B&B Thursday Update 10/20/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/20/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn asks if she can get Eric anything else. Eric looks at Quinn smiling and notices that she looks tired. Quinn admits that she has not been sleeping much. Eric wonders if there is something on her mind. Quinn tells him that Ridge and her had a confrontation after he left here. She feels that he can be a little bit intimidating. Eric asks if he threatened her. Quinn doesn’t want there to be any more issues. She thinks that there have been to many conflicts already. Quinn is being a bit vulnerable. She hired a new security team. The old one was loyal to the family and this way Ridge cannot hire a bunch of moving trucks in the middle of the night. She hopes that is ok. She doesn’t want him worrying about this. She can handle it.

In Eric’s office he tells Brooke that it is obvious that something isn’t right with Eric. He was begging Eric to sign the papers. Brooke asks if he didn’t. Ridge confirms that he didn’t. He got annoyed and called for Quinn to come in the room. Once again he feels that she ended up on top. Brooke is sorry. She knows how much he was hoping to get through to Eric. Ridge knows it isn’t going to happen. He also knows that they need Bill’s shares more than ever.

Donna and Bill are hugging each other in his office. Bill thinks that it is good to see her. Donna feels that it is good to be home. Bill asks how it has been out in the world. Donna thinks that backpacking is something that she always wanted to do. When she heard about Eric she realized it was time to come home. Bill believes that her timing couldn’t be better. He explains that her sister needs her more than ever. Donna assumes that he means Brooke. Bill isn’t sure how much they have been in touch lately but he wants to marry her. Right away.

In the Forrester living room Quinn asks if she can get Wyatt anything. Wyatt is fine. Wyatt isn’t in the best mood today. Quinn guesses that is understandable. He doesn’t have to give up on Steffy though. He is a fighter. That is how she raised him. Wyatt wants to know what happened to the security outside. He doesn’t see any of the regular guys. Quinn had a new security team brought in. Wyatt is shocked she fired the old one. Quinn points out they worked for Ridge. She needs someone who is loyal to her. Wyatt asks if this is to protect herself.

Donna remembers Brooke saying that she was going to marry Bill before RJ came home. She seems to think they need sometime. Bill feels that they have had enough time. They cannot let a teenage boy dictate their life. Brooke and him are good together. He makes her happy. He is done waiting. He wants to make her his wife as soon as possible.

Ridge needs Brooke to get the shares as soon as possible. Brooke knows that Bill wants to get married right away but she wants to wait a little bit for RJ’s sake. Ridge doesn’t think she will have the chance to wait a little bit. Brooke reminds him how RJ feels. He thinks they belong together. Ridge thinks that he makes a lot of sense. Brooke tries to make sense of Ridge. One minute he is telling her to go marry Bill Spencer and the next minute she doesn’t know what. She asks if Ridge has feelings for her. Ridge says that he does. Brooke smiles.

Quinn had another run in with Ridge. He was alone upstairs with Ridge. She can only imagine what he was saying about her. He was upsetting Eric and he asked him to leave. So Ridge went down here and was waiting for her. He was barking about what she was allowed to do and threatened her. Wyatt wonders if it was a serious threat. Quinn isn’t going to take any chances. That is why she hired a new security team. That way she knows they will listen to her and not to him. Plus, she cannot have Ridge coming over just to upset Eric. No one gets to jeopardize Eric’s health. She doesn’t care if it is his son.

Donna realizes that Bill and Brooke have been waiting a long time to be together. She does believe in them. Bill thinks her support means a lot to him. It will be great to have her on their special day.

Ridge does have feelings for her and doesn’t want to lose her. Brooke doesn’t think that he can lose her. He doesn’t have her. She is marrying Bill. Ridge knows he cannot stay with that clown. She will have to divorce him. He will do something stupid and want to leave. Brooke is marrying him because she loves him and is committed to him. Not because Ridge wants shares for some takeover that might not even happen. Brooke thinks that Eric will realize what is going on and kick Quinn to the curve. Ridge believes that Quinn is a problem now. They have to get the shares and then they will get on with their lives. They have to get rid of Quinn first.

The nurse tells Eric that he is improving every day. Rest is still important and he cannot do that much too soon. Quinn tells her she can take a break. The nurse leaves. Quinn loves the sound of Mrs. Forrester. Quinn explains that the new security team is in place. Wyatt heard that things got heated with Ridge. Eric knows it was out of his hands. Quinn doesn’t think that matters. She can use all the support she can get. Eric says move in. Quinn reminds him that she already lives here. Eric says Wyatt. His mother needs her. He wants Wyatt to move in.

Bill asks if Donna has seen Eric. Donna hasn’t yet. Bill explains that she will have to get through Quinn. Donna isn’t sure what Eric was thinking getting involved with her. Bill guesses that he wasn’t thinking. Regardless Quinn is involved. Donna thinks they will see how long that will last. In the mean time they have a wedding to pull off. Bill knows that Ridge stopped the first wedding but he cannot do it anymore. This love is real.

Brooke asks Ridge what is wrong. Ridge doesn’t know. He just cannot get the image of Brooke getting married out of his head. Her being married even for a second. Brooke wants to make something perfectly clear even though she has said this before. She would never marry Bill or anyone else just for a business transaction. She is doing it because she loves him. He doesn’t have to worry about her. She is a big girl and can take care of herself. Brooke asks why they are even talking about this. Ridge knows they spent a lot of good years together. It doesn’t help that she is getting married to a guy that he doesn’t care for. He wants Brooke to be happy. Brooke is happy and he can be happy that he is getting those shares. Ridge will be happy when everything is back to normal. Ridge guesses that Brooke just has a little detour in his life. That is all.

Wyatt asks if Eric really wants him to move in. Quinn thinks that would be a great idea. Wyatt can get to know them as a couple. He can spend time with us. Wyatt has to admit he had his reservations about them but he is starting to think they are good for each other. He is grateful to Eric for making Quinn happy. Quinn thinks that they have tons of room. He could even have his own guest house if he wants. It would be so nice to know that he is close by. Wyatt doesn’t even have to think about it. Wyatt doesn’t hate the idea. Carter walks in with an envelope Eric explains that the nurse texted him for him. Carter explains that this is for her. Quinn looks at the marriage license. Eric thinks it is time to fix this. Quinn is shocked he has been thinking about this. Eric wants to be married legally. Quinn kisses Eric. Wyatt thinks that he will leave the two of them alone. Eric wants him to stay. His family wasn’t there at his wedding. He stays now. Wyatt asks if he is sure. Eric is very sure.

Brooke tries to tell Ridge again that Bill is not a detour. Ridge doesn’t think that Bill should even be allowed to look at her let alone be married. Ridge wants her to get the shares and then get away from him. Brooke gets a call. Bill tells her that he meant what he said. No more waiting. He understands that RJ needs to be on board. They will get him here. He will make it his mission. Their future is now. Brooke asks if the shares are still on the table. Bill tells him that he gave her his word. Bill wants her as his wife. He loves her. She hangs up. Brooke tells Ridge that he wants to be married right away. He will get his shares. Ridge asks if this is really what Brooke wants. Ridge says ok then. Ridge starts to kiss Brooke passionately.

Quinn signs the papers. She hands them to Eric who then does them as well. Eric demands that Carter say it. Carter now pronounces them husband and wife. He may now kiss the bride. Eric and Quinn call each other husband and wife. Carter guesses his work here is done. He is happy to help. Carter leaves. Wyatt thanks them for letting him be a part of this but he imagine that they want alone time so he is going to head out. Eric would like to call him son. Wyatt isn’t sure what to say… He says he will be honored. Eric wants Wyatt to support Quinn. Quinn would be so happy. Wyatt asks if it is really what he wants. Wyatt guesses he can move in for a little while. Quinn thanks them both for everything. Eric is sorry he lost Steffy. He knows he is not as pretty but Wyatt has him now. the three of them smile at each other.

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