Eric loves her and he loved the show. He was so proud of her. Quinn only wanted to make her proud. Eric thinks they have a lot to celebrate. Quinn needs to check her phone once before she goes upstairs. She wants to see the orders. Quinn looks down and notices lipstick on a wine glass.

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