B&B Thursday Update 11/10/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/10/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is worried about her sister. Rick is worried about Maya’s lips. The two start to kiss passionately.

Nicole couldn’t go through with the procedure to become pregnant. Zende knows that she agreed to have their baby though. Nicole changed her mind. Zende asks if she really didn’t go through with it. Nicole is not pregnant.

Steffy asks if Quinn is really asking her to work with her at Forrester. Quinn feels it would be a wonderful opportunity. Steffy bets that this will only happen so long as she stays married to Wyatt. Quinn wants her to work together. She would love to keep her as her daughter-in-law though. Steffy knew that this was just so Quinn could get what she wanted. Quinn explains that she wants what is best for the company and for Steffy. She doesn’t want to see Steffy follow her father down the wrong path and disrespecting her grandfather.

Eric can tell that Katie is a little stressed about this. Katie just feels like she is so behind on the curve. These parents have had their children on the wait list since they got out of the womb. Eric will do anything to help. Katie was wondering if he could write a letter of recommendation. The packet says that a letter could be very helpful. Eric will do a lot better than a letter. Eric is on the phone. He wants to recommend a student to them. His name is William Spencer. He is the son of Katie Logan- Spencer. Eric is told something and guesses that they will talk again. Katie assumes that she is going to have to schedule another interview or start filling out more paper work. Eric doesn’t think that is necessary because he is in. Katie is so happy. Eric informs her that her son just got into the best school in LA. Katie thanks him. The two hug.

Charlie explains that as head of security he will personally be monitoring the runway. Steffy feels that might be a little distracting to the guests. Wyatt doesn’t think that he needs to be in view of people. Pam notes that they will be at the door checking the guest list. Charlie will make sure that no one who isn’t supposed to be there gets in. Quinn asks where Zende and Nicole are. Wyatt believes they are in the middle of something. Quinn points out that they are in a meeting and they should be here. Wyatt knows that but he can tell that there might be a little drama between them going on.

Rick thinks that Nicole walking in on them must have been awful. Maya cannot help but feel responsible. Rick wonders how she could feel responsible. Maya doesn’t think that Zende and Nicole would have an issue if it wasn’t for them. They clearly asked to much of Nicole.

Zende doesn’t understand. He saw the post with her at the doctor’s office. Nicole was. Everything was ready to go but she couldn’t do it. Zende thought she seemed so sure and then all of a sudden she changed her mind. Nicole did it because of him. She didn’t want to lose him. She didn’t want to lose them.

Katie asks if after one phone call and Will is in. Eric has done a lot for that school over the years. It is the least he could do. Katie is so glad. She cannot even tell him how appreciative she is. She wants to thank him. Eric is happy to help.

Wyatt wonders where Thomas and Caroline are. Steffy notes that they are in New York with Douglas and she isn’t sure that they are going to come back. Quinn guesses that Thomas is MIA and they have a fashion show tomorrow. Since Ridge refuses to help with other designs other than the show stopper she had to improvise. Steffy wonders what she means. Wyatt has had some people in the cutting room working on some black dresses. He thinks the models are waiting outside if she wants to see them. Quinn asks if Pam would bring them in. Pam does so even though she looks angry to be taking orders from Quinn. Two models walks in wearing identical black dresses. Steffy asks what this is. Steffy notes that she would have preferred Ridges help but she had to improvise. Pam asks for what. She wants to know if Quinn is starting a Satanic cult. Quinn explains these are for the jewelry pass in tomorrows show. Steffy notes that they have never done a jewelry pass. Pam chimes in and says that this is a fashion show and not a jewelry sale out of someone’s trunk. Quinn mentions that Eric already gave the ok. Steffy is sure he did. Quinn promises that this will be elegant. All the models will be in the black dresses with their hair pulled back in minimal makeup. It will be lovely. Steffy wonders about the designs that Ridge and Thomas have been working on. Quinn tells the models they can leave now. She promises that it is just one pass. There will be plenty of time for fashion. Steffy cannot imagine Ridge getting up on stage when the show is about her. Quinn doesn’t think this is about her. It is about what is best for Forrester Creations and she will be making the introductions herself. Pam is angry and shocked. Steffy cannot think she is serious.

Maya wants to know if Zende and Sasha ever think before they act. Rick doesn’t think that a lot of thinking was going on. Maya notes that Zende just stormed off without giving Nicole a moment to explain. The fact is though Maya still thinks that the two of them are to blame. Rick wishes she wouldn’t. Maya doesn’t think any of this would have happened had they not asked Nicole to have the baby.

Zende wonders if she really didn’t go through with it. Nicole already told him that she couldn’t. Zende asks if she knows what this means. Nicole states that it means that she isn’t pregnant. Zende knows and it means that they agreed with one another. Nicole doesn’t think it was easy. She feels horrible for letting Rick and Maya down. She is so sad for Lizzie. Zende is sure that Rick and Maya will figure something else out. It will work out for them. This is incredible. He thanks her for making this sacrifice for them. He is sure they can get through it. The jet and Hawaii. They can put it behind them right where they left off. They have another chance.

Pam doesn’t think that Quinn can open the show. Wyatt wonders why it is such a big deal. Steffy points out that they are telling them that they are showcasing the jewelry and now she is opening the show. Quinn thought it would be fun to do something different at the show. Steffy asks if there is anything else to talk about. Quinn doesn’t so she is free to go. Steffy is glad and leaves.

Rick guesses that if Maya feels she is to blame than he does too. They have nothing to do with Zende and Sasha getting into bed though. That is on them. Maya knows but she wishes that things were different. Nicole’s happiness means so much to her.

Nicole needs Zende to actually think about what she saw on that jet. Zende is so sorry that she had to see that. He wishes it hadn’t happened. Nicole wishes she could forget but she cannot. She keeps seeing it over and over in her mind. Zende cannot lose her. He believes in them. He is sure that they can get through this. Nicole doesn’t think they can. He slept with his sister again. Zende tries to touch Nicole but she tells him not to touch her.

Eric thinks it is so good to see Katie smile. Katie feels that it is all because of Eric. Eric believes that Bill was an absolute fool to give up on her. Katie doesn’t disagree. Katie asks about Eric. He has so many people who are scared for him. Eric is making progress and it is all because of Quinn. He thinks she is different now. Quinn has changed. She is a good woman. He cannot wait for her to get to know that woman she knows.

Quinn was hoping that the meeting would have gone better. Wyatt is shocked she was even willing to meet her at all. Quinn knows. She remembers that she wants the tribute video of Eric playing in the lobby on a loop when they walk in. Wyatt is already on it. Quinn thanks him. He leaves. Pam and Charlie walk in. Pam has been speaking to Stephanie about her. She is not happy. Quinn is confused. Pam has been talking to her every night. Unless she is out with Charlie. Charlie notes that even then she is thinking about Stephanie. Quinn asks if she can help them with anything else. Pam demands that Ridge give the speech after all Quinn has supposedly pulled around the office. She is a nutcase and everyone knows it. Pam will not allow this. She will not allow it at all. Quinn asks how she is crazy when Pam is the nutty one. She doesn’t care about her threats because Pam doesn’t scare her. Quinn leaves. Charlie guesses that she showed her. Pam doesn’t think that Quinn can just get Wyatt and robot Ivy to take over the company. Then keep them from seeing Eric. They will not let that happen. They will take care of Quinn Fuller once and for all. Charlie asks how they do that. Pam has an idea.

Maya admits that as upset as she is at Zende she knows how good he is for her. That is what makes this so hard. Rick thinks that Zende knew what he was doing. Despite everything maybe they will find a way to forgive each other. Maya hopes so because they belong together.

Nicole loves him so much but it isn’t going to happen now. Zende will give Nicole some space. Nicole doesn’t want it. Zende thinks they have to try. He will do whatever he needs her to do. Nicole cannot get the image of them out of her head. Zende knows he messed up but he knows that she still loves him. Nicole does. Zende doesn’t want to be with anyone else. Nicole thinks that it is to late. Nicole leaves. Zende screams after her.

Katie thanks Eric. She realizes she has taken up a lot of his time though. Eric knows that she let Bill have house. He wonders where she is staying. Katie is staying in a rental. If he hears of anything then tell her because she likes the neighborhood. Eric tells her that if she needs her spirits lifted to come by because he knows what she needs. Katie knows that Eric always lifts her spirits. Katie is going to do some serious house hunting. Eric doesn’t want Katie telling anyone that he is a nice guy. Katie will try but the secret might be out. She thanks him for all he has done for them.

Steffy is picking up papers and her finger hurts. Wyatt walks in and asks if it hurts. Steffy admits it does a little bit. Wyatt asks if she is sure she wants to say goodbye. Steffy thinks it is the right thing to do. Wyatt isn’t sure if he wants to go through the same pain and suffering. Steffy feels that it is right. She doesn’t want to keep it. Steffy wishes that Wyatt would stop. This could have been different if Quinn was gone.

Quinn is on the runway and she starts to pretend to walk it. She smiles. The lights go out and she says hello. She tells whoever turned the lights off that she is still here. She asks if Ivy or Wyatt are there. Pam walks in and asks if she really doesn’t scare her.

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