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Written By Anthony
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Steffy needs Wyatt to please listen to her. Wyatt cannot even believe that Ridge and Steffy are covering up Eric giving Quinn power of attorney. Steffy tells him that everyone believes that Ridge has power of attorney and it will stay that way to protect Eric, the company, and her family. She needs to know that he understands that and won’t say anything to Quinn.

Eric has been moved into his bedroom at the mansion. Ridge thanks the doctor. The doctor thinks that he has all the equipment that he needs and a staff. It is just like the hospital only better because he is with his family. Ridge wants to know why he is still not awake. The doctor feels that he needs time to recover. Ridge wonders what they can do. The doctor wants them to spend time with him and let him know they are all hear waiting for him to come back. Ridge goes over to Eric. He welcomes him home. He thinks that he is here with the people that love him. Ridge will bring him all the way back.

Liam sees Ivy dressed as Steffy and really does think that it is Steffy. He starts to ask her if it is indeed Steffy. She will not respond. Ivy walks down the runway. Liam looks at her. Ivy raises the vale and smiles. Ivy tells Liam that Steffy is not the only woman in the world. She can give him everything he needs and much more.

In the living room Ridge thanks, the doctor for everything. The doctor wants Ridge to call if he has any questions. He gave him his personal number as well. Ridge thanks him. Ridge opens the door. Quinn runs up and asks how her husband is. Ridge tells the doctor that he has this. The doctor leaves. Ridge asks why Quinn is here. Quinn called the hospital to check up on Eric and they said that he was moved here. Ridge thinks that she knows so now she can leave. Quinn will not leave until she sees her husband. Ridge doesn’t think that he is her husband. He has power of attorney and he doesn’t want her here.

Wyatt would like to know what he is supposed to do. He cannot forget to know everything he knows. Steffy thinks that he should. Wyatt cannot do that. Wyatt realizes that Quinn has given her reason to be concerned but Steffy is crossing a line here. They are stealing Eric’s power of attorney. They are making choices that they have no right to make because Quinn is the one who should be. Wyatt asks how he is supposed to keep that away from her.

Liam would like to talk about this dress. Ivy wanted Liam to realizes that the dress is all it is. It is just a dress. It has no real significance because the woman who wore it is now married to someone else. Ivy isn’t though. She is still here and loving him the way that she always has. Liam feels that she has changed. She is just so assertive. Ivy guesses that is how you get what you want. The universe isn’t going to just hand things to you. Ivy feels that him pining after his brother’s wife is not normal. He deserves a woman who will put him first. This is their time and they need to take it.

Quinn walks into the living room. She notices that Stephanie’s portrait is once again over the fire place. She doesn’t think that Ridge wastes any time. Ridge believes that Quinn’s face over the fire place was a disgrace. He thinks that Eric put it up there because he was in a bad place. Quinn doesn’t care whose portrait is up there. She just wants to see Eric. If he wants to punish her then it is working because she is in hell but Ridge is also punishing Eric. He is reaching out to her. She can feel him. She understands that Ridge might hate her but Eric wants to be with her. It is what he would want. He has to know that somewhere deep inside of him. Ridge tells her that she gets five minutes. Quinn runs upstairs as fast as she can.

Wyatt tells Steffy that when Eric wakes up the truth will come out. Steffy wants him to wake up as soon as possible but right now she has to think about that woman making choices for Eric. The business and his health. She feels that Wyatt of all people should know how dangerous Quinn is. Wyatt believes that Quinn is better. Steffy cannot believe how far this charade has gone. She moved into her family’s home. Steffy thinks that they are doing the right thing. They need to take control. Wyatt cannot tell his mom. Wyatt wants to do what she is asking of him but what they are doing is not only wrong but against the law. Quinn hasn’t even done anything to deserve this. Steffy knows that she took advantage of a lonely widower. Wyatt knows that isn’t how Eric sees it. Steffy is his wife and should be supporting him. Wyatt wants to know how he can support this. Steffy doesn’t trust Quinn with her grandfather’s life. He of all people should know that. Wyatt wants her to look at the whole situation here. They are crazy about each other. She should be encouraging this. If anyone is going to help Eric get better, it is going to be the woman that he loves.

Quinn goes into her and Eric’s bedroom and the nurse looks puzzled. Quinn tells her it is alright. Ridge said she could come in. The nurse says ok and leaves. Quinn goes over to Eric. She says hello. She holds his hand and tells him that she is here. She kisses his hand.

Liam is so flattered and honored that she would still want to be with him but the reason they ended… Ivy knows it was because of Steffy. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy just goes away. Ivy knows he will not let it go. Liam is in love with a woman who married his brother. Liam guesses that he cannot argue with those facts. Liam can’t give up on a future with the woman that he loves though. He isn’t sure that he ever will. Ivy is smart and funny. Ivy tells him to stop.

Steffy is shocked that Wyatt is defending Quinn after everything she has done. Wyatt believes that Quinn is good for Eric. He doesn’t think that Steffy should be trying to keep them apart. Steffy wouldn’t be doing this if Quinn was just a marginally decent human being. Steffy asks if he forgot everything she has done. Wyatt wishes he could. Steffy believes that Quinn is toxic. She is dangerous and now she is with Eric and he is in a coma. Steffy is going to do everything she can to keep them apart. Wyatt guesses that she has proven that. Steffy doesn’t want to fight him. She is going to do everything to force Quinn out. Wyatt loves Steffy. It is ok to disagree with her on things. Steffy doesn’t want to be against Wyatt. Wyatt isn’t against her. What she and Ridge are doing right now is not ok. Steffy doesn’t feel that Eric was thinking clearly. Wyatt believes that is for a judge to decide if it even comes to that. Not Steffy. From now Eric’s wishes have to be respected. Wyatt has followed her demands before but on this he cannot. He is sorry. Wyatt grabs his keys. Steffy wants to know where he is going. Wyatt got a text from Quinn. She is going to go and try seeing Eric at his house. Steffy begs him not to do this. She reminds him that she is his wife. Steffy doesn’t want her doing this. Wyatt leaves. Steffy kicks a suitcase.

Quinn tells Eric that it is her. She turns around. She asks if the nurse can give them a second. The nurse tells her sure and leaves. Quinn tells Eric that she is finally here. It has been a challenge. Ridge and Steffy are misguided. They think that they are protecting him by keeping her away. She missed him so much. They have gotten so close that being away from him makes her feel like she is missing a piece of herself. She asks how he is feeling. Quinn reminds him that he still owes her a honeymoon. Quinn will not let him get away without giving her one. Quinn starts to cry. She is so lost without him. They have gotten so close and she misses them. She misses the way they laugh. Quinn misses the twinkle in his eye when he gives her the look. Their lives were just getting started when this happened. They will get through it though. They will come out getting stronger because that is what they do. Eric opens his eyes. Quinn is happy that he is awake. Eric calls Quinn his love. Quinn says yes and kisses his hand. Eric says Quinn’s name. Quinn tells Eric she is always here. Quinn promises she is not leaving and will be right here by his side. Eric falls back asleep. Ridge walks in and tells her it is time to go. Quinn tells him that he just woke up and opened his eyes a second ago. Ridge thinks that she is trying to buy more time. He doesn’t believe a word she says. Quinn thinks someone has to protect Eric. Ridge drags her out of the room as she screams his name.

Liam shows up at Steffy’s house and realizes that he maybe should have chosen another time. Steffy asks if something is wrong. Liam thought that he should tell her something. When she left Forrester Ivy and him were backstage and… He wants to know what is wrong with Steffy. Steffy says Quinn. She doesn’t think that she will ever leave her life or her family’s.

Quinn begs Ridge to listen and believe that Eric opened his eyes. Ridge has dragged her down the stairs. Quinn said that Eric didn’t want her to leave. Ridge thinks that she will say anything to get what she wants. Ridge wants her to get out of his life. Out of his dad’s life. Ridge believes that Eric was targeted. Ridge would love for Eric to have a beautiful woman in his life but it is not Quinn. It will never be her. She eats people and chews them up. Ridge is going to have a guard at the gate all the time and he filed a restraining order so her choices are these. Stay away or go to jail. Quinn tells him to stop talking about control. He opened his eyes and said not to leave. That should count for something. The things that they have said about her are true but she has changed. She is sure that Ridge has changed a few times as well. Eric knows that she has. Ridge thinks that Quinn is good at lying at people. Ridge opens the door. Quinn tells Ridge that when Eric wakes up she will tell him how Ridge has been treating her and the whole power play will be over. Eric does not like being treated like a child. Wyatt walks in and wants to know what is going on here. Quinn tells Wyatt to get through to Ridge. Wyatt wonders what she is talking about. Quinn says that Eric woke up and opened his eyes. He called her his love. Ridge thinks she is such a liar. Wyatt demands that Ridge let go of her. He knows Ridge heard him. He can leave. Ridge asks what he means. Wyatt knows. Quinn wonders what he knows. Wyatt knows what happened at his house with Steffy and Carter. Eric didn’t give Ridge power of attorney. He gave it to Quinn so he has zero control here. Wyatt wants Ridge to tell Quinn the truth.

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