B&B Friday Update 11/11/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/11/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The Forrester fashion show is underway and people get ready in various ways backstage. Quinn informs Wyatt and Ivy that she told Pam she wasn’t afraid of her. Then Pam jumps out in front of her and scares her. Elsewhere Pam and Charlie are telling the interns about what she did. Rick and Maya walk over. Pam is so sad that Eric is not coming to the show. Rick cannot believe that Quinn is running the show. Quinn tries to get everyone to listen to her but none of them want to. Wyatt promises that things will go over alright for her first show.

In the Forrester living room Eric is very impressed with Katie. Katie thinks that it is the least she could do. It is a bottle of champagne. Eric wonders if Will is going to East Side Prep. Katie confirms that she got the call. She thanks him. Eric asks if she knows what he needs. He needs a viewing partner. They have a fashion show to watch right here.

Quinn is trying to do better by the company and family. Yet today they are all flat out disagreeing. Ridge is under the impression that a jewelry flow will hurt the show and she is starting to wonder if that is true. She wonders if she shouldn’t be doing this. Wyatt promises her that she should do what she wants. Ivy agrees.

In Eric’s office Brooke notes that they better hurry up. They will miss the show. Ridge would really like to go get some lobster rolls off a truck. Ridge knows he cannot do that. Steffy walks in. She just got done doing the last minute alterations on the show stopper. Steffy feels really weird that Quinn wants her to model in it. Ridge wouldn’t worry about that. No one is going to see that dress today. Steffy thinks that it is beautiful and she knows how proud he is of it. Ridge is very proud but he refuses for it to be a footnote of Quinn’s jewelry pass. Quinn walks in. She tells them that it is almost show time. She explains that it will be three rounds of fashion passes and then the jewelry pass. Then Ridge will come on to the runway at the end for his well deserved bow. Ridge promises that this will be a show to remember.

Maya tells Rick that it looks like Nicole isn’t going to make it. Rick wonders if she really blames Nicole. Maya doesn’t. She still cannot believe that Zende did what he did. Sleeping with Sasha… Zende is taking pictures of Sasha while she is getting dressed. Sasha asks if he is really serious. They cannot have pictures. Zende guesses that was before Nicole and Maya tried to work things out. Zende explains that Nicole is hurt and wants nothing to do with him.

Katie sits down with glasses of water as neither of them can currently drink. Eric is sure that will be fine. Katie thanks him for inviting her. She thinks this will be fun. Eric remembers that Katie ran Forrester for a time and was very successful at it. Katie thanks him. She cannot believe that anyone actually remembers that. She asks if Ridge is hosting the event. Eric informs her that Quinn is.

Ivy promises Quinn that she will do great. Quinn is just trying her best. She doesn’t want to let Eric down. Wyatt believes in her. They just want her to do her best.

Out in the audience Rick and Brooke are sitting next to each other. RJ walks over and sits behind them. He asks if they know that one of the models broke up with their boyfriend. Brooke wants RJ to leave the models alone. RJ is excited to see the new showstopper.

Backstage Quinn is being informed of how the microphone works. She is wished good luck which she thanks the man for. Quinn is clearly nervous. Ridge and Steffy walk past her and she wishes them both luck. She doesn’t want to let anyone down. At least she hopes.

The show starts. Quinn over a loudspeaker introduces the show. The first model comes out in a purple dress with a flower print.

Backstage Steffy and Ridge watch from a far while Quinn, Wyatt, and Ivy watch the screen from close up. Quinn thinks that things look great.

A model in an aqua dress walks the runway.

Zende tells Sasha that she better get dressed. Sasha knows. She just is shocked that Nicole didn’t go through with the pregnancy. Had she known she never would have done that. Zende knows and he wouldn’t have either. They were wrong. Sasha asks if she will ever forgive her. Zende says that she said she wouldn’t. Sasha needs to know then where that leaves them. Wyatt walks over. He needs Zende to get some photos of the models walking off the runway. Wyatt informs Sasha that she is almost up.

A model walks out in a beautiful golden gown that flows well.

Katie tells Eric that she loves that dress. Eric does as well. She thinks that the show is going really well. Eric feels that Quinn is putting on a really wonderful show.

Ivy informs the models that they are doing the jewelry pass next so they need to get ready. Maya is looking at Sasha as she gets ready. Ivy walks over to Maya and tells her that they will bring over the pieces when they are ready. Maya stands behind Sasha. She asks how she could betray Nicole like that again.

Another model is in a white dress that is slightly see through on the bottom half. Charlie is in the audience acting like he knows something about fashion.

Quinn remembers a bangle and tells Ivy to go get it. Ivy runs to find it. Maya tells Sasha that Nicole and Zende were having trouble in their relationship and what she did was horrible. She ran off with him in Hawaii. Sasha informs her that he invited her. Maya doesn’t think that it matters. She didn’t have to accept. Then she slept with him. Sasha wouldn’t have done that if she had known differently. Sasha feels that Maya is really to blame for the breakup. Quinn comes over and tells them that they are ready. Maya refuses to walk down the runway with Sasha. Quinn tells her that she is. Sasha explains they have problems. They need to switch or something. Quinn has 99 problems and a switch isn’t one. Over on the other side the two interns walk over and explain to Wyatt they just realized all the models are wearing the same dress. Wyatt knows and they are supposed to. He asks if they like the jewelry. They do. Wyatt is glad.

Quinn explains that they are about to make history. There has never been a jewelry pass before. She wants them to remember the hair and makeup is all backdrops to the jewelry. They need to make Forrester proud. She tells them to go.

On stage the models start to walk out. Maya and Sasha are next to each other giving each other dirty looks. The first models walks out showing off the pieces she is wearing. People are whispering to one another. Brooke and Rick look scared and annoyed.

Quinn realizes the people in the audience look confused. Ridge already told her that they would be. Quinn guesses that at least the show stopper will show what they buyers came for. Ridge says they kind of don’t. Ridge doesn’t want to put it out there after her failed jewelry show. Quinn tells him he cannot do that. They need to have it out there after the failed show stopper.

Sasha is out on the runway now. She walks back over to the other models. Maya walks out as well.

Katie tells Eric that she likes this. He is showing off the jewelry. Eric guesses that she understands what they are doing. Katie thinks it is great. It shows off one of his most profitable lines. She has never really seen anything like it.

Quinn tells Ridge that they need the showstopper. Ridge feels that her jewelry pass stopped the show. Quinn begs Steffy to please put the gown on. Eric is watching from home. The show was never supposed to end like this. She asks if she wants the company to be a success. Steffy does. Quinn reminds her the last time she listened to Ridge it was a disaster. Steffy cannot do this. Quinn wonders what she will do. She tells the models that they did great. Ivy tells Quinn that it didn’t go that bad. Wyatt wonders where Steffy and the dress are. Quinn explains that Ridge refuses to let it be shown. Wyatt doesn’t think they can end the show on that. Quinn needs Ivy to wear the dress. Ivy explains she is too tall. It was fit for Steffy.

Rick is going to go check backstage what is going on. Brooke thinks they have a plan. Charlie feels that this is going longer than it should.

Katie wonders if that is it. Eric explains there is still the show stopper.

Wyatt tells Steffy to put on the dress. Ridge guesses the cavalry is here. Wyatt needs Steffy to put it on. The runway is empty. Ridge tells him he saw all kinds of jewelry out there. Wyatt asks if he is that petty. He wonders how Ridge can love this company if it fails. Ridge has to protect himself for the long run and he will not be a part of this. Steffy suggests that she put it on. Ridge will not let her.

Upfront Rick promises people that the show isn’t over. The lights dim.

Wyatt forgot to tell them to pull the show stopper music. Ivy speaks over the loud speaker explaining that Forrester is proud to present their showstopper. Steffy thinks this will be a disaster. Out front someone is wearing the gown. Quinn turns around. Ridge demands to know who is wearing the gown.

Eric and Katie are shocked and excited.

Quinn walks the runway and people all applaud and give a standing ovation.

Ivy tells them all that Quinn did it.

Eric thinks that it is wonderful.

Quinn is smiling. Ivy introduces Ridge.

Ridge refuses to go out there. Steffy tells him that he has to. Ridge goes.

Ridge waves to everyone onstage. He even holds his hand up with hers. Ivy introduces them both as Forrester’s. Ridge tells her how dare she. He hates her. Quinn knows but someone had to wear it. Ridge hates everything about her.

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