B&B Tuesday Update 11/8/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/8/16


Written By Anthony
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In Bill’s office he asks Allison for a call list. Allison claims she can take care of most of these herself but he is going to have to deal with Joe Armstrong. Bill is sick of pulling that guy off the ceiling. Bill asks what else. Allison was expecting to hear from someone by now but it has been radio silent. Bill wonders who. Allison means Brooke. She expected to hear from her by now but she has been radio silent. Bill isn’t concerned but wonders if he should be. Allison doesn’t think so but after a heartbreak like Brooke she cannot imagine.

In Rick’s office Brooke thinks it is nice of Katie to stop by. Katie knows that Brooke isn’t even supposed to be here. Katie assumes she didn’t even marry Bill. Brooke tells her that it wasn’t her choice. Katie asks what happened. Brooke tells her that Ridge showed up. Katie thinks it was for the shares. Brooke tells her it was for her. Katie laughs. Brooke wishes she wouldn’t do that. She didn’t invite Ridge to come over and breakup her wedding. She wanted to marry Bill. Katie asks what is stopping her then. Brooke explains that RJ for one. He is not getting on board and it bothers her. Katie wants to know how much of this has to do with Ridge.

In Eric’s office Ridge walks in to find Quinn, Wyatt, and Ivy all behind his desk working. He calls them the Forrester Creations brain trust sarcastically. He says “God help them.” Ridge notes they have a diamond thief, his cousin from down under, and the wicked witch of the West Coast. His father’s newest bride; Quinn Fuller. Quinn explains she is a Forrester. Her name is Quinn Forrester.

Bill inquires if there is anything else Allison has to tell him. Allison assumes that means he hasn’t heard from Brooke. Bill hasn’t and he wants to make it clear that he was the one who was left at the alter. Brooke was upstairs indulging the dress maker. Allison knows that she was so close to being his wife. Bill knows that she will be eventually.

Katie thinks that if Forrester could bottle what Brooke has they would make millions. Brooke hopes that Katie is teasing her. Katie is and asks if she minds. Brooke doesn’t. It has been so long since she felt comfortable to act like this. It is all her fault of course. Katie admits that she could never keep Brooke out of her life and Brooke knows it. Brooke is glad to hear it. Katie thinks that all is right in the world again. She goes to bed with a book and Brooke goes to bed with whomever she chooses. She doesn’t really mind. She has a healthy and happy son and Brooke has two men fighting over her again. Some things never change.

Ridge asks why Elphaba (Quinn) summoned him. Quinn notes they have work to do. They have a fashion show to put on. His designs look fantastic. Ridge guesses that means a lot coming from the temporary CEO. Quinn feels that Eric is still better of course. Ridge admits that he always has been. Ridge still doesn’t know why she needed him. Quinn wanted to go over the show run down. Ridge assumes the one she decided. Quinn had help from her team. Ridge looks it over and it seems to be pretty normal. Ridge asks what the jewelry pass is. Quinn had an idea. Ridge asks if she really had an idea about fashion.

Katie guesses this is why she always wished she was more like Brooke. She always had all these men around her going crazy. Brooke doesn’t think that is something to wish for. She however guesses that since they are on the subject she has always wanted to be more like her. She wishes she could be self-sufficient and independent. She always needed a man in her life. She thinks she finally found it. Katie notes that now she is back in the game with two men wanting to marry her. Brooke explains that the one she said yes to left her at the alter. Bill walks in. Bill feels they should talk. He says hello to Katie and asks how Will is. Katie tells him that he is great. Bill cannot wait to see him. Katie is going to go. Brooke thanks her for stopping by. Katie leaves. Bill asks if she is in a good place with Katie. Brooke guesses but wonders about them. Bill is still angry about Ridge dropping by their wedding. Brooke is as well. She didn’t invite him over. She kicked him out and still wants to be Bill’s wife. She had the ceremony started and then he stopped it. Bill left her.

Ridge wants to get this straight. She has an idea about fashion even though she doesn’t know the first thing about it. Ridge doesn’t think that Quinn knows the first thing about Fashion. Quinn thinks that Ridge just has a great sense of humor. Someone should give her a late night show. He would just have them rolling in the isles. Ridge thanks her but she would make a great host as well. Quinn guesses so but yet here she is. So they might as well make the best of it. As CEO she makes a choices sometimes. She wonders if he would like to hear her idea. Ridge guesses. Quinn knows the jewelry line has always been profitable. She wants to make it more than an accessory. The models will wear matching gowns so they virtually disappear in the backdrop. She and Ridge can team up with the designs to showcase the pieces. Ridge asks if is a fashion show all about jewelry. Quinn only wants a small part of it to involve jewelry. He isn’t thinking. Ridge guesses that has to be the worse idea he has ever heard and no he will not design for it.

Bill has a completely different idea of what their almost wedding was. He feels that Brooke left Bill downstairs while he was talking with Forrester. Brooke knows she shouldn’t have done that. Bill doesn’t think she should have. Bill has a plan. They will get married on his jet and start over.

Quinn wants to make sure they are all on the same page. Ridge is refusing to design for her. Ridge is. The jewelry pass is stupid. His opinion is noted and Ivy doesn’t have to vote so she doesn’t get in the middle. She asks Wyatt. Wyatt thinks yes to it. Quinn guesses that Ridge is outvoted. Ridge is so shocked that Oedipus agreed with his mother. Quinn reminds him that Eric gave her permission to run the company the way she sees fit. Eric thinks the jewelry pass is a great idea. He loved it. Quinn wants to stay on point. She is trying to make this the best show possible. Ridge doesn’t think it is a good idea. Quinn will be making the introductions. Quinn asks Wyatt and Ivy to give them a moment. The two leave. Quinn knows that Ridge hates her being here but he can hold his nose because Eric will be back soon. She will see to it. Ridge knows it doesn’t seem that way but he is trying. He is trying. He is trying to see what Eric sees in her. He gets it. None of this means anything. Her soul is the darkest thing he has ever seen. Soon she will be another failed chapter in his love affairs. Only one woman is the love of Eric’s life and she could never be replaced. Ridge appreciates Quinn keeping the chair warm because he will be back soon. Quinn thinks that all of this means everything. Ridge leaves.

Bill feels that they could be married by tomorrow. Brooke tells Bill that he really hurt her when he walked out on their wedding. Bill was hurt when he found Ridge in his bedroom. Brooke kicked him out. She wanted to marry him and then Bill left. Bill never didn’t want to marry her. He just didn’t want to have Ridge involved again. Bill thinks it is just the two of them. He wants to marry her. Bill asked her weeks ago if she had any feelings for Ridge and she swore she didn’t. Yet since he played the destiny card he needs to ask again. He needs to know if she has any feelings for Ridge. Brooke doesn’t answer right away. Bill cannot believe after everything they have been through all these years. He has never stopped loving her. Brooke does love him and does want to marry him. Bill does as well but not under these circumstances. Bill has waited long enough. Bill leaves the room. Ridge walks in. He saw Bill leave angry. He hopes it is because she told him no man leaves her at the altar. Brooke doesn’t think he would have left her if it hadn’t been for Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that Bill wanted to whisk her away and marry her. Ridge wonders why she is still here then. He realizes that she is upset because he left her at the altar. Ridge was fighting for his family though. Brooke knows that Katie had a family and then she broke it up. Brooke guesses if she does get married to Bill then at least it would justify things. She wonders what she is doing. Ridge thinks she is trying to make the right choice. Ridge isn’t so sure if Bill leaving is a bad thing. Brooke told Bill that she was completely committed to him. Then he asked her again and she didn’t say anything. Ridge suggests that is why he stormed out. It is encouraging that one day Bill could be gone and she could come back home to him. Brooke asks when she said that. Ridge feels it was all right there. He wants her to give it a month. Brooke assumes before she marries Bill. Ridge means before she marries him. He hates to think that Bill is right about anything. Yet he is right that they will be married again. He tells her that RJ wants pepper steak for dinner and the Witch is still at the Forrester house so he is going to have to use her kitchen tonight. He knows she likes medium well. Ridge leaves before she can even answer.

Backstage Ivy asks Quinn what happens if Ridge doesn’t design for the jewelry pass. Quinn guesses they could improvise. She might have changed but she can still improvise. Quinn knows that Ridge can be angry but she can be relentless. Wyatt thinks the show room looks great. Quinn is so excited. She thanks them so much for staying by her side. Quinn isn’t sure if she will give a speech. Quinn gives a fake speech. Ivy and Wyatt are so happy for her. Ridge watches from behind a curtain and looks angry.

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