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Quinn is happy that she was able to get Eric out of bed and into the Forrester living room. She helps him on the couch. She thinks that it is so nice to have him up and about. She has been praying for this. Quinn has wanted this for so long. Quinn turns around and he has gotten over to the piano and is trying to play. Eric thinks he is terrible. Quinn thinks the fact that he is even playing at all shows progress. He will come back one hundred percent to dancing with her and the business. He will be back to where he was before all of this happened.

Rick can seriously not thank Nicole enough. Rick is so happy that she is giving them another baby. He thanks her. Rick will thank Zende as well. He wonders where Zende is.

Sasha stops kissing Zende and realizes they cannot do this. He is with her sister. Zende wonders if he really is. She doesn’t even want him. Sasha doesn’t think that is true. She does what is best for her sister not once but twice. Sasha tells him they should get out of here.

Nicole isn’t sure where Zende is. Rick thought they were going to the Forrester party. Nicole guesses they were. Rick wonders if he is waiting. Nicole doubts it. Rick realizes that he is upset.

In Rick’s office Zende tells Sasha that they are supposed to be at the party. Sasha knows he is hurting but what happened down stairs is not what Zende wants. It doesn’t matter to Nicole in Zende’s mind. They are supposed to do things together. He thought that was what love was all about.

Quinn realizes that soon he will be in physical therapy and then they will be able to go on walks together and bike rides. Eric thinks that she is wearing him out. Quinn gets a message from Wyatt but he doesn’t want to intrude. Eric tells her to tell him to come on in. Quinn knows but he must think they don’t want company. Wyatt walks in through the front door. Quinn asks if he was just standing outside the door. Wyatt was and he realizes that Eric is out of bed. Quinn states that he is and she is very proud of him. Quinn wonders how the wedding was. Wyatt explains that the wedding didn’t happen. Ridge showed up. Eric realizes that he still loves Brooke. Wyatt thinks that there is more and he would rather say this to her. Quinn feels that anything said to her can be said to Eric. Wyatt isn’t sure that Eric will want to hear this but he should. Ridge was planning on having a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. Quinn and Eric both look shocked. That was the plan. Bill marries Brooke and then he gives her the shares. Then Ridge ends up with the shares. Eric thinks that Ridge is so deceitful. He was so sincere for power of attorney. He had a plan B to take over. Eric wonders who else knew. Wyatt isn’t sure. Steffy and Rick possibly. Eric assumes anyone who had shares was against him. Quinn reminds him that Ridge failed. They can take a moment and just breathe.

Rick is so sorry. Nicole doesn’t want him to be. This is her choice. Rick asks how upset he is. Nicole explains that he walked out on their conversation. It is her fault. She said she would never do this again and that is what they agreed. Then she spoke to Maya and looked at Lizzie in her eyes. It just overcame her. The bond she shares with Maya. There is nothing else like it in life. When she was holding Lizzie she wanted that for her. She wanted Lizzie to experience that. She wanted to do this. Nicole loves Zende and yes he is upset and she understands. Zende loves her though. The woman that she is and the woman she has become has to do this. Rick knows that they will never find another woman like her. Nicole is hoping that. He will accept this.

Zende thinks that Nicole treats Maya better. Sasha doesn’t think that is true. Sure she needs to be more responsive to his needs but still. Zende wants them to get real for a minute. Nicole has agreed to have another baby for Rick and Maya. Sasha knows above everyone else that he loves Nicole. Zende is going to quote a cliché he hates. “Love ain’t always enough”. He is tired. This time it is too much. He is going to act like a Forrester man. Zende tells Sasha she looks good tonight. He calls someone up saying he needs them. Zende tells him that they are going to Hawaii. Zende is taking Sasha to Hawaii. Sasha cannot go to Hawaii. He is dating her sister.

Quinn promises that she and Wyatt will handle this. Wyatt doesn’t want him to worry. Quinn thinks that should be an order. Eric thinks that he is the only person he trusts along with Wyatt. Quinn bets that eventually the family will come around and then he can trust him again. Eric says maybe. Wyatt wonders about the upcoming fashion show. Eric needs them to handle it. Quinn can do it. Eric will be back. Quinn knows he will. Eric wants them to talk to the lawyers. They cannot let the rest of them throw him out. Quinn will never let that happen.

Rick can only imagine what Zende is feeling. Nicole is sure he feels betrayed. Rick is sure that he does. He loves her though. Nicole doesn’t think that she makes it easy. Rick points out that they are Forrester’s. They like women who give them a challenge. Rick wants her to talk to him and get together. He suggests that he can put this behind him. Nicole doesn’t want him to worry about this. She is sure that Zende will come back to her tonight.

Zende asks if she has ever been to Hawaii. Sasha has always wanted to go but… She realizes what they are talking about. Zende notes that Hawaii is like an entirely different world. The culture and the food. Sasha cannot go through with this again. She cannot be his rebound again. Zende would never do that to her. Sasha thinks that it is exactly what happened. Zende is going to break up with Nicole. They hit it off from the start. He doesn’t want to debate this. Sasha suggests they should. Zende wants her to go to Hawaii with him. He wants her to do this.

Quinn realizes they have a lot of work to do. It is a big fashion show. Eric is sure that the two of them can handle it. Eric knows the two of them are loyal. He told them about the power of attorney and about the takeover. Eric is grateful that Wyatt is here. Wyatt thanks him. Eric hopes that he will stay. Wyatt is sure that Bill would be thrilled. Eric needs him. Wyatt guesses he can see how it goes. He will see them later. Eric shakes Wyatt’s hand. Wyatt leaves. Eric tells Quinn that he is a good person and gets it from Quinn. Quinn doubts that is the case. Eric has to come back to the company. Quinn knows he will. No one will take it from him. Eric knows that Ridge will. Quinn thinks that Ridge is angry. He has Quinn. She will take care of everything. He will walk right in as CEO. Vibrant and generous. She is so lucky to be married to him. She kisses Eric.

Zende and Sasha are on the plane. Zende asks if she wants a drink. Sasha is good with just water. Zende tells her to live a little. The two drink. He asks what she thinks. Sasha thinks it is unbelievable. She cannot believe she is on a Forrester jet going to Hawaii. Zende is happy to have her dreams come true. Zende gets a phone call he answers it. Nicole wants to discuss this. She thinks they can make it work. Zende doesn’t think so. He thinks she is incredible and he has never met anyone like her. He cannot do this. Zende loves Nicole. He hangs up. The pilot says he has been cleared. Zende is ready. Sasha tells Zende that maybe they shouldn’t do this. It is a big step and she cannot be his rebound. If he really cares about her then they will go but if it is not to late then he can go to see Nicole. She asks what he really wants to do.

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