B&B Friday Update 10/28/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill walks in on Brooke and Ridge. Bill tells Ridge that he should look at himself groveling over Brooke. He probably is worried that Brooke won’t sell Bill’s shares. Pretending she is his reason for breathing yet again. Ridge doesn’t care about the shares. He is only here for Brooke.

Justin asks Allison if Brooke really has another man in her room. Allison believes so. Wyatt asks how she can tell. Allison walked by earlier and she heard voices. Donna thinks that is strange. Justin wants to know who it is. Donna admits that it is Ridge.

In Rick’s office Zende is annoyed that they had to postpone the photoshoot. Sasha points out that it was for a good reason. The backstage area is all decked out for Halloween. She already has her costume. Sasha asks if something is wrong. Zende tells her that Nicole is with Maya right now having a discussion. He asks if she knows what that means. Sasha assumes that it means she has to give her answer about having another child.

Maya assumes that Nicole has indeed thought about giving Lizzie a little brother or sister. Nicole admits that is all she has been thinking about. Maya doesn’t want to have Nicole stressed out. Nicole knows and she thinks that Rick and Maya have been very patient. Maya assumes that it is a lot to process. Maya would like to know what Nicole has decided.

Zende supports Maya and Rick having as many kids as they want. They can have a whole football team if they want. They do not need to involve Nicole though. Sasha asks if he is nervous she might say yes. Zende feels nervous that she will feel awful for turning them down but she isn’t going to say yes to this.

Nicole made a choice. First though she wants Maya to know that she appreciates not being pressured. Maya would never do that. If she wasn’t totally comfortable then they wouldn’t want her doing it. She is their first choice though. If there is anyway then it would mean so much to them.

Justin is baffled that Ridge is up there. Donna explains that he wanted to talk to her alone. Allison doesn’t think that they have to worry. Bill is up there now and he knows how to handle an eleventh hour Ridge tantrum.

Bill is puzzled by Ridge being here for Brooke. Ridge wants Bill to be honest with himself. His marriage to Brooke wouldn’t last. He would have got his shares and she would have left him. Brooke tells Bill that isn’t true at all. Ridge thinks that Bill would have given her a million reasons to leave her and she would leave. Brooke informs Ridge that she never agreed to that. She was giving Ridge the shares but Bill knew that. She wants to know why Ridge would even think that. Bill wants to know why Ridge thinks that there is even a slight chance that Ridge would think that. Bill wants Brooke to be honest if she is marrying him for his shares.

Nicole tried explaining this to Zende but she doesn’t think he got it. She doesn’t think that any man ever would. The maternal instinct she has. She felt a duty to give Lizzie a brother or sister. She thought that it should be her. She thinks that it should be her body and her genes. Nicole asks how it could be any other way. Maya asks if that means she will do it. Maya realizes that it might be too much to ask but the thought of her helping again makes her so happy. She wonders if she will do it. Nicole says no. She can’t. Nicole is sorry. Maya nods.

Wyatt just saw the minister walking his way back up the path. Donna hopes that things are going ok up there. Justin thinks that Bill knows how to handle Ridge.

Brooke is marrying Bill because she loves him. She wants to start a life with him because she loves him. Bill think that Ridge seems pretty confident. Brooke isn’t sure why he is saying that. Bill points out that she let the idiot stay up here. She let him tell her how he wanted things done. Bill wonders why he didn’t come in here seeing her slap him or overhear her telling him to get lost. Brooke reminds him that Ridge is RJ’s father. She had to at least hear what he had to say. Bill is the only man that she wants to marry though. The only man. Bill asks if no part of this had to do with the shares. Brooke says no. She did want the shares to get rid of Quinn but that isn’t the only reason she wanted to marry him. She is ready to start her life with him. She asks him to say he believes her.

Zende hopes that Nicole doesn’t take too long to let Maya down. She has a Halloween party to get ready for. Sasha suggests that they can all hang out at the party and celebrate. Zende thinks that turning down Maya is worth celebrating.

Maya understands. Nicole wants to explain herself. Maya doesn’t think she has to. It was just a fantasy. Nicole would have done it but she just… Maya doesn’t think that she should feel pressured. They just felt like they had to ask. Maya is glad that she did. Lizzie starts crying. Maya goes to check up on her. Nicole hears Maya on the baby monitor. Maya walks back in with Lizzie. Nicole wonders if she can hold her. Maya lets Nicole hold Lizzie. Maya doesn’t want Nicole to feel bad. Nicole is trying. Maya wants her to do what is right for herself. Nicole realizes that she does.

Allison asks Reverend Brown if he enjoyed his walk. The minister did. He wants to know if the bride and groom are ready. Justin explains that they needed some extra time to get ready. They are upstairs discussing details. Wyatt notes it is with Brooke’s ex-husband. The minister feels that is unusual. He asks if the wedding is happening. Wyatt doesn’t know.

Bill can’t help but find it a little odd that he is downstairs waiting to exchange wedding vows and she is upstairs listening to Ridge. He ruined their first wedding and now he is doing this again. Bill cannot believe that she would think they are getting married. The wedding is off. Brooke still wants to be his wife. Bill asks why she didn’t throw him out then or go and find him. That is what she should have done. Instead of him waiting downstairs wondering what was going on. Brooke realizes that she should have done that but they can still get married. Brooke promises that Ridge is leaving and they will forget about the shares. Bill wonders how they forget about the shares when he suspected the proposal was just for the shares. Brooke doesn’t want the shares. All she wants is Bill.

Zende hopes Nicole is still in the mood for the party. Sasha doesn’t think that she won’t. She will be the first one on the dance floor. She promises that this will all work out. Nicole will not let her down.

Maya asks if she will get another surrogate. Maya says maybe or they will adopt. They have a lot to talk about. Maya thanks Nicole for even considering it. It would have been great but she understands. She appreciates Nicole being in her life and being who she is. She is in awe of Nicole. Nicole is in awe. So much respect. Her sister a trailblazer and so confident. She knew who she was before anyone else could so. A woman and mother. If only she knew how much she looks up to Maya. She wants to imagine Lizzie having someone to look up to her. Nicole wants to do it. Maya asks if she really wants to. Maya asks if she is sure. Maya thanks Nicole. She loves Nicole. Nicole loves her too.

Brooke admits that she should have made Ridge leave. Bill thinks that she should have. That is the problem. She doesn’t know how wrong it is for her to be upstairs with Ridge to begin with. He was downstairs waiting for her. She was listening to Ridge go on about the life he was going to have with her after he conned him out of his shares. She should have shot him down immediately. Her not doing that tells him everything he needs to know. This was a bad move on Ridge’s end. He will never see those shares now. Bill tells Brooke it was a bad move. He leaves. Brooke chases after him.

The minister asks if anyone wants to check on them. Donna could unless Justin wants to. Bill walks into the room Brooke still running after him. He tells them all that there will not be a wedding today and they can all leave. Brooke begs him to stop and for them all to stay. Brooke wants to get married today. Brooke thinks it is better this way. They will argue but it is how you handle things. They need to show love and support. Brooke wants them to do this. Brooke tells Bill that they are ready. Brooke tells Ridge to leave. She doesn’t want him here at her wedding. Ridge leaves. Brooke tells Bill he is gone and they can do this. They can get married. Bill walks over to the minister. Allison and Justin sit down. The minister asks if they are sure they want to do this. Brooke thinks that of course they are. Brooke kisses Bill. The minister starts reading his words. Brooke looks confident but Bill looks unsure of himself.

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