B&B Monday Update 11/7/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Liam’s living room she lights candles and then blows out the match.

Maya, Rick, and Nicole are all in Brooke’s kitchen. Maya tells Nicole that the food smells really good. They are eating Chinese. Nicole is not feeling really hungry. She just feels really bad. She is sorry. Rick doesn’t want her to apologize. Nicole can tell that they are very disappointed. Maya isn’t disappointed at her. Nicole doesn’t want them angry at Zende either. She loves him so much. She could have handled this better. If he hadn’t ran off to Hawaii. He loves her and doesn’t want to be with Sasha. She doesn’t want to lose him.

Sasha suggests that Zende go and get some sleep before they land. Zende has thought about it but he cannot. He cannot stop thinking about Nicole going through with this. They talked about it and they agreed that Nicole would say no. She just changed her mind. Sasha wonders if all this thinking he has done has made things any better. She thinks he needs to try getting sleep. Zende guesses it couldn’t hurt. He goes into the other room.

Liam asks Steffy if she loves the changes to the house. Steffy does. Liam is glad because it is her house. Steffy appreciates the counter space but she is not sure where he will put his. They toast to sharing. Liam wants to toast to her being a free woman. Steffy isn’t completely free yet. Liam isn’t sure that is completely true. She started the tattoo removal, started the divorce, and rearranged half the things in the house. Steffy feels that Liam has gotten used to this place being his. Liam hated every minute of it. Every moment he spent missing her was a moment closer to her being back. He couldn’t picture his life without her.

Maya asks if there is still no word from Zende. Nicole says no. She wants to know how he could go to Hawaii with Sasha of all people. Rick wonders if he didn’t explain himself. Nicole was told that nothing happened but she is there and Nicole knows why.

Sasha sits on a couch and starts to think of times she has had fun with Sasha. She starts to smile. Then she remembers the first time the two of them had sex together. Sasha smiles again. She puts her magazine down and walks over to the door. She walks in and watches Zende sleep.

Liam knows that they are really good at this but they shouldn’t do it anymore. Liam means getting back together. They should try staying together this time. Steffy wonders if it will be boring. Liam doubts it and wonders if she even remembers their first kiss. Steffy remembers he saved her from drowning. He has always been her hero. That was such a long time ago. Liam guesses it would be hard to draw a straight line from then to now. It is amazing to him all the times they have shared. Steffy asks what he remembers most. Liam remembers the good stuff and their weddings. It would be really hard to top their weddings. Liam and Steffy mess around with each other as a bunch of clips of their relationship are shown. Steffy looks into Liam’s eyes and the two start to kiss each other.

Nicole leaves Zende another message. She tells him that it hurts that he is in Hawaii with Sasha. He is right though she should have included him in her decision. Maya asks why she didn’t mention that she changed her mind. Nicole wants to explain to him in person. Rick walks back in and tells her that the jet is on its way back to LA. Nicole is shocked that they are on their way back. Nicole has to go and confront him. Maya wants Nicole to take her time. Nicole hopes that he can understand why she did this.

Sasha closes the door behind her and sits down next to Zende who is sleeping. She kisses him and starts to wake him up. She starts kissing him again and he goes along with it.

Steffy suggests that Aspen is probably looking really good right now. Liam points out that they only just got to this point and she wants to skip town. Steffy feels that Aspen is their place. Liam thought that this was there place. Steffy guesses that both places are special. Liam feels that as great as those moments in the past were they do not come in comparison to what is to come. He gets to just love her without any distractions. This is his fantasy. At least the beginning of it. The two start to dance. They start to have sex with each other. The two look at each other and smile.

Maya makes tea and pours herself a cup. Rick tells her that Lizzie is sleeping right now. Maya thanks him. Rick has no problem checking on their baby girl. Maya means not pressuring Nicole. Rick knows they agreed not to. Rick knows they talked about other ways to have a child. Rick wonders if Nicole will be able to work this out. Maya is sure that if they can talk then she doesn’t see why not. Rick knows that him being on his way back to LA should be a good sign. Maya hopes things work out.

Nicole shows up on the Forrester jet and asks if Zende is still here. The pilot tells her that Zende and Sasha are still on board. Nicole thanks him. She walks back into the jet and looks around. She doesn’t see them but looks to the bedroom. Nicole starts to open the door and looks worried.

Steffy wants Liam to tell her again about this fantasy of his growing old and gray together. Liam thinks that sounds good but not as good as this. Steffy feels they will be doing this even then. She will always show him her feelings. Steffy loves him and this is where she belongs. With him. She is home. The two kiss again.

Maya thought things were going so well for them. She doesn’t know what Zende was thinking. Rick guesses that Zende needs to grow up. Maya thought he had. Rick knows that Zende didn’t want her to have a baby. Maya thinks they belong together.

Nicole opens the door and finds the two of them in bed together. Zende says her name but Nicole walks out. Zende tries to explain. Nicole tells him she shouldn’t have come. Zende thought she would be at home after having the procedure. He knows she is having another baby for them. Nicole cries and leaves without saying anything. Zende screams after her but she doesn’t come back.

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