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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt reminds Steffy that she knows he loves her. Steffy knows that but it isn’t about that. Wyatt asks why it can’t only be about that. Steffy wonders how they can do that when Quinn is move involved in her life than ever. Especially now that she knows that Eric left the power of attorney to Quinn instead of Ridge. Wyatt had to do it. Steffy asks if it was worth it even if it cost them everything. Wyatt will fight until his last breath for their marriage. The question is will Steffy or will she walk away.

In Rick’s office Thomas is on the ground playing with Douglas. Caroline asks if she has mentioned that their son has started eating solid foods. Thomas is impressed. He wonders if it will be like a steak. Caroline thinks he sounds like Bill. Next thing she knows he will be offering Douglas a cigar. Thomas asks how it works out staying over at Bill’s. Caroline mentions that it is only temporary. It is probably good for him after all that has happened. Thomas assumes that she means after Katie and Will left him. Caroline explains that Bill gets to see Will all the time. It isn’t as good as having both parents together all the time. Caroline wonders if Thomas would agree.

Maya wonders how Eric is feeling. They are at a restaurant. Rick tells her that he is starting to feel a little better. Maya is sure that bringing him home helped even if it was Quinn’s idea. Rick knows but she is not his wife and she doesn’t get to make that call. Not regarding his father. Not regarding the family. He doesn’t want to talk about his family anymore. Nicole and Zende will be here in a little while. He realizes that everything going on with Eric is crazy. Maya tells him it is ok. Zende and Nicole walk over and sit down. Zende asks what they missed. Maya explains that bodies break and bodies heal. They all hold on to that. Rick reminds them that he married this beautiful soul. Maya feels that it is all thanks to Nicole. She knows that they have said this many times but she could never thank her or both of them for the joy of having Lizzie in their lives.

Thomas guesses that every situation is different Thomas doesn’t think that Douglas will ever have to worry because they will always be there for him. Caroline agrees. She would like to be there for him and living as a family. That would be even better. Thomas tells Douglas that Caroline must be trying to make a point. Sasha walks over and hides behind the door. Caroline made a point yesterday. It is finally possible for things to happen. She really wants them to be a family. She needs to hear him say that he wants it as well. Sasha walks over to the door. Thomas sees her.

Wyatt understands that she is upset but he needs to know that she will stick it out. Steffy feels that he had to know this would happen. Her grandfather is now at Quinn’s mercy again. Her family is in trouble. Wyatt doesn’t think this is about her family. It is about them. The two of them and whether they can stick it out with what has been thrown at them. Steffy claims they have tried. They have both tried. Wyatt assumes that she has given up on trying then. Wyatt isn’t. He won’t stop trying until she tells him it is pointless. Steffy just cannot see them moving forward because Quinn is such a huge factor. She wishes he could tell her that Quinn will leave town and rip up the papers. If he can tell her that then they have a chance. Wyatt wonders what happens if he cannot. Then he wonders if they don’t. Wyatt needs to know right here and right now.

Sasha realizes she is interrupting. She can come back. Thomas tells her it is ok. He was just catching up with Douglas. Caroline guesses that they can get going. She assumes that he has work stuff to talk about with Sasha. Caroline realizes that it is almost Douglas’s nap time. Thomas wanted to throw back a couple of beers and watch the game with him. Sasha thinks that he really is so cute with Douglas. Thomas gives Caroline Douglas. He tells Douglas to take care of Caroline. Caroline needs Thomas to think about what she said. Thomas will. Caroline says goodbye to Sasha and Sasha says it back. Sasha smiles. Thomas wonders what is wrong. Sasha just thinks that Thomas is an awesome dad.

Rick and Maya are both whispering to each other. Nicole wonders if something is going on here. Rick doesn’t know what she means. Nicole doesn’t know exactly. He invited them out to eat… She guesses they can forget it. It is fine. Rick knows that Maya said she wanted to wait but he asks if she can tell them. Maya isn’t sure if she can. Nicole wonders what.

Wyatt knows that Steffy knows this but he has always tried to protect her with every chance he gets. He wishes that Quinn hadn’t got with Eric. He wishes that Ridge hadn’t lied so he had to get involved. Wyatt just wishes that for a second that Steffy would accept that Quinn is different since being with Eric. Steffy doesn’t think that she is different. She says she is changed but Eric almost died because of her. Wyatt points out that it was a medical condition and she wasn’t even in the room. She and her family were. Steffy cannot believe it. He said it. Wyatt hates that this is happening. He hates that Quinn is hanging over their heads. They are newlyweds and ever since this they haven’t been able to act like it. She just moved back in. Steffy finally believed that Quinn was out of her family’s life. Wyatt tells her that isn’t going to happen so he wants to know where they stand. He asks if she wants to be with their home and life.

Thomas wants to be the kind of father that Eric is. Ridge as well but they are still working on their issues. Sasha assumes that she means like the night that he and Caroline conceived Douglas. Thomas feels that even back then he was trying to win back Caroline’s heart. The fact that anyone thinks that he is capable of doing anything like that is sick. Sasha understands that he didn’t realize that she was taking pills. Thomas wants to know how anyone could have realized that. She had been drinking and he came over and they both drank a lot. Sasha knows that he respects women to much to ever cross the line that way. Sasha guesses that is what makes it even harder. They have to end things.

Nicole hopes that Lizzie isn’t sick. Maya promises that she is doing fine. Happy and healthy. They still marble at how much joy she brings into their life. Rick knows that one day Lizzie will know what her aunt did for her. She gave them the greatest gift ever. She just thinks that it is hard to ask her for anything else. She just wonders if it is an option now that Rick and Lizzie and her are a family. Nicole wonders what she means. Maya would love to give Lizzie a little brother or sister. They know it is crazy but she brought so much joy to their lives. Maya asks if she would consider doing it again.

Steffy thinks that Wyatt already knows the answer. It is why she married him. It is why she wants to be in the house with him. If she didn’t then it wouldn’t be so hard. Wyatt cannot believe this is all because of his mother. Steffy feels that she has too much power. She has complete control. He might think it is the right thing to tell her but there is so much damage that Quinn can do. Wyatt doesn’t even think that Quinn is thinking about power. She just wants to be with her husband. Help him through the crisis. Steffy thinks this is a crisis for her family. The Forrester’s have never experienced anything like this. She is dangerous. Wyatt still told her though. Steffy thinks that this is proof that Quinn will always be in her life. Steffy cannot put up with this any longer.

Thomas asks if she is ending things. Sasha is. She guesses that there isn’t much to end. They were just enjoying each other. Even if they were though she could never get in the way of a father and his child. Especially after not growing up with a father. She guesses that things will be the way that they were meant to be. Thomas asks about Sasha. Sasha will be fine. They were just hanging out. They weren’t anything. She won’t lie and think that they couldn’t have had something special but his son needs him. The two hug each other.

Maya is sure that this sounds like it is coming out of nowhere. Rick believes that they have been thinking about having another child for a while. Maya doesn’t want her to feel pressure in anyway. They just want Lizzie to have someone to play with. That way she will always have family. The bond of siblings. She wants to know how they feel. Maya knows that being pregnant caused issues. If there are still issues they just need to tell them and they will be fine. There are other options they can do. Maya promises that if she says no then they will never ask again. Lizzie is a miracle. If there is any way that Nicole would be willing to give Lizzie a little brother or sister. They want her to think about it. It is all they are asking.

Wyatt isn’t going to let Steffy paint their marriage into a corner. Steffy believes that Quinn is the one who did that. Every time she defied her warnings she kept coming back. Wyatt knows. He tried to get her to stop. Wyatt loves Steffy and he feels like they are being pulled apart from no fault of their own. Steffy feels that they have had so many incredible experiences but they need to be real. She doesn’t know if they would have been married if it wasn’t for Quinn. Wyatt thinks that it was their feelings that got them together. Steffy does love him and always will love him. She thinks that there are so many things because of Quinn. She knows that she will not change. Wyatt knows that too. They have known it for so long. They have honored their marriage. She doesn’t see any other way. Steffy is sorry. She kisses Wyatt passionately. He stops her. Steffy walks out. Wyatt tells her not to walk out on him. Steffy leaves. Wyatt calls after her again. Outside Steffy is crying.

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