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Brooke would like to know what Eric's exact words were. Quinn guesses that if she must know that he trusts only her. Rick would like to know what she interpreted that as. Wyatt explains that there was no need to interpret anything because he was there. He asked her to run the company and for Wyatt to help out. Thomas wants to know what basis this is. It cannot be his vast knowledge of fashion. Wyatt feels that it is on the basis that he said though. Ridge isn’t going to stand for this. He thinks the company is his.

Eric is mumbling to himself. Ivy walks into the room. Ivy asks if he is all right and if she needs to get the nurse. Eric asks what she means. Ivy heard him talking. Eric is fine. He was just dreaming. Ivy asks if it was a bad dream. Eric tells her it wasn’t really a dream. Ivy rubs his arm.

Bill asks if he should open the package now. Justin wonders why not. Bill just assumes that because the wedding is tomorrow. Justin feels that Bill is going to need it now. Bill starts to open the package. It is a picture of Brooke from her bedroom line. Justin knows that he cannot see her the night before the wedding. Bill loves it. He would hug him but he knows it scared him for life last time. Justin wondered what he could possibly get the man who has everything. Bill doesn’t think that is true but as of tomorrow he will. Evelyn tells Bill that he is so glad that the wedding is back on track. She is just sad that she cannot be there because she already has two weddings to take care of. Bill doesn’t think she has to say sorry. At least they have her expertise. He thought it was very helpful. Bill needs Alison put up to speed. Evelyn thinks that they have a lot to cover. She asks if he has a wedding present for Brooke. Bill does. Justin cannot believe he is giving her Forrester’s shares. He might as well give her a vacuum cleaner. Bill feels that in a way he sort of is. It will get rid of Quinn.

Ivy doesn’t want Eric to be discouraged. She knows that he thinks it is easy for her to say. Eric thinks that he will be alright. Ivy knows that he will. Ivy hangs Eric a drink of water. Eric knows his family other than Ivy… Ivy knows they love him. Pam came by with some lemon bars. Eric assumes he was asleep. Ivy tells him that Quinn doesn’t want people over until he is a little bit stronger. Eric feels that Quinn knows best.

Quinn doesn’t think that Eric is in a bad place mentally. Ridge wonders how they would know since she keeps him out of sight. Wyatt wants to know when that started. Quinn reminds him that Eric threw him out of his room and not her. Ridge would like to know about the text from Pam saying that she wasn’t allowed to see him. Zende wonders why his grandmother’s sister wasn’t allowed. Quinn knows they all think they can show up whenever they want but Eric needs rest. Ridge thinks that he is holding him captive the same way she did Liam. Rick knows that she is coming in here making announcements that she is in charge. He doesn’t think so. She is a joke to them.

Bill believes that the picture of Brooke is the best present ever. Justin remembers that Bill said that about the watch he got him but he never wears it. Bill admits that is an ugly watch but this time he really means it. Alison walks in. She wants to over tomorrow now that she has been briefed. Bill tells her to go on. Alison has confirmed the vendors, he is providing wardrobe. She hopes he has the rings. Bill claims he didn’t know about rings but tells her that he obviously knew about getting one. Alison thinks that Brooke is just such a lucky lady. Justin thinks that she should give him a break. Justin feels it is time for Brooke to be Misses Dollar Bill Spencer. Bill agrees that it is.

Ivy reads to Eric. He falls asleep. She walks over and outs the book down. Eric wakes up. Ivy is sorry. He thought she was sleeping. She asks if he is alright or in pain. Eric isn’t. He just wants to a husband to his wife. Ivy knows that he is. Eric means a real husband and not this. Ivy knows that he is giving Quinn things that she never had like respect. He is doing that by just being him. All Quinn wants to do is love him back.

Quinn is sure that anyone in this room could run Forrester brilliantly. Rick thinks without her. Quinn is sure of it. Ridge wants her to go home. Quinn thinks it is very simple. Eric is the CEO of the company and his authority gives her the right to be here. She cannot imagine they will have business disagreements. Quinn doesn’t plan on being here very much. She will be taking care of her husband. Zende guesses that she will be keeping Eric away from them. Quinn will have someone here in her absence though. Someone who has a proven track record and she can trust. Thomas isn’t going to take orders from Wyatt. He has been saying he wants Eric away from Quinn for months and clearly that was a lie. Wyatt sees what all of them could see. Wyatt was asked by Eric to stay at the house for support. As crazy as it sound Eric feels safe now. Even he realizes it is shocking. Wyatt wants to know what Eric did to Quinn. Quinn claims that he made her want to be a good person again. She was so young when she became a single mother. She thought she needed to be tough and mean. She played the role so well until she realized she wasn’t faking it.

Bill tells Alison that just because Evelyn won’t be there tomorrow doesn’t mean that she will not be kept in the loop. Big Brother will be watching. Alison understands. Bill asks who the minister is. Justin can do it. Bill thinks that is out of his comfort level. Alison tells him when the flower people will be over and he needs to be awake or hire someone who will. Justin asks why she can’t do that. Alison explains that she has to go to the caterer because she lead them to believe that the guest list would be modest. Bill thinks that it will be modest but the wedding will be historic.

Ivy wonders if Eric would like to read some more. Eric is so lucky to have Ivy in her corner. Ivy isn’t sure that she is a prize winning lottery ticket. Eric never thought that after Stephanie he would find someone. Ivy is sure that if Quinn was here she would say she is the lucky one.

Brooke feels that would be helpful is accountability. Quinn wonders what form that would be in. Brooke means the people who have been in Eric’s life for decades. Not just for months. She knows that he has the legal authority to spend his money but not his moral. Quinn tells her to go check in with accounting. They will find that she hasn’t spent even a dime. Her only interest is taking care of her husband and honoring his wishes. Ridge doesn’t think that they can do that until she is gone. Wyatt doesn’t think that any of them realize what they are doing. Thomas tells him to get off his high horse. None of them supported the marriage. Zende thinks this is a terrible choice. Zende wishes he could make it up to him. Rick does as well but handing over his life to Quinn is not going to be it. Quinn wishes that they could all overcome these old hostilities. They can pull together and make Eric proud. Ridge knows that Eric has always been proud of them and will be very proud when they pull Quinn out of their lives.

Ivy walks downstairs and Quinn walks in. Ivy wonders how it went. Quinn guesses not brilliantly. Which means it can only get better. She wonders how Eric is. Ivy thinks he had a bad moment then he realized how lucky he was to have her. Quinn remembers about Pam and Charlie. Ivy forgot they came by. Quinn thinks it was a good call.

Eric is sleeping. He thinks about spending time with Quinn and getting married to her. Quinn walks in. She asks if she woke him. Eric asks if she is in his dream. Quinn doesn’t think so. Quinn is a bit hungry. She is also discouraged and not as bubbly as she would hope to be for him. Eric assumes it didn’t go well and wants to know what happened. Quinn explains that they didn’t like her and it isn’t shocking. She doesn’t have many fans in the Forrester clan. Quinn thinks that Eric is the best thing to ever happen to her. Brooke was there. They have a history. Eric feels that they have several. Quinn tells him that Brooke is marrying Bill. Eric knows that Brooke likes being married. Quinn doesn’t think she is the only one. Eric has changed her life so much. Eric wants her to listen to his chest. Quinn hears breathing. Eric tells her that she hears love. The two smile at each other.

Bill pours Justin and Alison glasses of champagne. Alison asks if this is the bachelor party. Bill thinks it is exactly. Justin assumes that Alison is the entertainment. Alison thought he was. Bill doesn’t want either of them to be the entertainment. He wants them to toast to his future happiness and how he deserves it. Alison guesses that she will toast to his happiness even if he is easier to handle when he is in a bad mood. Justin is glad he isn’t the only one to realize that. Bill reminds them that he is standing right here. He hates them. He thinks they should toast to Brooke. They all click glasses.

Ridge tells Brooke that today is horrible. Brooke knows but he needs to stop yelling. Ridge tells Brooke that she is about to marry a man who he hates and he thinks it is his fault just so he can get the shares of the company. Brooke doesn’t want to talk this way about her wedding day. Brooke will get the shares but she will be married to Bill. Brooke is not going to lie in her vows. He has to stop kissing her. It is ridicules. She knows he thinks they are meant to be together but he isn’t taking into consideration about what Bill is to Brooke. He loves her and makes her feel like she can do anything. That is the kind of person she wants to spend her life. She knows what she wants. She knows what RJ wants. She would like to know what Ridge wants.

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