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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/21/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt is glad that Quinn and Eric are officially married license and all. Eric is glad that Wyatt is here now and thanks him. He calls him son again. Quinn thanks Wyatt for agreeing to move in for a while. Eric wants Quinn to go to Forrester. Quinn is confused. Eric wants her to speak for him.

Brooke stops Ridge from kissing her. She asks what he was doing. He cannot just kiss her. Ridge doesn’t know. She is having this wedding right away and all the pieces are in place. Brooke asks if she is just a piece for him. Ridge feels that Brooke should know that she will always be more than that to him.

Donna wonders if Bill really plans to marry Brooke today. Bill wants to marry Brooke yesterday. Donna hopes that she agreed to this. She only heard his end of the phone call. Bill reminds Donna that they love each other. They waited so long to be together. Now for so many reasons the time is right. Even Ridge agrees. Donna asks if Ridge wants this too. Bill claims that he does. Donna wants to know why.

On the sky lounge Nicole and Zende are working out. Nicole asks if he is training for a marathon because it sure seems like it. Zende doesn’t do triathlons. Nicole wonders about biathlons. Zende doesn’t do those either. Zende is a single event kind of guy. He kisses her and then smiles. Nicole would like to know what Zende’s single event is. Zende tells her she is his one and only. Nicole explains that he won the event. They kiss again.

Donna cannot believe that Ridge supports this. Bill makes it clear he does. Donna knows that he despises Bill. He would never be alright with this. Bill tells her that Ridge gets something out of it. Donna would like to know what he gets. Bill says it is a wedding present. Donna is not sure what he is talking about. Bill explains that it will get rid of Quinn once and for all.

Quinn tries to make sense of Eric telling her that he wants her to go to Forrester and represent him until he gets better. Wyatt wonders what exactly he is asking. Eric wants Quinn to oversee the entire company.

Ridge wants the company to be secured. Brooke reminds him that without the wedding there will be no shares. He cannot just kiss her like that. Ridge will not just let her marry Bill. Brooke wants it though. Thomas and Rick walk in. Thomas notes that Ridge wanted to see them. Brooke looks at Ridge.

Eric tells Quinn to go now. Quinn asks if he is sure and wonders about Ridge. Eric cannot trust Ridge. He can however trust Quinn. He needs Wyatt to support her. He calls him son once again. Wyatt says yes. Eric smiles at them. He wants her to call a meeting. Quinn will do everything she can to guide the company for him. She promises. The two kiss again.

Nicole and Zende continue to kiss. Nicole stops and tells him that people are going to talk. Zende wonders where because no one is here. Pam and Charlie walk out and tell them that is enough. Charlie tells them to get a room. Pam says not to. Zende wonders what is going on. Pam explains they are having a family meeting. Nicole asks if it is at Eric’s and if he is fine. Charlie promises that everything is fine. Pam isn’t so sure about that. Zende asks what the meeting is about. Pam tells him that Eric wants to speak to the family. Zende assumes at the house. Pam means at Forrester. Nicole is shocked he is coming in. Pam explains that he is sending his power of attorney.

Ivy runs into the Forrester mansion stating that she got Quinn’s text. Quinn needs Ivy to do her a favor. The nurse is upstairs with Eric. Eric appreciates Ivy and is the only person in the family that he does appreciate. So Quinn needs Ivy to stay here with him. The family not showing up to the wedding still bothers him. Ivy can do that. Ivy says hi Wyatt. Quinn explains that they can talk later as Wyatt is going to be living here with her now. Wyatt notes that it is only temporarily. Quinn is off to Forrester to hold down the fort. Wyatt thinks that they will end up starting a way but either way it will be fun. He closes the door. Ivy smiles.

Donna cannot believe this. After everything he went through to get a chunk of Forrester and he is just going to hand it over to Brooke. Just so she can give it to Ridge. Bill guesses that means that he is really in love with Brooke. Donna would have to say so.

In Eric’s office the family all wait. Pam and Charlie walk in. Pam tells Ridge that Zende is on his way. So is the she-devil. Charlie explains Wyatt is with her. Ridge will take care of the two of them. He wants them all to know that Steffy and Liam are back together but would like to keep it quiet. She wants to be respectful to Wyatt and their divorce. Thomas thinks that they saw it coming. Rick believes it was a mile away. Pam wonders if it is ok for her and Charlie to go visit Eric while Quinn isn’t there. Quinn walks in with Wyatt. Pam and Charlie leave. Ridge sarcastically says all hale the mighty hero. Rick wants to know how Eric is. Quinn promises that he is getting better with every day. Ridge is glad that he will be back running the company soon. Wyatt feels that it might take a little longer. Brooke believes that if Eric can speak then he can give orders. Quinn hopes that he makes a speedy recovery. Until then Eric has asked her to say something to the family on his behalf. Ridge tells her that she can say whatever she likes but he only listens to Eric.

Pam and Charlie walk into the Forrester Mansion. Pam has lemon bars and thinks that is exactly what the doctor ordered. Charlie feels that the properties of lemon bars are very effective. Ivy walks over and asks what they are doing here. Pam was scared by Ivy. She wants to see Eric. Charlie thought that they could go see Eric since Quinn is not here. Pam asks if she is alright because she looks a little strange. Ivy is fine. Eric is wresting though. Pam realizes. They just want to pop their heads in for a few minutes. If he is not sleeping then he will be happy to see them. Ivy should probably call Quinn. Pam laughs. She asks what for. Ivy means for permission. She told her not to let anyone disturb Eric.

Bill is on the phone with Allison. He wants two weeks off. Allison asks if it is for himself and Brooke. Bill sarcastically says it is for him and the janitor. He hangs up. Bill looks at a picture of Brooke and him in the middle East. He starts to think about all the times they spent together the first time they were together. Bill smiles.

Zende walks in and tells them all he is sorry he is late. Thomas thinks that he is just in time. Zende wonders for what. Ridge tells him that Quinn thinks that she is taking over. Quinn is only trying to follow Eric’s instructions. Brooke wonders what they are. Quinn tells them that it is to keep the peace. She understands Ridge is frustrated but he needs to keep in mind that this was not her choice. Rick wants to know if Eric gave her power of attorney without so much as a nudge. Wyatt feels that it shouldn’t be shocking that Eric trusts his wife. Ridge reminds them that Quinn isn’t his wife. Wyatt corrects him and explains that she is. Carter showed up with the papers and they signed. Thomas asks what he is even doing here. He was just as against this wedding as the rest of them. Rick reminds him that it even cost him his marriage Rick wonders if he forgot about Steffy. Quinn feels that was a low blow. Ridge thinks that this is. They built the company and she is trying to give orders. Quinn is sensitive to that. Brooke doesn’t think she is at all. She has no concept of what she is doing to this family. Quinn is trying to keep an eye on things until Eric is better. Zende assumes that she is a watch dog then. Quinn isn’t here to bicker or lord over anyone. She is here at Eric’s request and she intends to go through it. She wants them to make no mistake she will go through with it. Wyatt has seen the two of them together more than any of them. They are good for each other. Ridge asks if Wyatt is going to help make some jewelry. Ridge doesn’t care if Quinn has power of attorney. He will still run the company.

Pam reminds Ivy that her sister lived in this house. Quinn has taken over her husband and home. Charlie had to bribe the security guard just to get in. Ivy tells them that they cannot risk Eric getting upset. Charlie doesn’t think that they are there to upset Eric. Pam wants to give him joy and love. Ivy believes that Eric is still upset about the wedding. Pam already said sorry to Eric. Ivy is sorry. She already promised. Pam thinks that

Eric hears Quinn give her wedding vows in his head. He then remembers Ridge tell him he would never respect Quinn and Steffy claiming she is faking it. He hears the family be rude to him. He remembers when he fainted. Eric looks sad.

Ridge knows that Quinn heard him. She is not running the company. Quinn explains that Ridge will not be running the company. Ridge thinks that that they will see about it. Rick doesn’t think that Quinn has the experience. Wyatt feels that she has the support of someone who does. Quinn doesn’t want them to fight or argue. This is effecting Eric. Ridge thinks that she brought that all on. Quinn didn’t do it though. He chose to ignore Eric’s invitation to the wedding. They all broke his heart. Thomas feels they were backed into the situation. Zende doesn’t think they had a choice. Rick wants to know how they are supposed to support her being in the family knowing all she has done. Quinn believes her past doesn’t matter. Eric does though. They treat him like a child though. This is a man who adores each of them but they all treat him that way. Quinn is holding Eric’s wishes and she expects them all to support it. Quinn tells Ridge that he is relieved of his duties and can give Steffy the message that she is no longer president. Brooke asks who will be running the company then. Quinn will be until Eric returns. She will be acting CEO of Forrester Creations.

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