B&B Wednesday Update 11/2/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/2/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In the Forrester living room Pam, Steffy, and Ridge are all waiting. Quinn and Wyatt bring Eric down the staircase. Steffy states that she knew he was making progress but never realized he was making it like this. Pam is so glad that he is downstairs on his feet. Ridge tries to help him. Eric does not want his help. Instead Quinn continues to help him. Pam knows that he has a long way to go. It is nice though to have him like this with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Steffy wonders why Eric wanted to see them. Ridge asks if they even should ask. Eric knows that they boycott their wedding and now this latest insult. They staged a takeover.

Nicole tells Rick and Maya in his office what the doctor said. Maya didn’t even know that she had scheduled an appointment. Nicole knows how badly they all wanted this to happen. Since she already did this before there was no reason to delay unless they are having second chances. Nicole guesses that all they must do is set a date then. Maya asks about Zende. Rick told her what happened. She asks if she has spoken to him since she told him the news. Nicole knows how good that did.

In Hawaii Zende and Sasha are lying on a beach somewhere. Sasha wakes up Zende and asks where they are. Sasha tells him they are in paradise. He said he wanted to be by the sea and then he fell asleep. Zende asks why he cannot remember that. Sasha suggests all the drinking he has been doing. Nicole wonders how you say hung over in Hawaiian.

Maya suggests that Nicole call him again. He has had some time to think about it. Nicole knows that he said he loves her but he just cannot go through all of this again. Nicole knows that was last night though and hopefully he will feel differently today.

Sasha wants to go for a dip in the ocean. He didn’t have that much to drink last night. She admits that he actually did. Zende is sorry. He knows he promised her a vacation but he doesn’t think he is in the mood. Sasha gets it. He is still thinking about Nicole having a baby again.

Quinn wonders if this is really the time to be doing this. Eric is doing so well right now. Wyatt suggests that it might be. Ridge wonders why Wyatt is speaking. Steffy thinks that this is a family meeting. Eric tells him that Wyatt is family. He is married to his mother. He thinks of him as another son and he is staying here. Eric knows that they still haven’t accepted how much Quinn loves him. Wyatt however has. He is loyal unlike them.

Rick admits that as much as they would love for Nicole to have another baby for them they do not want her to give up more than she already has. They do not want her to feel pressured. They cannot say it enough but Nicole and Zende are both so important to them. They think that Nicole should try to talk things through with him.

Zende is in his hotel room with Sasha. An employee comes in with a fruit basket. He says that if there is anything else they need to just ask. Sasha would love some fluffy towels. He asks if she is in the room next door. Sasha is. Zende gives him a tip. Zende asks if she has posted about the trip. Sasha didn’t because she knew Nicole would freak out. Sasha didn’t want Zende to be alone. Plus she wanted to see Hawaii. She likes being here. If she is being honest what her sister is asking him to do is not shocking if he has had enough.

Ridge is sorry if Eric questions his loyalty. Quinn doesn’t think that it is that hard when he has plotted against his father not once but twice. Steffy asks if that is how Wyatt sees it too. Wyatt wonders if there is any other way. Pam tries to justify it claiming that it wasn’t meant in a mean way. Ridge tells Pam it is alright. It is clear that Wyatt decided to share this with Eric. Wyatt felt like he needed to tell him. Ridge asks if he really needed to when it made no difference. Quinn knows that Brooke was involved as well. Ridge wants her to leave Brooke out of this. Eric knows that Brooke was just as involved as everyone else. Ridge tells him that Pam had nothing to do with this. Eric wonders if that is true. Pam tells him that he should know how she feels about him. Eric knows that he used to be able to rely on her. Until she walked away from his wedding and stood against him. Then Ridge and Steffy manipulated everyone into boycotting the wedding. Then they created a scheme to take the company and lied to everyone about his power of attorney. Eric wonders if he should forgive anyone in the family for having no respect for him and his authority. Quinn tries to get him to calm down. Eric wants to know what Ridge wants from him. They are his family and he doesn’t trust him. The fashion show is coming. His wife is in charge of everything. Quinn is the one he trusts. Steffy thinks what he is asking… Eric isn’t asking. He trusts Wyatt and Quinn. This upcoming fashion show is important. Ridge knows that and he put a lot of time into the show stopper but if Quinn is in charge… Eric has made his intentions clear. Ridge guesses they will play along until he comes back. Eric doesn’t think it is a game. Eric tells them all to go. Eric doesn’t want Ridge to leave. He has more to say to him.

Maya really wants Nicole to reach out to Zende again. Rick doesn’t want Nicole and Zende to stop going out.

Sasha doesn’t get her sister. Any woman who doesn’t listen to her man isn’t the kind of relationship Zende wants to be in. This is just her honest opinion.

Eric informs Ridge that his cue failed. His threats were empty. It is time he gets on bored with the way things are now. Eric loves her. She has changed his life. He needs to change the page now. He needs to get on with their family.

Steffy goes into the Forrester kitchen to find Wyatt. She asks if he is living in her family home with Quinn. Wyatt tells her it is temporary. He thought she knew about it. Steffy didn’t. Wyatt knows she has been too busy with Liam. He guesses she has been out of touch. Steffy asks if he is doing this because of her ending their marriage. Wyatt isn’t and for her to think that… Steffy doesn’t know what to think. He told her that she would be out of their lives after they got married. Wyatt tried to do that but Eric and Quinn cannot be stopped. They love each other. Wyatt did everything he could for them. He followed all her demands. He even stood by Steffy during Quinn’s wedding. Wyatt is doing this for Quinn and Eric. Steffy thinks that Quinn is exploiting a good man. He let her down. Wyatt informs her that she let him down. She walked away from him when she left him. Steffy thinks that Quinn has devastated so many lives including theirs.

Zende just cannot make sense of this. He thought that Nicole doing this once was fine but he thought they were on the same page. Sasha gets that Zende is a deep guy. If Nicole goes through with this… Zende gets a call. It is Nicole. Sasha tells him to take it. Nicole has been calling him. She wants to get together to talk about this. Zende cannot do that. He is in Hawaii. Nicole asks if he is alone. Zende says Sasha is. Nicole cannot believe Sasha is here. Nicole asks if he slept with her. Zende didn’t. He will come home if she changes her mind. Nicole cannot believe the first thing he does is run off with Sasha. Zende tells her if she does this then all bets are off. Nicole has to go. She hangs up.

Maya asks if Zende is in Hawaii with Sasha. Rick is going to knock some sense into his nephew. Nicole doesn’t want him to do that. Zende made his choice and she made hers. She wants to do this for the two of them and she wants to do it right away.

Wyatt is only here for one reason. He believes in Eric and his mother. She might think that he is an idiot for believing that. He can see what she won’t allow herself to see. They make each other happy like he tried to make her. Steffy was happy it was Quinn. Wyatt would do anything to get their marriage back. He meant every word of his vows and he believes she did too. He will give her a divorce. Wyatt will always love her. He leaves. Steffy starts to cry.

Quinn asks if she needs to help Ridge find his way out. Ridge asks how Eric is doing. Quinn tells him that he is wresting. Quinn asks how he is. Ridge is peachy. Quinn thinks he is a terrible liar. Ridge knows she is a great liar and that is why Eric is in trouble now. Quinn doesn’t think Eric sees it that way. Ridge doesn’t think he sees her the right way. Ridge asks how someone like her a horrible awful person turn into the savior. Quinn admits that she would have answered that question with a bunch of four letter words but now she will say love. She does love Eric. She will do anything to protect Eric. Quinn tells Ridge that Stephanie is gone but now she is the Forrester matriarch. They have a big fashion show coming up. She is willing to meet Ridge half way. She just needs to know that Ridge will do the same.

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