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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita 

Nicole and Zende kiss each other passionately in the hallways of Forrester.

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge is doing this on her wedding day. Ridge asks Donna if they could please have a few minutes alone. Donna asks what she wants to do. Brooke would like her to tell Bill that she needs a little more time. Donna guesses that this stuff happens. She leaves. Ridge doesn’t want her to do this. He doesn’t want her to marry Bill.

Bill wants to know what is taking so long. Wyatt is sure that Brooke is just getting sentimental before the wedding. He is sure that it will be fine. Bill guesses that he is right. After all this time Brooke is finally going to be his wife.

RJ is in Eric’s office. Rick walks in and heard he was here. RJ wonders how he is doing. Rick knows that he was upset about the wedding. RJ is but at least he knows why now. He doesn’t think that Brooke is going to go through with it. Rick believes that could be wishful thinking. RJ knows what he is talking about. No way is this wedding happening.

Nicole can tell that someone is excited about the Forrester party. Zende is just glad that he will be with Nicole. Zende has to keep Nicole interested somehow. Nicole thinks that will be easy. Zende has their costumes picked out already. Nicole guesses a bunch of celebrities for their costume ideas. Zende doesn’t think she is even close. They are going as Dracula and his bride. Zende wonders what is wrong. Nicole doesn’t think that there is much to the costume. Zende thinks it is sexy. Nicole isn’t really into Dracula or blood. Zende feels that Dracula is sexy as hell. Nicole cannot argue with the sexy. Zende asks if she is seriously not into costumes. Nicole just feels that it is to little. He finds it hard to believe that the hottest woman in the world isn’t into being sexy. Nicole tells him that he can pick out his costume if he wants. The two kiss passionately again.

Rick already told Brooke that he doesn’t want her with Bill either. She loves him though. Ridge wants the same thing. RJ got through to him. He feels that his plan is idiotic. Brooke isn’t going to just leave Bill one day. She isn’t going to come home as Misses Bill Spencer.

Bill wants to know what is taking Brooke so long. Donna explains that hair and makeup are taking longer than expected. Brooke just wants a few minutes to gather her thoughts. He can think of it as finishing touches.

Ridge doesn’t want Brooke to go through with this. Brooke wonders about Ridge’s plan and Bill’s shares. Ridge doesn’t care anymore. He just wants to spend his life with her. Brooke asks if he really wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Ridge absolutely does.

Nicole has her feet on the desk. Zende just realized that there isn’t a model in the office that compares to her. She is so sexy. He still cannot believe that Maya and Rick would ask her to have another baby. Nicole was shocked too but she gets it. They haven’t pressured her at all. Zende believes asking is pressure. Nicole believes that Rick and Maya have been totally understanding. Zende has plans for them to see the world and drink and make love in every city. Nicole believes that sounds amazing. Zende wants to make real memories with her starting right now. Nicole’s phone rings and it is Maya’s tone. She gets her phone out. Maya tells her that she forgot they were supposed to get together. Nicole tells Zende that she was supposed to meet with Maya. She told Maya that she was supposed to have a catchup session. Nicole promises that she isn’t going to agree to anything. Nicole tells him that she is going to be a nurse for Halloween.

Bill looks at his phone. The Reverend is going to go and get some air. Bill doesn’t want him to go far because this will only take a couple of minutes. Bill tells Allison this is ridicules. Allison doesn’t think he has any idea how much time and effort go into a bridal outfit. Bill doesn’t think that she knows either. Bill is going to go talk to Brooke. Donna tells him to wait here. He doesn’t want to tempt fate twice on his wedding day. Donna gives him a drink. She will go check on her.

RJ knows that Ridge will be determined to stop the wedding. Rick promises that he doesn’t like Bill either. He is the last guy that Rick wants Brooke marrying. For him to go back to Ridge though the lesser of two evils sounds like a lifetime of drama to him. He doesn’t think that Brooke is about that anymore.

Brooke thought this is what Ridge wanted. Ridge knows but he doesn’t want her with that guy anymore. The thought of them together he can’t do it. He wants them to call it off. Donna walks in and tells Brooke that Bill is getting impatient. She could hardly keep him from coming up here. Donna will go and try to fix things again. She tells them to with her luck. Brooke doesn’t think this is fair. Ridge tries to be fair. He thinks that this is a mistake. Ridge wants Brooke to send him back where he comes from. Brooke wonders about the company and the shares. Ridge doesn’t care. He cares about the two of them. Ridge doesn’t want Brooke to marry Bill.

Nicole takes it that Maya and Rick are not going to the wedding. Maya explains that it is supposed to be small and they aren’t the biggest fans of Bill. She hopes that everything is good for her and Zende. Nicole feels it is every day. Maya hopes that they didn’t put any sort of pressure on Nicole to have another baby for them. They never want to do that. She has given them so much that they had to ask. Nicole would have been hurt if she hadn’t.

Wyatt promises that in a few minutes Brooke will be his wife. Bill tells Wyatt that his minutes are wearing thin. Donna walks back downstairs. He asks what is going on. He assumes that RJ is here. It better not be little Ridge talking his mommy out of marrying him. Donna tells him that little Ridge isn’t the problem. Bill asks what is then. She looks flustered. Donna guesses that weddings make her like this. Allison walks upstairs. Bill is sorry. He didn’t mean to make Donna feel that way. He knows that Brooke wants to get married too. Bill guesses they wait.

RJ realizes that Rick and Ridge do not get along. He probably doesn’t want to see the two of them back together either. Rick shockingly told Ridge that if it came down to him and Bill he would be the better fit for Brooke. RJ believes in the two of them. Rick reminds him that Brooke has real feelings for Bill. He cannot get disappointed if things do not work out the way he wants them to. RJ is doing this for them.

Brooke doesn’t think that he can dictate who she marries. She is going to go downstairs and marry the man who she wants to marry and that way they all get what they want. Ridge doesn’t want that. He doesn’t think Brooke wants that either. Ridge doesn’t want Brooke just to go down their because everything is set up. He wants her to go down and say she has had a change of heart. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Brooke means her promises. If he doesn’t know that then he doesn’t know her. Allison can hear them from outside the door. Ridge knew they found their future the day they saw each other from across the room. She cannot throw that away. Brooke can because she will be Bill’s wife.

Maya believes that Lizzie has brought them such unbelievable joy and love. It is all because of Nicole. She has brought them such joy and generosity. Lizzie is their miracle baby. Maya looks at them and sees nothing but good. Rick, her, Julius and Vivienne, Sasha on her good days. Nicole understands. Sometimes when she holds her all she can do is share. Maya asks if she has thought about the question. Nicole has.

Justin asks Donna is there is anything he wants to tell her. He wonders if Bill has any reason to worry. Donna thinks that Justin should meet the reverend. Wyatt wants Bill to realize that it won’t be that long now. Allison walks back downstairs and wonders if she spoke to Brooke. Allison didn’t see her. Bill wonders why she didn’t. Allison tells him that she is not alone. Bill asks if Katie snuck in the house. Allison tells him that it is a man’s voice. Bill marches out of the room.

Ridge wants her to sit down for a minute. He realizes that a lot of things have changed since they met. She has changed for the better. Ridge has changed. He knows the connection is not the same anymore but they have always gotten into a lot of trouble. One of them has always been smart enough to wake up though. Today it was him. He asked if getting the shares was worth losing her. Just like that he realized he didn’t want to lose her. As long as he doesn’t lose her then nothing else matters. Brooke knows that yesterday he wanted her to do it. Ridge knew that he was wrong. Brooke wonders about tomorrow. Ridge will be an idiot but he will be a happy idiot. Brooke loves Bill. Ridge doesn’t think so. They never should have separated. There is only one true love of your life and Ridge loves Brooke. He is sorry that he didn’t always fight for her and put her in this ridicules situation. Ridge will make it up to her or at least try. He wants to get her stuff and go home. Bill is standing at the door and Brooke sees him. She looks scared.

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