B&B Monday Update 10/31/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/31/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At the Forrester Halloween party Caroline and Thomas are dressed up. Thomas has a costume where he is shirtless and Caroline believes that if their son looks half as good as he does then he will be very popular with the ladies.

The minister wonders if he should proceed. Brooke tells him that they want to get married so he should continue. The minister gets on with the ceremony. He explains that this is about the honor and commitment that they share with one another.

Maya asks if Nicole really will carry another baby for them. Maya asks if she is sure. Nicole wants to give them another child. She wants to give Lizzie a little brother or sister. She knows how their bond is important so she wants Lizzie to experience the same thing. Maya asks about Zende. Nicole knows that he came around the first time. He will just have to again. Maya doesn’t think she realizes how much this means and thanks her.

At the Halloween party Caroline and Thomas continue to have fun. Thomas thinks that Caroline does Steam Punk very well. Caroline feels that he looks superhot. She cannot believe they will take Douglas trick-or-treating in a few years. Zende walks in and tells Thomas that he clearly forgot the rest of his costume and should go get it. Caroline and Thomas tries to guess what Zende is. Zende is Dracula. He is not completely in costume though because Nicole is not here yet. Pam and Charlie walk over as Southern Belle type characters. Thomas thinks that they look great. Pam tries to get them to play along. Caroline feels that she really got into this. Charlie wonders where Zende went. Thomas tells him that he got a text from Nicole.

Nicole is waiting in Rick’s office. Zende walks in. Nicole thanks him for meeting her in here. Zende asks how things went with Maya. He guesses that she can tell him on the way downstairs. Nicole thinks that they need to talk. She told Maya that she would have another baby. Zende looks angry.

Rick is in Eric’s office and Maya walks in. Rick didn’t expect to see Maya until later. Maya has something for Rick. Rick takes out an egg and wonders if it is his dinner. Maya tells him to think about it. Rick asks if Nicole said yes. Maya tells him that they get to have another baby. The two of them hug.

The minister continues to go on with his speech. He asks if anyone has reason why the two of them should not be married that they should speak now. Bill sighs. He feels that all love that is here will help them become one together. Bill tells the minister to stop. Brooke tells the minister that he must be anxious. Bill is not going to look back on this day and remember that Ridge was here. He tainted the day and they deserve better than this. Bill will marry Brooke but not today. He leaves. Brooke begs he cannot just leave her here at the altar.

Zende doesn’t think that Nicole is being serious. Nicole is. She agreed. Zende thought that they were on the same page. Nicole knows and at first she said no but then she felt a connection with her niece. She didn’t want to deny Lizzie a sibling. Zende doesn’t think that it is her responsibility. Nicole wishes that he could hear her out. Zende reminds her she just had a baby and they do not need them to do this again. Zende was adopted. He asks why they cannot adopt or use someone else. Nicole reminds him that he saw how much of a miracle it was last time. She wants to give her sister and Rick a family not just a baby. Zende cannot be expected to go through this again. Nicole thinks that it already has been decided. She wishes that Zende wouldn’t look at her like that. She thinks they made it through before. She feels like she is losing him. Nicole will not lose him. Zende leaves the office.

RJ is surprised that Brooke is back home in the kitchen. Brooke is too. RJ wants to know what happened tonight. Brooke isn’t sure. She doesn’t understand it herself. RJ knows that Ridge went over to Bill’s. He admits that he encouraged him to go over to Bill’s. Brooke asks if he wants something to drink. RJ will do that for Brooke. He asks if she got married. Brooke didn’t. Bill called off the wedding.

At the party Zende is drinking and demands more to drink. Caroline asks Thomas why Zende is drinking alone. Thomas thought he was going to meet Nicole. Caroline and Thomas walk over and ask if something is wrong. Zende thought they decided that Nicole wasn’t going to go through with it. She changed her mind. Caroline asks what happened. Thomas tells him to slow down on the drinks. Zende isn’t going to slow down on anything. Zende walks over to Sasha and she is dressed as female Dracula. She thinks that Dracula is sexy. Zende thinks that Sasha gets it. The answer is so simple. Sasha asks how many shots he has had. Zende takes her back stage and tells Sasha that she did it. Sasha isn’t sure what he means. Zende means that Nicole is having another baby for Maya.

RJ promises Brooke that everything will be ok. He knows she is upset but this is the best thing for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. It doesn’t mean she will marry Ridge. RJ asks what it does mean. Brooke doesn’t know but she just broke the heart of a man who has been nothing but kind and loyal. Brooke is going to bed. RJ wants to go to the haunted house or watch a scary movie. Brooke is just too tired. She is going to go upstairs and be alone.

Bill shows up at his house. It is dark and the wedding has been half taken down. He walks over to a bottle of champagne and pours himself a drink.

RJ is eating a sandwich. Ridge walks in and asks what he is doing here. It is Halloween. RJ stuck around just in case Brooke needed anything. He thinks it has been a crazy day. Brooke didn’t get married. Bill pulled the plug.

Pam tells Thomas and Caroline they have to dance. Sasha cannot believe that Nicole is going to have another baby. She thought that Zende said that they were on the same page. Zende did as well. Zende guesses that she changed her mind. Sasha wonders why. Zende guesses that she wants to give Lizzie a sibling. He cannot go through this a second time. He has been patient through all of this. Zende walked out. It is over. He cannot do it anymore. He is done. Sasha asks if it is totally over between the two of them. Sasha kisses him.

Ridge asks if Brooke called it off then. RJ tells him that Bill did. Ridge thinks that is good. RJ knows that it is the best move in a while. He knows that Ridge doesn’t have the shares but he has Brooke and Brooke is priceless. Ridge agrees and is glad that she isn’t marrying that guy. Ridge thinks that RJ is a great kid. Ridge asks how Brooke is. RJ knows that she is upset. She just needs to be alone right now. Ridge promises that he will bring their family back together.

Brooke sits in her bedroom and looks out the window. She is crying. Bill looks out the window in his living room and starts to think about their first wedding attempt and the time they spent together in Italy. Bill sits down and sulks. Brooke looks at her engagement ring.

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