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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/17/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge thinks that Brooke looks far away. Brooke has a lot on her mind. First Eric and Quinn, Eric’s health, and now this. She cannot believe that Ridge tried to steal Eric’s power of attorney from Quinn. Ridge feels he was doing what was best for the family. Ridge asks if Quinn holding all the power sounds better to her. Brooke doesn’t think that it does at all. She just wonders if he thought he would get away with it. Ridge didn’t think so long term but he wanted to protect Eric. It was like letting her marry Bill just so he could get the shares.

In Bill’s office he tells Katie that she looks good. Katie thanks him. She also thanks him for use of the Spencer jet. Bill thinks that it was his pleasure. He hopes that Will enjoyed himself. Katie is shocked that Bill has yet to marry Brooke.

In Rick’s office Nicole is playing with Lizzie. She tells Rick that she is such a good baby. Rick agrees. He thinks that she is one happy little girl. Nicole promises that will change once she finds out that she can get what she wants. Rick will be spoiling her rotten. Rick thinks that Lizzie fills him up. He and Maya would do anything for Nicole. Even asking her to give birth again.

Zende is taking pictures of Sasha. He tells her to give him more arms. She tries to do so. He wants to take a break. Sasha doesn’t need one. Zende believes that he knows her to well. He wonders what is wrong. Sasha explains that she and Thomas are no longer hanging out. It is over. Zende looks sad for her. Zende asks what happened with her and Thomas. Sasha tells him that Caroline is back. Sasha guesses that they have a real chance of having a family. She won’t get in the way of that.

Nicole cannot imagine her life without Maya. A brother or sister that would be Lizzie’s friend. She is the only one who can do it the way they want. A full blood sibling. It is a lot to ask. Rick knows.

Katie heard that RJ was back in town. Bill notes that he is. Katie is just sure that he cannot wait to have another new step-daddy. Katie asks if he isn’t. Bill tells her that RJ is having a bit of trouble accepting the marriage. Katie guesses that dollar Bill is being foiled by a teenager. Bill assures her that they are still getting married. Brooke just wants to give RJ some time to adjust. Katie guesses that he can believe that if that is what she is telling him. In the meanwhile, Ridge is spending time with Brooke and RJ and they are having a happy little family.

Ridge thinks that having Quinn in control was a better idea than this. Brooke realizes that he was doing it for the family but she asks what happens when Eric finds out. Ridge hopes that Eric will understand and hopes that he will not allow it to be a permanent wreck between them. Brooke knows that he will not let it. Ridge loves the confidence. Brooke believes in Ridge and always has. She knows that he has been under a lot of stress lately. No one knows like she does. They get close and RJ walks in. RJ suggests that they get a room. Ridge suggests that he learn to knock. RJ thinks that they are busted. Brooke and Ridge look at each other.

Katie is shocked that RJ is the one who held so much power. He comes back into town and Bill is shut out. Bill feels that it is only a temporary setback. Katie asks why Brooke postponed the wedding. Bill points out that it is only postponing the wedding. It isn’t canceled. Katie suggests that Ridge and Brooke could try to put the family back together for RJ.

RJ thinks that it is awesome how the two of them are still into each other. Brooke isn’t sure what he thought he saw. RJ saw his parents. The way they block out everything but each other. He didn’t understand it as a kid but now he gets it. RJ wants to take a family selfie. Brooke says they should do it. The three of them get close and take a picture. Ridge thinks that this feels right. Brooke gets a text. She has to go. She wants to know if there are any updates on Eric. She leaves. RJ bets that was Bill. He wants to know how Ridge could let her go to him.

Zende is sorry. It seemed like she and Thomas were a good match. Sasha thinks that they are still friends. They didn’t get that far though. It is good that it ends this way now though. She guesses that it is not exactly full on heartbreak. She wants Douglas to have a real family. Two loving parents makes all the difference in the world. Zende knows what that is like. Sasha asks what is going on. Zende explains that Maya and Rick want Nicole to have a child for them again. Sasha is shocked.

Rick thinks of how close he was with Bridget. All that shared experiences and secret languages. It was nice to see her when she came to visit Eric. Nicole realizes she is making up for lost times but nothing means more than the bonding of a sibling. Rick knew that he was all in with his child. He never dreamed in a million years that Nicole would do this. He realizes that they are asking her again and if she doesn’t feel up to it then it is fine. He can only imagine what it would be like to give Lizzie a brother or sister.

Sasha cannot believe that Maya and Rick actually had the nerve to ask Nicole to go through this again. Zende guesses that is exactly what they did. They said no pressure. Sasha realizes that they hardly got through it the first time for them to ask again… Another year of her life. She asks about Zende. She wonders if anyone is thinking about him. Sasha admits that Nicole did it once and to do it even once is selfless and saintly but to do it again… That is just weird. She has to tell them no. There is no way she can disrespect him like this.

Rick knows it is too much to ask. He wonders if Nicole has ever seen something so perfect. The three of them made her. If she can find it in her hart then he would be so grateful. They would be the best parents. Nicole knows that Lizzie is lucky to have him and Maya. Rick thinks that Nicole should be included as well. No one made a bigger sacrifice than her. He knows that there are plenty of great options but they had to ask her first. Nicole feels four is a good number. She asks if Lizzie agrees.

RJ asks if Ridge is really going to just let Brooke go to Bill. Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke lets her do anything. RJ isn’t saying bar the door but still. He asks why Ridge doesn’t fight for Brooke. Ridge thinks that Brooke is a grown woman. He has to worry about the company and Quinn. RJ feels that they can do that together. There is still something between them. Ridge is a designer so he should design his life. Put their family back together. RJ asks out of all the women he loved who did he love more than Brooke. Ridge guesses no one.

Brooke shows up at Bill’s office and Bill starts kissing her right away. Brooke guesses that he really knows how to say hello. Bill really missed her. He wonders how Eric is doing. Brooke explains that he woke up and is home. He is in and out. Bridget said that he made a huge improvement. She is with him right now before she catches her flight. Bill is glad to hear that. Brooke thinks that this think with Quinn is hard. Bill wonders what about Quinn. Brooke explains that Eric gave Quinn power of attorney. Bill is shocked that she got it over Ridge. Brooke notes that Ridge was keeping it from her and then Wyatt found out and went and told Quinn. Bill doesn’t agree with Ridge on much but he would have done the same thing. Brooke notes that RJ is still an issue as well. Bill wants to know since when they allowed their children to tell them what to do. Bill thinks that they have to move on with their lives. Everyone else just has to deal with it.

RJ wonders if Ridge will admit that Brooke is number one. Ridge will admits that there is no one else like her. RJ asks why he would let her be with someone like Bill. He will treat Brooke the same way he treated Katie. He cannot let Brooke go through this alone. Ridge thinks that she would be married already if it wasn’t for him. RJ wants them to work together. They can get Brooke back before it is to late. She deserves Ridge.

Brooke loves Bill and wants to marry him but it is a little more complicated than that. She feels that RJ needs a little more time. Bill doesn’t think that RJ needs more time. He needs to deal with reality. Brooke thinks that RJ wants to be with his family right now. He is getting hit with them right now. Bill thinks had they let a half hour earlier they would be married. Bill thinks this is a bad idea. Bill doesn’t like that she is letting her teenage boy dictate her. Bill has been understanding but this is enough. He is letting a teenager dictate his life. Life doesn’t work out the way you want. Bill needs her to be his wife. Bill doesn’t want to wait anymore. They are getting married as soon as possible. Brooke and Bill hug. Brooke looks conflicted.

RJ realizes that sometimes parents don’t see what is right and wrong. Brooke and Ridge belong together. They can have their family back. Nothing is more important. He doesn’t want Ridge to let Brooke go again.

Brooke looks away from Bill and seems unsure of herself.

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