B&B Thursday Update 11/3/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/3/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At Forrester Steffy and Liam start kissing each other.

Maya offers to make Nicole an omelet. Nicole wonders if she is even supposed to eat. Maya states that doctor March said that she can have a light breakfast beforehand. Nicole has butterflies. Maya is going a little overboard this week. Nicole is proud of what they are doing. She wishes that Zende were here but whatever. Maya suggests that he might want the same thing. Nicole tells her to put her in a selfie. Maya guesses that she asked for it. The two of them take a picture together.

Zende wakes up. Someone knocks on his door and Sasha is fully dressed. She has a chopper ride around the island her treat. Zende isn’t so sure about that. Sasha wants to do this seeing he paid for everything else. Zende suggests that some coffee might help him. Sasha wonders what the fruit is in his bowl. Zende tells her that it is a passion fruit. Sasha thinks that is must ignite passion. Zende laughs. Sasha doesn’t want him to laugh at her. She cannot help it if they do not have it in the Midwest.

Steffy thanks someone for being able to do this outside of the media spotlight. She hangs up the phone. Liam wonders what he said. Steffy explains that Wyatt has all her stuff tagged and packed and he let Jake in. Wyatt left. Liam remembers that it isn’t home for Wyatt now. He never thought Wyatt would live with Quinn again.

Wyatt walks into the Forrester living room where Ivy is on the ground with her legs over her head while she is on her back. She explains to him that she might have hurt her back getting Eric up the stairs. Wyatt wonders if that feels better what she is doing. Ivy doesn’t feel that better. Ivy asks where he is going. Wyatt has to have some things moved or removed. Ivy assumes Steffy’s stuff. Wyatt wonders if Eric and Quinn are up. Ivy tells him that the physical therapist is here right now. Wyatt guesses that Eric cannot even catch a break. Eric loves showing Quinn the progress he is making. He is very good for him. So is Wyatt. Wyatt is sure that people will eventually catch on that they are good for each other. Ivy assumes he means the family. Wyatt means Steffy mostly but yes the family.

Liam wonders if Steffy is going to miss crashing at Thomas’s. Steffy thinks that it is sweet that he has let them reconnect but he is in New York with Caroline and Douglas. She is moving out today. Liam likes to think about it as Steffy moving back home. A doctor walks in and asks if Steffy is ready. Steffy tells Liam that there is one last thing she needs to leave behind. She holds up her ring finger.

Zende wants to book the tour for her. Sasha doesn’t want to go if he doesn’t want to go. Sasha gets a text message. Zende asks if someone is trying to reach her. Sasha tells him it is nothing. She is just following Maya on Twitter. Zende looks and there is a picture of her and Nicole.

Nicole tells Maya no pictures of her with food in her mouth. Rick walks in and Nicole tell him to make Maya stop. Maya doesn’t think that this one is for posting. It is just for them. So that they can remember how much fun they have. Maya is making to eggs right now for Rick to keep his strength up. If any one of them has a doubt they would like to discuss they can.

Ivy asks if Wyatt is going into Forrester. Wyatt isn’t sure he can handle Ridge today. He thinks he will play hooky. He can answer some emails from home. Ivy asks why he doesn’t. It isn’t like Quinn would let him fire him. Wyatt just has to stay on his good side just in case he becomes his father-in-law again. He knows that she doesn’t think that will happen but he does.

Steffy knows that the tattoo is really dark. The doctor explains that because it is small, it won’t take that many treatments. Liam asks if it will hurt or blister. The doctor feels that it will feel as bad as getting the tattoo removed. Liam didn’t even realize that a mobile tattoo remover was even a thing. He hopes the doctor realizes that Steffy wants to keep this private. He gets that she is a public person and she is not his first. Steffy is ready to do this.

Zende guesses that it is happening today. Sasha suggests that it might not happen. Zende cannot believe that Nicole is willing to give up a year of her life for morning sickness and giving birth. Giving up another daughter or son she has come to love. She does it because she is better than both of them. Sasha thinks that she might actually be all of that.

Nicole thinks that they should get going. Maya and Rick look reluctant. Nicole wants to know what is wrong. Rick tells her that they can do this another time if she wants. Nicole doesn’t want to. Maya thinks that they can do this another time. Nicole doesn’t want. Nicole knows that Zende is upset and she understands. She wonders what kind of a relationship they can have if Zende runs off to Hawaii for a hot fling every time he doesn’t get his way. Nicole knows that Zende said he hasn’t done anything with Sasha. He could be changing his mind but if he isn’t then she is going to stand by her own choice. She will be waiting in the car.

Ivy tells Wyatt she is sorry. Wyatt doesn’t want her to be. Ivy is talking about them. The way she treated them during their relationship. The way it ended. It just has been so crazy that she never had the chance to say sorry. Wyatt doesn’t think it was fun but he understands why she did it. When you love someone you love someone. Ivy knows he is talking about Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t need her to feel sorry. Ivy doesn’t feel sorry. She angry for him because he deserves a wife. Ivy ask what Wyatt plans on doing about his tattoo.

The doctor shows Steffy how a tattoo is removed. He wants Steffy to remember why she wants the tattoo removed and what she wishes to happen by removing it. Steffy has the tattoo removed.

Zende feels that when you grow up as a Forrester you know that you are going to grow up working in a good branch of the family business. See any part of the world you want to see. They do not warn you that you might meet someone who is so pure that they will drive you crazy. Sasha tells Zende he is one of the good ones too. Zende asks if he is good enough for Nicole. Zende cannot do this again. Zende asks what her phone is saying now. Sasha says nothing. Zende suggests that Nicole may have trouble saying no to Maya. Sasha knows that Nicole has no trouble saying no to anyone but herself.

Doctor North has Nicole all set. She guesses that it is almost easier the second time around. Maya isn’t so sure about that. Nicole tells Maya that she loves her. She also loves Julius and they know how hard that can be. He is charismatic and entertaining. He means well. She could never marry a man who holds her back the way dad did with Vivienne. She knows that it was a different time when they met. She still cannot have a man like that for herself. Maya suggests that he might just need a little time. Nicole will be waiting then. She will be carrying Lizzie’s little brother or sister in the meantime.

Wyatt asks if Ivy has ever given her all into a project only for it to fall apart. That was his marriage. He doesn’t want to believe that it is over but he might have to let her go to get it back in the long run.

Steffy and Liam are holding each other as the laser goes on Steffy’s finger. Liam wonders what the little white dots are. The doctor tells him they are bubbles of water. It means the treatment is working. Steffy hopes that it doesn’t scar. Liam has something it does. Steffy tells the doctor to go at it again.

Sasha wants to out to lunch. Zende thinks they have good here. Sasha gets another update. Sasha tells him that if Maya is posting that means it is still on. He doesn’t have to see it. Zende suggests that she go and explore. Sasha kisses him on the head. She would kiss him on the cheek but she would hate for it to be misunderstood. Zende looks at his phone.

Rick accidentally cuts himself. Maya takes him out of the room to get a Band-Aid. Nicole gets a call from Zende. She doesn’t think it is a good time. Zende feels it is the only time they have. Nicole wonders where he is. She realizes he isn’t home. Zende knows what is happening. He asks if she is at the doctor. Nicole wonders if he is with Sasha. Zende doesn’t think it is like that. Nicole doesn’t even know what it is like. Zende thinks that she is being a good friend. Nicole has a hard time believing that. She loves Zende but he isn’t the only person in her life. Zende guesses he isn’t the most important either. Nicole wonders how important she could be if he is thousands of miles away with Sasha. Zende isn’t like her. He doesn’t have the strength she has. He was a happy kid. Then everyone around him was gone. He wanted to be wanted. He cannot be all alone again waiting to matter. Nicole asks why he went to Sasha instead. Zende doesn’t want her to do this to them again. Nicole asks what he is doing. Zende loves her and wants to get back to what they were. Nicole has to go. She hangs up the phone and puts it in her purse.

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