B&B Tuesday Update 10/25/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/25/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt walks into Bill’s mansion and people are setting up for the wedding. Someone walks in with a tray and Wyatt wonders if he needs a hand. The guy would like to know where the kitchen is. Wyatt tells him that it is right through there. They guy thanks him. He has been in and out of the house three times and it must be a record. Two other people walk over carrying flowers. A girl asks if this is Wyatt’s home. Wyatt tells her that it is his father’s. She would love to be a guest in this place. Bill walks over to Wyatt. He thinks that it looks amazing. Wyatt tells Bill that he never asked him to be his best man. Bill is sure that he did. Wyatt doesn’t think so. Bill knows that unlike some people who are not here today he has been supportive of him and Brooke. He knows that he is going through a tough time with this Steffy/ Liam situation but they are here for Brooke today.

In Brooke’s kitchen she gets a call from Ridge who is in Eric’s office. Ridge was hoping to call her before she got to Bill’s. Brooke assumes that he was hoping to get a last minute invitation. Ridge assumes the wedding is still on then. Brooke assumes that is what he wants. Ridge just wishes that there were another way. RJ walks into the kitchen. Brooke has to go. She hangs up before Ridge can continue. RJ asks who that was. Brooke explains it was Ridge. RJ hopes that he has changed her mind about marrying Bill. Brooke would hope that RJ has changed his mind about being there today. RJ asks if Brooke really loves the guy. Brooke does. RJ asks about Ridge.

Rick walks into Eric’s office. Ridge asks if he is not going today. Rick assumes he means Brooke’s wedding. Ridge guesses he didn’t get an invitation either. Rick tells him that Brooke made it clear that it was supposed to be a small ceremony. He thinks that Brooke was fishing to ask him but Rick didn’t really want to go. Rick asks if Ridge is planning on showing up at the wedding again. Ridge wonders if he would object if he did. Rick honestly wouldn’t. He always had an issue with Bill but then again he always had an issue with Ridge. Ridge isn’t going to let anything happen. He is trying to protect the company. Rick gets that he is trying to protect the company. Rick just finds it hard to believe that Ridge would let Brooke a woman he has loved his entire adult life marry a man she despises.

Bill asks what Wyatt says. Yes, or no. Wyatt wonders if he said no if Bill had a backup. Bill has Justin. Wyatt knew he would say that. Wyatt guesses he will do it. Bill is glad. The two hug. Wyatt feels it has been a long road but he and Brooke are back and he couldn’t be happier for them.

Ridge knows that Quinn is CEO of the company and is always making changes. Rick gets it but he will ask him again. Is he ready to give up Brooke? Ridge honestly doesn’t think that Brooke and Bill are going to last. Rick thinks that there is a chance they could last a life time and Rick wonders if he is ok with that. Ridge sighs.

Brooke is sorry but this is really complicated. She has to leave. RJ wants to know how much of a chance she has given Ridge. RJ isn’t some five year old who needs his parents back together but he knows his parents still love each other. Brooke will always love Ridge. RJ guesses that she would still rather marry the man who Ridge hates. He wants to be explained why she is doing this.

Bill tells one of the workers that things look great. Some guy says that he would do anything for the head of household. Bill thinks that if he really means that then he can put the flowers in an arrangement for him. Brooke will love it. The guy tells him he will and has excellent taste. Bill thinks that he does a lot of sucking up for a florist. Wyatt is shocked that Bill knows so much about flowers. Bill is an expert on his bride. Wyatt wonders where Allison is. He thought she was over seeing things. Bill tells him that she had a few last minute things to do along with Justin. Wyatt would like to know where the minister is. Bill tells him to relax. They are good and everything is under control. Wyatt feels he is to calm and collected right now. Bill has nothing to be nervous about. He knows that after today he will wake up with Brooke as his wife for the rest of his days. Wyatt believes he is a lucky man and no one deserves it more than Bill.

Rick wants Ridge to answer the question. Ridge wonders what he wants to know he doesn’t have time for this. Wyatt demands that he make time. Bill told him. His mother is going to marry Bill and then give the shares to him. Rick asks if that is it then. Ridge believes that everything will be fine. Rick knows it will be for the companies sake. He wouldn’t count on Bill and Brooke not working out like Ridge thinks so. As much as Ridge thinks otherwise Brooke is very much in love with Bill Spencer.

Brooke knows that RJ is disappointed. RJ isn’t disappointed for himself but for Ridge and Brooke. He wishes that Ridge would put up more of a fight. RJ is on both of their sides. There is just still a lot he doesn’t get. Brooke doesn’t get it all either. RJ asks if it still doesn’t matter. Donna calls from the next room. Brooke tells her she is in here. Donna says happy wedding day. RJ says hello to Donna. Donna explains they have a lot to do. RJ wants her to know the wedding is still on. Donna think she is interrupting. RJ promises she isn’t. He wishes he could feel good about Brooke and Bill but he thinks that she is making a mistake. RJ leaves. He says goodbye to Donna.

Wyatt wonders if Bill knows if Brooke’s sons are coming around. Bill doesn’t know but he knows that RJ will come if he cares about Brooke’s happiness. Allison and Justin walk in. She tells him that he is sorry they are late. Everything is taken care of though. Bill is happy that Allison got everything done. He thinks she is looking good today. Allison goes to check on things in the kitchen. Bill tells Justin and Wyatt that he is super cool. He is ice Spencer. They are all systems go today. He has his best man and best friend. He just needs his bride now.

Donna asks if this is all Brooke plans to bring to Bill’s. Brooke wonders if Donna got her wedding dress. Donna tells her it is in the car. She can go and get it and she can change here if she wants. Brooke normally would but given how RJ is feeling. Donna is sure that he just needs some time to himself. Brooke tells Donna that there is more to this than he realizes. Brooke loves Bill and he has been patient. Brooke thinks that they better get going. Donna asks what happens if Bill sees her before the wedding. Brooke doesn’t believe in that stuff. She is going to go through with this.

Ridge knows that only Brooke’s heart can choose things. Rick knows that Brooke’s heart as chosen Bill. Rick just doesn’t see it. Rick knows that Brooke would never fake her way through vows and she loves Bill. Rick can clearly see that Ridge is not willing to give up Brooke. Ridge doesn’t want to. He admits it. They have a history and share a son. He has feelings for her but he has a company to think about. He also has to respect Brooke. Rick wonders if he can respect that they will be together then. What used to be Brooke and Ridge will be Brooke and Bill. Bill asks if he can ask where all the questions are. Rick just wants Brooke to be happy. He doesn’t like Bill and he doesn’t like Ridge. Yet between Ridge and Bill it is clear Ridge is the better choice. RJ walks in and asks if this is a good time. Rick will go check on international. Ridge asks what is up. RJ wonders if he is really going to let Brooke marry that guy.

Donna walks in humming “here comes the bride”. Brooke walks in. Allison covers Bill’s eyes telling him it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Bill tells her she is touching him. Allison stops. Bill doesn’t believe in stupid superstitions. Brooke doesn’t either and told Donna the same thing. Bill thinks that Brooke looks beautiful. Brooke will be even more beautiful with makeup on. Bill doesn’t think it matters one way or the other. Justin tells Wyatt that he never thought that Bill would be such a romantic. Donna remembered Justin saying some pretty romantic things to her on their wedding day. Justin meant every word of it. Wyatt thinks they should give the love birds a minute alone. Donna will get things ready upstairs. Bill thinks that things have been crazy around here. Brooke asks where the minister is. Bill promises that he is on his wife. He made it clear that he is not to leave until they have signed the papers. Brooke asks if it was all worth it. Bill believes Brooke is so worth it. She is a remarkable woman. He would do anything for him. This day is finally here. They begin the rest of their lives together. He will kiss his beautiful bride. He will pronounce them Mister and Misses Bill Spencer now and forever.


RJ asks Ridge let this go so far. He knows the disaster that Brooke is walking into. Ridge just gathers that he came from Brooke’s house. RJ tells him she is probably at Bill’s house now so he has no time to lose. Ridge tells him that there are some things he is not aware of. RJ thinks that he isn’t being told things. If they let Brooke marry someone that doesn’t deserve Brooke things will turn out badly. RJ tells him to do something. He still loves Brooke. Ridge does. RJ asks how he can just stand here and let Bill take her away. RJ doubts that Brooke wants to be with Dollar Bill Spencer. Ridge has to stop the wedding before it is to late.

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