B&B Wednesday Update 11/9/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/9/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn and Eric are kissing in the living room of the mansion. Eric thinks that is for good luck. Quinn guesses that it should be a breeze then. She will just tell Steffy what she means to her and how important she is to the family and the company. Eric assume she means Wyatt as well. Quinn does. It breaks her heart that she is doing this.

Steffy is getting another round of laser tattoo removal. The doctor reminds her that it will take several sessions before it is fully removed. Steffy is more than aware.

In the photo studio Sasha asks Zende if he is ready to take test shots for the fashion show. Zende remembers. Sasha asks if he is texting Nicole. Zende is trying to get ahold of her at any costs. Sasha reminds him that she saw both of them in bed.

Maya walks into Rick’s office and finds Nicole. She has been trying to reach her. Maya knows that she went to see Zende on the plane. She wonders how it went. She asks if he was happy to see her. Nicole doesn’t think that is it exactly.

Katie shows up at the mansion and Eric is glad to see her. Katie explains that she was on her way to the gym. Eric feels she looks terrific. Katie thanks him. She thinks he looks pretty terrific himself. Eric guesses that he is getting there. Katie knows that he had them all worried. Eric has been worried himself. No more so than Ridge and Steffy.

Steffy looks at her finger and Quinn walks in. Steffy forgot this was her office now. Quinn is happy to share. Steffy knows she is even more happy to take. Quinn asks how Steffy is. Steffy doesn’t want her to make small talk. Quinn wants to. Quinn asks if Steffy hurt herself. Steffy did a long time ago because of her and now she is making it right. Quinn guesses she is getting her wedding tattoo removed.

Zende gets sick to his stomach every time he thinks about it. Sasha doesn’t want him to think about it then. Zende wonders how he can’t. He saw the look in his eyes every time she looked at them. Sasha cannot stand seeing him like this. Zende realizes that he should have spoken to her before she got pregnant again. He is left with the pain in his eyes.

Maya knows something happened on the plane. Nicole doesn’t want Zende in her life. Maya knows that she does because she loves him. Nicole got on the plane so happy to see him and then she got on the plane and no one was there. So she went to the bedroom where he was in bed with Sasha.

Katie asks if Ridge and Steffy are really not welcome in her home. Eric explains that they are welcome so long as they respect his wife. Katie wonders if she is welcome. Eric feels that Katie is always welcome. As long as he respects him and his wife.

Quinn is sorry that it has come to this. Steffy is sure she is. Quinn asks if she didn’t want to give it more time before she removed the tattoo. Steffy is getting a divorce. This wasn’t a happy thought for her. Quinn guesses that it creates closure then. Her son is no longer an issue. Quinn tells Steffy that Eric is in love with her. She is doing what Eric wants her to do. She could go for a compromise because she could really use her help.

Zende told Nicole that he couldn’t go through with another pregnancy. Sasha feels that Nicole has been selfish and Zende had every right for him to not want Nicole to do it. Zende just wishes that she hadn’t come on that jet to see them together. He wonders why she came on in the first place.

Maya is shocked that Zende was with Sasha. Nicole notes that when they spoke on the phone he swore nothing had happened. She wanted to believe him. Nicole just wanted to forget everything that had happened recently. She gave one beautiful baby why not another. Maya knows that this wouldn’t have happened if not for her. Nicole wanted to do this. She just didn’t think about Zende enough. Maya thinks that isn’t true because she called the whole thing off. Maya suggests that he possibly forgive him. Nicole cannot stop seeing them in her head when she closes her eyes. Nicole isn’t sure she can look at her the same. Yet the whole situation could have been avoided. Maya thinks that she did everything right. She wonders what he said when he said he was in bed with Sasha. Nicole left before it got that far. She never told him that she changed his mind. She couldn’t talk to him or face him. She had to get out of there. Maya thinks that she needs to tell him.

Eric has to wonder if Brooke wasn’t relieved. Katie assumes he means that Ridge showed up to the wedding. Eric cannot imagine her being married to Bill. Katie asks if he can see her married to him though. Eric guesses that came out wrong. Katie informs him that Brooke still wants to marry Bill. Eric wonders how Katie feels about that. Katie notes that it is two men fighting over her sister. She wonders what else is new. She really doesn’t have much to complain about these days. She has her son. Eric’s life was going pretty well and then along came Quinn to make it so much better. Katie guesses that she could find someone who does that for her. Eric asks if she would be open to another man. Katie is ready for whatever. She actually has another reason why she stopped by.

Steffy wants to know what the catch is. Quinn has no catch. She just wants things to run smoothly. Steffy is not blind. She just wants her with Wyatt. Quinn thinks that she will do whatever it is she wants with Wyatt. This is not a stipulation. Steffy asks what happens if she marries Liam. Quinn thinks that she is to smart for that but she will do what she wants to do. Quinn is a realist. Her father is fighting her at every corner and she is sure that Rick and Thomas will as well. She is here only until Eric gets back. She could use the support of someone. Steffy is the future of Forrester Creations. Steffy doesn’t think it is a bad pitch but she doesn’t want her as a partner but as a daughter-in-law.

Rick wants to pack a little lunch and grab Lizzie and have some beach time. It looks like she can use it. He can tell this is about Nicole. Rick knew she could change her mind. They were asking a lot. Rick isn’t sure what taking Sasha to Hawaii was about. He thought that was wrong. He is back and they are working it out. Maya tells Rick they aren’t. Their relationship has never been more tested.

Nicole is doing work and Zende walks in. She tries to leave and Zende tries to talk to her. Nicole is busy with the fashion show. Zende doesn’t think that she can keep avoiding him. Nicole isn’t. She just has a lot to do. Zende is so sorry.

Eric guesses that Katie had an ulterior motive for stopping by. Katie also wanted to make sure he was ok. Eric thinks she can tell he is fine so he wants to know what is next. Katie doesn’t like asking for favors. Eric would do anything for her. Katie is looking to get Will into school. She wants to send him to West Side Prep. Although, Bill has a lot of money he also has a long group of people who do not like him. The head of admissions is on that list. She happened to look around and saw Eric’s name in the gym. Eric explains that all his children went there. He will do whatever he can. Katie thinks that if Quinn doesn’t treat him right she will have her to deal with.

Quinn admits that she does want Steffy and Wyatt back together. They were a powerful team both here and at home. The work they did for Forrester and Spencer was amazing. She thinks they should be honest. Liam was a disappointment in the past and probably will be again in the future. Steffy thinks she is really making a great case. Quinn thinks this is only until Eric gets back. She really thinks this would be good for her future here at Forrester.

Rick wonders if Nicole and Zende will work it out. Maya doesn’t know. Rick thought Nicole spoke to him on the plane. Maya tells him Zende was in bed with Sasha.

Zende hates what has happened to them. Rick and Maya shouldn’t have asked her. He knows they did not sell her on it. They had to have known though that she would cave. Zende thinks that is what she did. Nicole knows he grabbed Sasha and took off. Zende couldn’t deal with what she did. Nicole shouldn’t have done what she did but he went off with Sasha. She was just starting to trust her again. He swore nothing happened. She caught them in bed together. It was cruel. He knew much it would hurt her. Zende never wanted to do that to Nicole. He loves her more than anything else. He came home to see her. She won’t even be in his life for nine months. Nicole didn’t go through with it. She changed her mind for him. For them. She isn’t pregnant.

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