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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/14/16


Written By Anthony
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Liam wants to make sure that he heard Steffy right. She is over with Wyatt. Steffy is starting the separation process. She knows it will be hard but she is getting a divorce. She could maybe get it annulled. Liam feels that it is certainly justified. Steffy has to think about her family so Wyatt and her are definitely over.

In Eric’s office Brooke, Thomas, and Rick are all in the office with him. Ridge has some bad news. Rick wants to know what he did now. Ridge feels that he did what was right and protected the company. Thomas assumes that he was using his power of attorney. Brooke asks if Quinn is trying to get that thrown out. Rick doesn’t think Quinn has a leg to stand on. Carter feels that she probably does. Rick asks since when. Ridge guesses since she is the one who actually has Eric’s power of attorney. Rick asks since when. Ridge tells them that it was since Eric signed the paperwork. Brooke assumes it replaced Ridge. Ridge notes that he never actually had it. He lied. Quinn has the power and Eric is in trouble. They are all in trouble.

Zende wonders if Nicole would really want to go through that again. They already have the biological child. Half- Forrester and half- Avant. That is too much. He hopes that she sees that. She cannot actually be considering saying yes. Nicole doesn’t know how to answer that. She knows it is too much but she is considering it. She thinks that she has to. Zende doesn’t think so. If they want to have another child then there are other options. Nicole is sure they will consider adoption if they she turns them down. Zende feels that she already gave them the ultimate gift.

Thomas wants to know how this is even possible. Brooke wonders why he would lie about that. Ridge didn’t mean to lie. He thought he had it. Carter gave the paperwork to Eric and he put Quinn’s name down instead. Rick thinks that this is a disaster. Ridge assumed that he had it and that is why he started acting on it. Carter had to break the news to Ridge. Ridge didn’t exactly want Quinn to find out about it but then Wyatt found and ran to tell Quinn the news.

Liam asks if Steffy finally sees where Wyatt’s loyalty really lies. Steffy realizes it is with Quinn. She knows that it wasn’t going to happen. She cannot blame Wyatt. Quinn is his mom. Quinn has power of attorney though now and Liam was right. He was right all along.

Nicole feels that if you never ask for things in life then the answer is always no. It is probably what Rick and Maya were thinking. She points out that Zende was there and Rick and Maya were almost apologetic about asking. Zende thinks that they know it is ridicules to come to her about this. He knows her parents would say the same thing. Nicole feels that they love Lizzie and being grandparents. Zende is sure that they are all grateful for her bringing Lizzie into the world. It doesn’t mean she has to put herself through it again. Enough is enough and she has to turn them down. Zende wants her to say she agrees. Nicole does. She will tell them that she cannot do this.

Brooke asks if Ridge planned on keeping this lie going on forever. Ridge would have continued to keep it going as long as he possibly could. Rick doesn’t understand. Ridge asks what he doesn’t understand. That he wanted to protect their father. Rick understands that he wanted power of attorney but to lie about it. He asks how didn’t think he would get caught. He asks how he didn’t realize that he would just make things a thousand times worse when he woke up and he realized Ridge didn’t have power of attorney. Ridge doesn’t know. It doesn’t matter. He would have found a way to smooth it over and Quinn would have been gone by then. Thomas feels that this will just make Eric trust Quinn even more. Ridge knows. He already had thrown her out of the house and the company. He thought it was easier. Ridge feels that the three of them would have done the exact same thing because Quinn making choices for the company is not acceptable. He wasn’t going to let that happen. Thomas gets it. Rick does as well. The stupid lie would have never worked. He gets it though. Brooke asks what happens now. Brooke points out that Quinn is charge. Ridge guesses this is all because Wyatt overheard him speaking to Steffy. Thomas asks if Steffy kept it from Wyatt. Ridge thinks that she should have. They wouldn’t be here. Ridge knows that Wyatt will regret this choice for the rest of his life.

Steffy realizes that Liam was right. The only reason she got with Wyatt was because of Quinn’s manipulations. She wanted her marriage to work and she wanted him to know how much her commitment meant to her. Liam feels that if the marriage had any chance of surviving she would have found it. Steffy doesn’t think that there is any coming back from this. If Wyatt would have gone along with this then they would have all been fine. She is moving on. Liam hugs Steffy.

Zende thinks it is good to hear Nicole say that. He wasn’t exactly worried but he wasn’t sure. Nicole thinks that it is a little exciting to think about giving Lizzie a sibling. She knows that she isn’t her mother but she did give birth to her. If this is happening, then she would have liked to do it. It isn’t because she feels obligated but because she sorts of feels maternal. It does something to her. It is hard to explain. Zende gets that but he thinks that Nicole has to do what is right for her.

Thomas says poor Steffy. Brooke wonders if it is over. Ridge explains this was the last straw. Thomas knows that Steffy warned him countless times that Quinn wasn’t allowed to be part of their lives. They had a chance to get rid of her. If it wasn’t for the fact that Quinn had power of attorney. Ridge could have done a lot to prevent Quinn. Ridge thinks that mother’s and sons have a tough bond. Thomas guesses that Steffy can finally go back to Liam.

Liam tells Steffy that whatever she means by moving on he is as well. Whatever pace she needs. Steffy thinks that Liam always knew and never gave up. Even when he came back he told her. Steffy used him and made them all her victims. Liam thinks that Steffy is standing up to her right now. Liam wants put this all behind them. Liam feels that Eric made the choice to be with Quinn with his eyes wide open. He didn’t kidnap him or trick him. Quinn made them think that they didn’t care about each other. Steffy should have known. The one thing she does know is that her feelings will never change. Steffy guesses that he always knew. He always tried to defend Steffy. She guesses it is her turn. She believes in Liam as well.

Nicole hopes that she isn’t being selfish. Zende feels it is extremely selfish. He doesn’t know why they would ask in the first place. Nicole is not talking about Rick and Maya but her turning them down. Zende doesn’t think it is selfish at all. She already gave them Lizzie. They couldn’t possibly ask anymore. Nicole thinks that it would be nice for Lizzie to have a sibling and even have a boy to even out the family. Zende thinks adoption would guarantee a son. Nicole guesses that is true. Zende thinks that all her attention needs to be on Zende. Zende wonders how she would even fit a pregnancy in. The two hug each other. Nicole looks unsure of herself.

Ridge feels that if there were ever a chance for Steffy and Liam this would be it. Rick knows that Quinn kept Liam away. Ridge feels that Quinn should be in prison after what she did to Liam. Keeping him hostage wasn’t ok. Thomas realizes that Quinn controls the finances. Rick is sure that Stephanie is rolling over in her grave. Thomas thinks that Steffy and Liam were meant to be together. Brooke isn’t sure that Steffy and Wyatt were meant to be together. Thomas believes that Steffy and Liam always manage to get back to each other. Ridge is sure that they will this time as well. He hopes that Steffy is finally happy. Happiness that a father wants with his child.

Liam doesn’t think that Steffy has anything to prove. He feels exactly how she feels. Steffy asks how after everything. Liam thinks her eyes show him. Steffy wants Liam back. Her life is clear to her. She needs Liam. Liam doesn’t think she realizes how good it is to hear that. He would have waited. Liam doesn’t give up on Steffy. Not after everything. They waited years for this. He knew they would end up here and now he gets to say he was right. He tells her that they made it. The two kiss each other… They look into each other's eyes. Liam looks like he won while Steffy looks unsure.

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