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Written By Anthony
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Wyatt wouldn’t have believed it himself if he hadn’t heard it. He heard Ridge, Steffy, and Carter all conspiring against what Eric actually wanted. Wyatt demands that Ridge tell Quinn the truth. Ridge assumes that Wyatt more than anyone would know the repercussions of this. Quinn asks if this is true. Wyatt tells her that she is in charge of Eric, the company, basically all off Forrester and everything else. Until Eric gets on his feet again Quinn has total control. Quinn asks if she can stay here then. Wyatt says that she can because she lives here. If anyone is leaving it is Ridge.

Liam wonders why Steffy is talking about Quinn. He thought that she was out of her life which is why she moved back in with Wyatt. Steffy guesses it was something like that. Liam doesn’t actually believe that Quinn will ever be out of her life. Liam wants to know what is wrong. Steffy admits that it turns out that Ridge doesn’t actually have power of attorney. Liam wants to know who does. Steffy states that it is Quinn. Liam is shocked that Eric gave power of attorney to Quinn. He thought that Ridge had it. Steffy thinks that is what should have happened but Carter explained to them that Eric gave it to Quinn and not Ridge. Liam assumes that Steffy tried to convince him to bury it. Steffy wanted it to because they have to protect everything. None of them felt good about it. Wyatt overheard and went to go tell Quinn.

Quinn can tend to her husband. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric is her husband. Wyatt feels that is a technicality. Ridge wonders if this is really what Wyatt wants. His mother and Eric together. Wyatt wants to be realistic. He may not have been comfortable when they were first together but it is clear they are in love and he is not comfortable with lying and cheating. Ridge doubts that Quinn is safe of any of that. Quinn walks up stairs. Ridge demands to know where she is going. Quinn wants to go see Eric. Ridge tells her that the nurse is with him right now. Wyatt tells her she can go. Quinn can give the nurse a few more minutes. After all she can see him whenever she wants. They will never be apart again. Ridge asks if Wyatt realizes what he has done. Wyatt told the truth. Ridge doesn’t think he has to paint a picture of Quinn having her hands on everything. Quinn doesn’t want Eric’s money. She cares about Eric. Ridge does as well which is why he deserves power of attorney. So he can protect him from her. After all she has done to the family. Quinn doesn’t blame Ridge. She has done bad things but she has learned from Eric that she is a good person who has done bad things. Ridge doesn’t hate Quinn he just wants her out of here. Quinn isn’t going to debate him. All Eric asked is that his family come to the wedding and support him and none of them did. The fact that Eric loved her was not ok with them. Wyatt thinks they made a mistake and they only made it worse by doing this power of attorney stunt. Quinn will never leave again and there isn’t one thing anyone can do to stop her. She is going to go see her husband now. She walks upstairs.

Steffy knows that if Quinn has power of attorney then that means she has control of Eric’s affairs. Which means the company, the house, and everything. Liam hopes that Wyatt has time to think it over. If anyone has had time to see Quinn’s handy work it is Wyatt. Quinn is a threat to Steffy. Steffy knows that Quinn has done bad things to Liam. Liam points out that she has also done bad things to Hope and Ivy. He asks how they cannot judge her by her past by what she has done. Wyatt has an obligation to protect Steffy and her family if he gives Quinn power of attorney. All it does is put Quinn more into Eric’s life.

Quinn walks into her bedroom. The nurse notes that she is back. Quinn will be taking care of him. The nurse wonders if Ridge is aware of this. Quinn says that Ridge is in the living room and she can go ask him herself. She will not be leaving him ever again. Quinn promises to Eric that she will always be here for him.

Ridge tells the nurse it is fine and thanks for checking. She goes back upstairs. Ridge tells Wyatt that he should have stayed out of it. Wyatt tried but he couldn’t after what Ridge pulled. Ridge wonders what he pulled. Ridge was trying to protect Eric. Wyatt guesses that is his perception. He admits that Quinn has done crazy more than anyone. She has changed though. He has never seen her like this. Ridge doesn’t think she is any different. Wyatt asks if Eric is to stupid then. Ridge feels that Eric is ill and vulnerable to that woman. Wyatt didn’t buy it at first either. It is obvious though that the two are in love and they are married. Ridge notes that it isn’t officially. Wyatt thinks it is clear they don’t give a damn about that. They are husband and wife and there is nothing they can do to change it. Ridge asks if Steffy knows about this. Wyatt says she does. He cannot believe she kept it from him. Ridge tells him he basically just ended his marriage. Wyatt hopes that isn’t the case. He still loves her but Quinn had a right to know. Ridge doesn’t think that Wyatt knows Steffy at all.

Steffy starts to think of the first time she caught Quinn with Eric and her begging Wyatt to keep this a secret. Liam hands Steffy a glass of water. Steffy is sure that Wyatt is with Quinn right now. Liam suggests that he could have changed his mind. Steffy feels he made up his mind already. Liam suggests she call him. Steffy said everything she needed to say. Liam believes if Wyatt tells Quinn the truth… Steffy moved out because of Quinn and moved back in because she thought they had control. If Wyatt is telling the truth then Quinn has power. Once again she has control over her marriage. Steffy looks at her wedding picture. Wyatt walks in. Steffy asks if he went to see Quinn. Wyatt did. Ridge was trying to kick her out of the house. Steffy isn’t shocked. Wyatt tells her that Eric came through for a few minutes. Steffy wonders why no one texted or called. Wyatt tells her that it was only for a few minutes and he told her to stay. Ridge thinks that she is a liar. Steffy asks if Quinn didn’t leave. Wyatt asks why she would when she has power of attorney. Steffy guesses that Wyatt told her. Wyatt had to. It was killing her to be away from her husband. Steffy wonders what Ridge did. Wyatt told him that he had no power and if anyone was leaving it had to be him. Steffy asks if Wyatt is ok with this. She wants to know how he could do this. Wyatt doesn’t think that the success and failure of their marriage has nothing to do with Quinn. It has to do with how much they love each other. He knows they can get past this. He asks if she will actually fight for their marriage or if she will just leave.

Quinn looks at Eric. She starts to think of all the times she has spent with Eric. She smiles. Quinn was just thinking of all the wonderful times they had together. So many wonderful memories. It feels like they have been together forever but they only just began. They will get through this though. It is just a speed bump. She will fight for him. She knows about the power of attorney. The faith and trust he put in her. It means the world. She will not let him regret this. She will protect him and their marriage. Quinn will not let anyone get in their way. Eric has given her a new life. Changed her and made her a new person. He has defended her and she will do the exact same thing for him. He is safe with her until he is ready to come back. She kisses him. Eric starts to blink again. Is eyes open. He can see Quinn. Eric asks if she is still here. Quinn says she is still here. Quinn asks what the smile is. Eric tells her Monaco. Quinn says yes Monaco is the place where he told her that her eyes are the same color of the sea. Nothing will ever keep them apart. Eric holds her wrist. Eric tells her to not leave. Quinn promises that she will never leave again. She hugs Eric. Eric hugs her back.

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