B&B Friday Update 11/4/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/4/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole is in her hospital gown. Maya, Rick, and March walk in and ask if she is ready. March thinks that the question is if Rick is ready. Rick asks if it is really now. March wants him to follow her. Rick tells Maya that this is really happening. Maya thinks it is thanks to her sister.

Zende looks out the window of his hotel room. Sasha walks in. Zende wonders how the beach was. Sasha guesses it would have been more fun if she had company. Sasha is going to drag Zende to a party tonight. Zende can’t do that. He has to get back to LA.

Steffy continues to have the tattoo removed. Steffy admits that this is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Steffy needs Liam to remind her never to get a tattoo again. Liam will remind her when she is thinking of getting a new husband. Steffy thinks that he is so funny… The doctor needs Steffy to limit drinking and have a lot of water. She has a few more appointments. Liam asks if this is his first wedding band tattoo. The doctor claims that in this town getting rid of wedding band tattoos paid his mortgage. He wants her to call if she has any more questions. He leaves. Steffy looks at her finger. Liam thinks that she did great. Steffy tried so hard not to swear like a sailor. She didn’t want him to think she was some kind of wimp. Liam doesn’t think that anyone thinks that. Steffy thinks Wyatt might. Liam wonders where that is coming from. Steffy guesses that it is all sinking in. She is erasing her marriage. This is where she is supposed to be with him.

Sasha asks if he really wants to go back to LA right now. Zende tells her that she can stay. He will make sure she is taken care of. He just cannot be moping around and ruining her trip. Sasha doesn’t think that he is ruining anything. He is crazy if he thinks that he is going to get back on that plane with anyone else. If he wants to go back then he can call the pilot and she will pack her things. She leaves the room.

Maya wonders if Maya is nervous. Nicole isn’t but asks if Maya is. Maya is. Nicole thinks they should be fine. They went through this before. It is like putting on an old hat. Just wake her up when it is over. Maya doesn’t think that it is too late. No one will be upset if she changes her mind. They have other options. Nicole wants this as well.

Steffy tries to pack up a few things but Liam runs over and tells her that he will do this. Steffy claims that she is just a little sore and is fine. It is a tattoo removal. Liam tells her she needs water. Steffy thinks that Liam is telling her that Wyatt is useless. Liam isn’t talking about Wyatt. He is talking about the marriage. Steffy feels that Wyatt and her needed each other but it was a mistake that they thought it would last forever. The other mistake was to think that he would never come back. Steffy feels they lost so much time. Liam thinks that she made him wait a long time. Steffy believes some things are worth the wait. Steffy is reminded that they need to go back to the loft. She needs to get a few things out of the hall closet. Steffy thanks him for understanding. She didn’t want to go into Wyatt’s door and into his. Liam knows that she needed to wait until she felt free to come to him two days after the fact…

Sasha walks back in and tells Zende that she is all packed. Zende never lived up to his promise of showing her the islands. Sasha is fine. She will be back. Zende realizes this isn’t what he expected. Zende is sure that everyone knows that he brought her here. Zende hopes that Nicole will change her mind. Zende tells Sasha the jet is ready.

Maya hopes that Nicole doesn’t feel pressured. Nicole feels strongly that Maya and Rick want to have another baby. Nicole thinks that Zende could still turn around. Nicole keeps wishing that he will pull that off again. That she will wake up and he will be wearing scrubs. March walks in and asks if they have any last minute concerns. Nicole feels that they are good.

Zende thanks the pilot for doing this on such short notice. The pilot has no problem doing it. Zende sits down next to Sasha. Sasha asks if he wants a magazine. Zende wonders what is wrong with him. He wonders why he cannot appreciate this. Sasha gets another update. They are about to start. Zende cannot believe it is happening.

Maya tells Rick that nine months from now they could be holding a baby. Nicole is not completely there.

Zende starts to think of all the times he spent with Nicole over the past year.

Doctor March is all set. They want to get her as comfortable as possible. That is if she is ready. Nicole needs to wait.

Liam brings a box into his living room. Steffy smiles. Liam tells her that they are done. Liam is so excited that she is home. Steffy asks if the living room missed her. Liam starts talking to all the rooms in the house telling them that Steffy is home. They walk outside and Liam is acting like a crazy person telling nobody that Steffy is back. Steffy loves Liam. Liam loves her too.

Maya asks if something is wrong. Nicole cannot do it. She really wants to but… Maya tells her it is ok. There is no need to explain herself. Nicole cannot lose Zende. This is really hurting him. This was wrong. She understands that she was telling him that he wasn’t important and he can wait. Maya will get her phone and she can call Zende that she is not doing it.

Sasha sits next to Zende and asks if he wants to play cards. Zende cannot think right now. he is thinking about Nicole. The choices that she is making. Sasha feels that she signed up for this. It was a beautiful gift. Zende feels it was beautiful but he cannot feel that way again. Sasha asks how much can be expected of Zende. If she is willing to ask this of him then what else is she willing to ask. She is taking him for granted. If he was her man she would thank him every damn day. The two kiss each other. They start to kiss passionately.

Nicole tries to get Zende to pick up his phone. She leaves him a message saying they have to talk. He needs to come home. They will get through this. All he has to do is call her the moment he can.

Steffy asks if Liam is done shouting. Liam isn’t so sure he is. He hasn’t told everyone that Steffy is back. He is so excited. He cannot wait until he gets to put a real wedding ring on Steffy’s finger for the rest of her life. Liam loves Steffy. He kisses her.

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