B&B Wednesday Update 10/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge tells Eric that this is the power of attorney and he wants him to sign it. They do not need any disruptions. With Ridge at the helm there will not be. Ridge needs Eric to sign the paper. It has to be him.

Quinn asks Pam if she just baked those lemon bars. Pam confirms that she did. Eric always lets her use the kitchen. She just made them for when he gets strong enough to eat again. Quinn attempts to take the tray for Pam. Pam quickly pulls back. Quinn realizes that Pam doesn’t like her but she promises that she loves Eric. She will be here to take care of him.

In Brooke’s kitchen RJ tells Brooke that he is worried about Eric. Brooke is as well but he is doing great. Eric is improving. RJ is just glad he got to see him. It was good to be there with his parents. To see them together. RJ thought it was a real family moment.

Liam thinks that this feels right. It is because they belong together. Steffy agrees but he has to understand. Liam already knows what he is going to say. Liam thinks that they can be discrete. He knows that Thomas won’t tell on them. Steffy points out that he said that he was glad that Steffy wasn’t ready to move in. Liam was but he thinks that having her in his arms like this is great. This is their home. They have memories and all their plans exist here. Steffy feels that they will make new memories but legally she is still married to Wyatt. Liam knows. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to doubt that she doesn’t love him for a second. She doesn’t want to be a part any longer. The two kiss again. Liam doesn’t want her to bring over all her stuff. Just the essentials. She already is here. Liam tells her that she knows she wants this. He knows it. Liam wants them to wake up together and have coffee on the deck. Steffy doesn’t think this is fair. Liam doesn’t want her to leave. Steffy asks what he is doing this evening. Liam is all hers.

RJ doesn’t want Brooke to give him that look. Brooke wonders what look he is referring to. RJ is not a little boy anymore. He just wants his parents too happy. Brooke promises that both her and Ridge will always be here for him. RJ asks who will be there for Brooke. It can’t be Bill just looking at his track record. He asks if Brooke counts on Bill the same way that she counts on Ridge. RJ asks why they cannot patch things up again. Rick walks in and tells him that he might want the answer to that question himself.

Pam asks if Ridge is still up there with him. Quinn says yes. Pam wonders if that worries her. Quinn isn’t worried. Eric wants his family around him. He loves them all despite what they have all done. She isn’t threatened by that at all. She knows Eric loves her. Eric trusts her and wishes that Pam could as well.

Eric doesn’t think that Ridge should have done it. Ridge assumes he means protect the family. Ridge doesn’t think he had time to think. He did what he felt was right for the family. Ridge knows that Eric will be in charge of the company again but until then he should be in charge. He isn’t happy but that isn’t what they are talking about. Eric tells him that he should not have done this. Ridge tells him that if he doesn’t want him in charge then let Rick do it or even Brooke. Quinn should not be in charge of the company or the family and the house. Eric says his wife.

Liam hands Steffy a glass of wine. Liam knows that Steffy wants to be sensitive to Wyatt. Steffy does. Liam knows that Steffy cannot control how she feels. Steffy wishes that they could just keep this to themselves for a while. Liam asks if they should do a status update. He suggests taking a selfie. Steffy tells him not to do that. Liam thought she looked happy. Steffy thinks he does as well. Liam is happier than he has been in a long time. The two kiss again. Steffy knows they cannot pick up like nothing happened but she is ready to move forward. She wants to be with Liam. Liam stands up and takes Steffy’s hand. They walk into his bedroom. Steffy walks over to the door. Liam starts to kiss her all over.

RJ doesn’t think that Brooke can deny that things are different. Rick points out that Ridge has been spending a lot of time over here. Brooke admits that things are stressful for Ridge. RJ knows that Ridge relies on Brooke. He has said that. He doesn’t understand why it doesn’t seem to matter to Brooke. Brooke promises that it does matter. RJ asks why she is with Bill then and why it doesn’t seem to have an effect on Ridge. Brooke feels that it is complicated. RJ assumes that means it is none of his business. Brooke thinks that it involves RJ. She wants to respect that. RJ guesses that she doesn’t want to talk about it with him then. RJ tells him to consider himself lucky. He had to spend his entire childhood hearing about it. RJ will be in his room. He wants to know if there is an update on Eric. Rick wants to know why Brooke hasn’t shared her plans with RJ. Brooke isn’t going to do it. Rick thinks that RJ should know the plan. Brooke believes that if Ridge gets through to Eric then he will not need the shares. Rick guesses that she will not need to marry Bill either.

Ridge tells him to sign the papers. Eric says his wife. Ridge guesses that if he wants to think about her that way it is fine but Eric needs to sign the papers. Eric says Quinn. Ridge thinks that Quinn cannot take over the company. Eric starts to scream Quinn. He presses a button and Quinn notices it go off downstairs. Ridge explains that he needs to make the right choice. Quinn runs in and asks what is wrong. Eric calls her his wife and wraps his arm around her. Quinn looks at Ridge and tells Eric it will be ok. Quinn tells Ridge that he is upsetting Eric. Ridge isn’t trying to. Quinn asks if she should call the nurse. Quinn thinks he should leave. Eric tells him no. Quinn reminds him his health needs to come first. Eric tells Ridge that he kept Quinn away. Ridge thinks that he did it because she was trying to keep them away. She is trying to do that right now. Eric tells Ridge to go. Ridge guesses that they can finish this later. Ridge looks angry as he looks at them before leaving.

Steffy and Liam continue to kiss passionately. Steffy is now in her lingerie. Liam is wearing nothing but underwear. They are on the bed. Liam starts to slip Steffy’s bra off. The two continue to kiss. Liam gets on top of Steffy and they continue to kiss.

Rick thinks that if there is another way of handling this then he is all for it. Rick never wanted Brooke will Bill anyway. Brooke doesn’t want Rick talking like that around RJ. Rick wonders why because RJ doesn’t like Bill either. Brooke doesn’t think that he dislikes Bill the way Rick does. Rick has a dozen good reasons not to like Bill. Rick points out what he did to Maya. Brooke feels that Bill regrets that. Rick knows that she wants to help Ridge and protect Eric but she shouldn’t have to be with Bill because of it. Brooke didn’t accept Bill’s proposal just because of the shares. Rick doesn’t think that she should have said yes. Brooke knows that Ridge will figure this all out. Rick feels that so far all of Ridge’s great ideas have turned out horribly.

Quinn walks downstairs and sees that Ridge is still here. Ridge asks if Eric has calmed down. Quinn tells him that Ridge really upset him and she can’t let that happen again. She feels that Ridge needs to leave. Ridge tells her no. She is the only one who is leaving and he will make sure of it.

Liam and Steffy are in bed. She tells him that he knew that they would be back here and never gave up. Liam knows she had a thing for him. Everyone said that he should move on but Steffy is better than all the women in the world. He cannot live without her. Steffy thought that he lost her. Steffy knows that Liam held on and waited all this time. She guesses this is his I told you so moment. He even loved her when things got rough. They are finally back together even if not officially. That day will come. When it does it will be her time to say she told him so. Liam looks at Steffy.

Ridge thinks that Quinn has manipulated her way into a pretty comfortable situation. Quinn would feel more comfortable if Ridge would find a way for them to get along. Ridge would be more comfortable if she left to a different state. He looks at her picture. He is going to move his stuff back into Eric’s office. He knows that she doesn’t know anything about running a company as complex as Forrester Creations. He know that he cannot throw her out though. Quinn has power of attorney. Ridge has responsibility to the company and he will be running it. Ridge is going to talk to the nurse every day. If he finds out that she is hurting Eric then he will kick her out. Quinn is here because she loves Eric. They are committed to each other and making a life together. Ridge thinks that Eric lets himself get played by women like her. None of them are here anymore. He thinks that Quinn made a game of this but it won’t last. The family will be here to pick up the pieces. Eric will forget about her just like he forgot about all the others. Ridge will get rid of Quinn. Ridge leaves. Quinn looks mentally exhausted.

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