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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn opens the front door to the mansion and finds Wyatt. She thought that he was the morning nurse here to replace Glenda. The round the clock care has been really incredible. It is nice to know that Eric is in really good hands. Wyatt wants to know how he is. Quinn knows that it is a long road to recovery but he gets better every day. Quinn is going to make him better. She doesn’t care if anyone believes her. Wyatt believes her. She is always good at getting what she wants. Quinn smiles. Wyatt looks into the living room and sees that Quinn’s picture is back up. Quinn tells him that Eric had her put it back up after Ridge had taken it down. She knows things have been really hard for Wyatt lately. Wyatt asks if she knows why. Quinn is sorry that Steffy isn’t here. She hopes that Steffy knows that she would never prevent her from seeing Eric. Wyatt doesn’t know what Steffy thinks because she left him.

Steffy walks into Eric’s office. Ridge is sitting on the couch and drinking coffee. He notices her outfit. Steffy wants to know how Eric is doing. Ridge explains that he is improving even with Quinn at the house. Steffy really hopes that Ridge didn’t stay here last night. Ridge thinks that the couch is comfy. Steffy went over to Thomas’s last night. She just wanted to come by and say that she isn’t working today. Ridge wonders what is going on. Steffy is packing. Ridge asks if she had a fight with Wyatt. Steffy thinks she should say that she gave up on the fight.

Liam is on the phone with Bill from his living room. Liam had Allison send him files. Bill explains that they have an accounting department for that. Liam knows but he wanted Bill to listen. He thinks that it will help them view spending in a whole new way. Liam notices Steffy’s social media page and gets distracted. Liam thinks he can cut back expenses fifteen percent without having to omit anything.

Bill has someone knock on his office door. He tells them to come in. Bill tells Liam that he will talk later and hangs up. It is Emmy the city clerk. She tells him that they are signed and sealed just like he likes it. Bill is glad and could kiss her. Emmy asks if he is sure about that.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office and finds Zende working. She asks if he is early or if she is late. Zende doesn’t know. He cannot sleep that much anymore. Nicole asks if he is looking at proofs. Zende has to say this. He cannot believe that Maya and Rick would ask for her to have another baby. He cannot believe Maya and Rick want another nine months of her life. They keep saying that they are so sorry and didn’t know what they were asking for. Yet they want this again. Nicole realizes that they cannot help but want what they cannot have.

Bill wants to know what is going on. He asks if he said something that upset her. She asks why she would be upset. He owes her a drink and a dinner on his rooftop Vegas restaurant and another one so they can watch movies and drink wine. Bill will but he has been busy. Emmy wonders if he was too busy to mention he was getting married.

Ridge is so sorry. Steffy guesses that there is always a risk of marriage. Ridge feels that is the title of his memoir. Steffy hates saying this but she really thinks this was Wyatt’s last chance at getting rid of Quinn. She was no match at years of co-dependency with Quinn.

Quinn cannot believe that Steffy ended their marriage. She cannot do that. Wyatt doesn’t want her to think that he is here to enlist her in anything. Quinn asks if the reason she walked out was because Wyatt told her that she has power of attorney. Wyatt guesses that it was the breaking point on a long list of things apparently. All stemming from Quinn.

Nicole thinks that all they asked was for her to think about it. Zende wonders if she is. Nicole notes that all they did was ask. It clearly want easy for them to do. Zende thinks it seems pretty easy to him. Nicole feels that they clearly thought long and hard about this. Zende is pretty worried right now. Nicole believes it is a serious question that deserves a serious answer. Nicole doesn’t think that they want her to be pressured into answering. Zende feels that even asking is putting pressure on her. They know it. He thinks they do as well.

Emmy asks if he is really marrying Brooke Logan. Bill wanted to tell Emmy himself but he didn’t want to upset her. Talk is cheap. Emmy doesn’t think that talk is cheap. Talk is everything. She feels that it is always the right time to talk with him. If he would have told her himself she would have said she is a very lucky woman and if it goes south then he knows where to find him. Bill does know where to find her. They hug.

Liam continues to look at Steffy’s photo. He sighs.

Steffy asks if she was foolish. Ridge does think that she married Wyatt to quickly though. Steffy contemplates annulling the marriage. She was in love with Wyatt. She honestly thinks that she would have loved him regardless of Quinn. Ridge believes that they were only together because of Quinn. Steffy points out that her feelings were real. Ridge guesses they were real to her. Steffy will take them in. The love wouldn’t have happened without her permission. Ridge asks what happens now.

Quinn is so sorry. She knows that she is to blame. He has to understand that she was just following the incredible love that she has with Eric. She needs to be here. Wyatt feels that she is here then. Quinn means that she needs to be the woman that she is when she is with Eric. Wyatt wouldn’t dream of standing in the way of her self-improvement. Quinn knows that Eric needs a person to stand up for him without an agenda. She thanks him again for giving her the power of attorney. It made all the difference. Wyatt is sure that it did. Quinn feels that he has always stood by her. She is grateful for that. If Steffy wants to go back to Liam then she can have him. They are never going back to the way they were. Eric and her are going to sign the marriage license. They will see the good in that someday. She is sorry that he lost Steffy. She knows how much he cared for her. Wyatt asks if she did. He told her not to get involved and what does she do. She falls in love with Eric. His marriage is over because of Quinn. Wyatt walks away.

Liam walks outside and looks at the beach. Liam remembers telling Steffy that he will be waiting here to pick up where they left off. He feels they had good times here.

Steffy knows that she cannot turn back the clock. She isn’t like Quinn who thinks she has a magic clock that can change the outcome on choices she wishes she made differently. Ridge feels that is the same conclusion that he made with Caroline. Steffy feels that things started to unravel when she found out that Liam didn’t leave. She didn’t have the marriage she thought she had. Ridge suggests that maybe she can be friends with Wyatt. Steffy wonders if she is like Eric who makes choices out of happiness instead of the outcome. Quinn though… Ridge feels that Quinn is a disaster. Ridge knows that Eric has the ability to always see what is right in front of him. He doesn’t share that quality. Ridge suggests that it skipped a generation.

Wyatt walks around the living room and starts to hear Steffy yelling at him thinking that he was supposed to do something about Quinn. He then starts to hear Quinn tell her she had know idea that this would happen. Quinn walks back downstairs. She is sorry she had to go upstairs but the nurse was saying that Eric is making a lot of good progress. He looks a lot rosier today. When he would wake up in the hospital he always had an awful ashy look. That might have been the lighting. Quinn asks if he would like breakfast. Wyatt isn’t hungry. Quinn is so sorry about all of this. For him to lose Steffy now. It just isn’t right. Wyatt asks why he always ends up in the same place. Quinn doesn’t think that is true. He doesn’t think anyone else gets Quinn down. They all hate her but it isn’t fair. Wyatt has to put on a smile and claim that it is all in the past. Quinn will not let anyone get the best of them. Wyatt knows that for her everything will be fine but not for him.

Nicole and Maya were not raised together but she knows her family. They fight and say devastating things to each other but it comes from a good place. Zende asks if Maya and Rick know that they are asking too much. Nicole is sure that they do. A brother or sister would be nice though. Zende thinks that Nicole can say no. He feels that she has given enough. Nicole realizes that he has thought of her pregnancy as a terrible time but the only really terrible thing was thinking that she lost him. Zende asks if she is really considering going through this again.

Steffy rides her motor cycle down the street.

Wyatt starts to walk out the door. Quinn asks where he is going. Wyatt asks if she knows what is odd. Everyone asked Liam to respect his marriage to Steffy. He pretty much did that more or less. Quinn still basically managed to achieve what Liam ultimately wanted more or less. Quinn asks Wyatt to stay. She will call up Bill and tell him that he isn’t coming into work today. Wyatt asks where they will go. Quinn thinks that they can go see a movie or have lunch. They always have fun. She wants to help. Wyatt doesn’t think that misery enjoys company. As crazy as it sounds he might be able to give Steffy what she wanted after all. Quinn asks what that is. Wyatt means to walk away from Quinn and not look back.

Steffy walks up to Liam’s house. She takes off her helmet. She walks around the back. Liam moves from where he is. Steffy goes around to the back. Liam is overlooking the ocean. He turns around and sees Steffy. She smiles. He walks over. She walks over as well. He says hi and she says it back. Steffy explains that Wyatt couldn’t keep his promise. She wonders if she was foolish to ask. Quinn doesn’t listen. Liam is sorry. Steffy thinks that Quinn has everything but Steffy herself. She is free. Liam asks if she and Wyatt… Steffy tells him that they are over. That is why they are here. Liam smiles.

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