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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/26/16


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RJ reminds Ridge that Brooke is going to be marrying Bill today. Ridge tells him that Brooke is an adult. RJ cannot let his father allow Brooke to make this mistake. He stopped her before when they went to the Middle East. RJ doesn’t think that Bill was good for her then or now. Ridge explains that there is more to it. RJ asks how. He knows that Ridge loves Brooke. He cannot let Ridge do this. He tells RJ that Brooke and him have a plan.

Donna lays out Brooke’s dress on Bill’s bed. Donna thinks that it is crazy how Marcus will send her pictures of Rosie. Donna tells Brooke that she can take photos if Brooke would like. She assumes that Bill has that taken care of though. She thinks it is so cute. Donna notices that Brooke doesn’t seem very excited. She wonders if this is about RJ. Brooke tells her this is about Ridge. Donna wonders what this is about now. Brooke says that Ridge wants her to marry Bill and has a plan.

Bill asks if Wyatt is ready to do this. Wyatt is going to be the best best-man he has ever had. Bill thinks that he will be the last best man that he ever has because this is the last time he is getting married. Wyatt is glad to be a part of it. Bill is happy that he is here at the alter with him. Wyatt will take care of everything today. There will be no distractions. Bill doesn’t think he has to worry about that. His mind is on Brooke finally becoming his wife. Wyatt wonders if they have heard from the minister yet. Allison explains that he is stuck in traffic. Bill isn’t in a rush. Justin thinks Bill is joking. The marriage is softening him up. Bill knows how long it has taken Brooke and him to get back here. Now that they are here he is going to stay. Justin really is happy that he is happy. Bill thinks that Brooke has that effect on him.

Brooke tells Donna that she cannot tell anyone about this. Donna doesn’t have any idea what she is talking about. Donna asks what the plan is. Brooke says that it is get control of the company. Donna wonders what that has to do with marrying Bill. She assumes that Ridge couldn’t want that. Donna realizes that Bill is giving her shares of Forrester Creations. She can’t imagine that Ridge would want them that badly. He doesn’t think that Bill is right for her. Brooke notes that he still doesn’t. Donna asks if Bill is going to give her the shares just for marrying him. Brooke tells her that there is more. Ridge kissed her.

 Ridge explains that Bill owns a part of Forrester. They need those shares to get out of the company. RJ asks what that has to do with Brooke. Ridge tells him that the shares will be given to Brooke as a wedding present. RJ cannot believe that he isn’t going to stop the wedding over a few shares. Ridge thinks they need to get Quinn out of here because of all he personally worked for and all he wanted for RJ. RJ wonders about Brooke though. Ridge thinks that they will be together again. It is Bill Spencer. He will say or do something stupid. She will leave him. RJ cannot believe he would allow Brooke to be married to Bill for even a day.

Bill introduces the reverend to Wyatt, Allison, and Justin. Bill didn’t want to leave anything to chance with this wedding. The reverend asks if the bride is alright. Bill notes that she is upstairs getting ready.

Donna doesn’t think that any of this makes sense. She doesn’t understand. He kisses her and then expects her to marry Bill and then leave him. Brooke already told Bill that is not going to happen. She isn’t going to have a change of heart. If Donna could see the hold that Quinn has on Eric then she would understand. Donna doesn’t even want to get started on that fiasco. Brooke notes that is the only reason Ridge is ok with the wedding. Everything is because of Quinn. All these feelings are coming up because she is getting married today. Donna assumes that she doesn’t share those feelings for Ridge. Brooke loves Bill. Donna is glad. She asks how many times Ridge has done this. She cannot let him do this to her again. Brooke knows.

Ridge tells RJ that he is talking to him because he knows that he is mature enough to understand. RJ doesn’t think that it makes sense. RJ wants Ridge to change things. This is about their family. They could have been together again but he is going to throw it away. Ridge feels that it could still happen. RJ believes that this is insane. Ridge doesn’t think that is the case at all. It is extreme. Eric will not listen to him so Brooke has made the choice to marry Bill and they have to respect that. They just have to hope the marriage won’t last. RJ explains to him that Brooke has not brought up Ridge once since this started. She has no intention to go back to Ridge after marrying Bill. She plans to start a life with him. She will become Misses Bill Spencer now and forever. Ridge guesses that they will see about that. RJ wonders if he really wants to play this game. RJ asks if shares really mean that much to him. This is his last chance. This is it. If he doesn’t do something about this now he could lose her for good.

Bill does like the suit on Wyatt. He asks if Wyatt has the rings. Wyatt has them with him and they will remain with him until the minister asks for them. Bill is glad. Wyatt hopes he isn’t getting nervous. Bill knows he is not patient but it will all be well worth it in the end.

Brooke puts her makeup on. She thinks of Bill proposing. Claiming they will prevail. Donna walks in with champagne and water. She thinks that it is a day for celebration. They could toast the occasion and talk about how lucky Bill is. Donna toasts to her big sis. She hopes she has a lifetime of happiness with Bill. She knows how long it took to get here but they will be together. Donna is really happy for her. The two click glasses. Brooke has to fix her lips. Donna will do it for her. Brooke really does appreciate this. Donna doesn’t think it is anything at all. Brooke really is happy she is here. Donna couldn’t have her thinking about Ridge today. She wonders if he realized how unfair he was being. Brooke knows he was looking out for her best interest. He just cannot understand that Brooke wants a life with Bill. Donna guesses that means that he kisses her. She is just surprised. Donna hopes that she set him straight. Brooke did for the most part. Donna knows she said she loves Bill. Brooke does. Donna feels that is all she needs to think about then. Her and Bill starting the rest of their lives together. This marks the beginning of forever.

RJ wonders what happens if Bill’s shares are the only thing that Ridge gets out of this. Brooke wouldn’t say vows if she didn’t mean them. He wants Ridge to think about what he is asking. She is not making a commitment until things get tough. She is thinking about forever. RJ asks if the shares really mean that much to him. He has loved Brooke since he saw her catering a party at Eric and Stephanie’s house. He has heard that story so many times. They are meant to be together. Yet he is letting her marry another man. Ridge is not ok with this and it makes him sick. RJ asks if the company means more to him that Brooke. Ridge thinks that Brooke means more. RJ feels that if it is true that he wouldn’t let this happen. He cannot be this obsessed with the company and getting rid of Quinn. RJ asks if he really wants Brooke. Ridge does. RJ tells him to go and get her then. Ridge thinks he is right. Ridge walks out of the room.

Wyatt forgot if he was giving a reading because he knows some lines about love being patient. Bill wants to know what the holdup is. Allison spoke to the caterers and they will be combining the dinner with the cocktails. Bill is going to go find out what is going on. Allison thinks that it is best that he stays where he is. Wyatt can go sneak up the back stairs. Bill thinks that Allison is right. He can wait a little longer to see his beautiful bride walking down the stairs.

Donna feels that Brooke is a beautiful bride and the promises she makes are supposed to last a lifetime. She has to mean them. Brooke will. Donna cannot let Brooke allow Ridge to get in her head. Brooke won’t. She loves Bill. They could have an incredible life together. There isn’t anything Bill wouldn’t do for her or the children. Donna tells her no thoughts or Ridge or the shares. Brooke is ready. Donna will go down and tell them. She leaves the room. Ridge runs in. She tells Donna that he needs to talk to Brooke. Donna believes he is a little busy right now. Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke can marry Bill. She needs to call this off. He doesn’t care about the shares. He does care about them but he cares about her more. At this point he just hopes that Eric comes to his senses the same way he has come to his. Destiny is a real thing. This has been going on for months. They have been reconnecting. They can have their family back. He knows he has made mistakes and he has had some pretty hurtful misunderstanding. He doesn’t want to be blinded by what is right in front of him. Brooke is right in front of him. Ridge wants Brooke to spend the rest of her days with him.

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