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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the photo studio Liam looks angry and asks if Steffy is really going back to Wyatt. Steffy explains that she is in a very calm and nonchalant way. She tells him that Quinn is not a problem anymore so she will move back in today. Liam wonders if she is sure that she wants to rush this. He is thrilled that Quinn is out of Eric’s house but she is still her mother-in-law. Steffy is doing everything she can to keep Quinn out of her life. She doesn’t need Liam to worry. Liam tells her that Steffy is the most important thing in her life and Quinn is crazy. This is crazy for her to go back to him when they both know that Steffy should be with him. Steffy sighs. Steffy promised Wyatt. One last chance. Liam hopes that Steffy means that because Quinn will end up getting involved and she will come back to him.

In a new apartment Wyatt suggests that Quinn should at least be able to visit Eric. Quinn wants to know how. They have made it impossible. Wyatt assumes a supervised visit shouldn’t be out of the question. Quinn is not a criminal. She is his wife. She would have been at least had the signed the paperwork right away. They were going to just before they went on their trip. Eric wanted to go to the office first to confront them all. She just wants to see her husband. She is banned though. Quinn keeps seeing Eric wondering where his wife is not realizing it is Ridge keeping her away.

Ivy asks Liam if he is being serious. Liam tells her that she is indeed moving back in with him today. Ivy asks why Liam tortures himself with this girl. Liam does not think that this is torture. Ivy tells him that he needs to forget about Steffy. Liam can’t. Ivy asks how he cannot when she told him she was moving back in with her husband. Liam can’t.

Wyatt suggests that he could try to talk to Ridge. Quinn tells Wyatt that Ridge kicked her out of the hospital and the company. He is keeping Eric like his own personal hostage. She cannot see him because of Ridge being the stupid power of attorney.

Steffy and Ridge take boxes into Wyatt’s house. Ridge promises that Thorne is over at the hospital with Kristin and Felicia and he will let them know if anything changes. Steffy asks if that means no new news. Ridge tells her that the doctor will be able to get all the equipment for Eric to recover at home so that is something. Steffy is glad. She thanks him for helping her. Ridge asks if she is ok with this. Steffy assumes he means moving back in with Wyatt. Ridge means Wyatt in general. Steffy guesses that Quinn isn’t making her life miserable anymore. She promised Wyatt that she would move in if Quinn was out of the equation. Ridge asks if Liam knows that she is moving back in. Steffy tells him that he does but she doesn’t think that is taking it well. He thinks that Quinn will still be a problem. Ridge knows that she will but at least she is out of the company. Steffy is glad for the power of attorney. They cannot let anyone know that Eric actually assigned it to Quinn.

Liam looks at a few dresses and asks Ivy where they came from. Ivy explains that they came from storage. She is designing a new collection and she needed some inspiration. Liam can tell that this is Steffy’s wedding dress. She wore it in Aspen when they got married. Ivy pulled it because it was so unusual looking. She goes on to say that there are many famous wedding dresses. One of them is Brooke’s. She cannot tell which wedding it was. Liam can still remember Steffy walking towards him. This dress was blowing in the breeze. Then she took off the vale and knew she was the one. Ivy tells Liam that he needs to accept that he is no longer able to be with Steffy. Liam doesn’t think that it is that easy. Ivy asks what if he had help. She isn’t even going to be that blunt. She tells Liam that she is tired of being timid. Ivy wants to give it another shot. She tells him to stop humiliating himself. Ivy can make him happy. She tells him to stop pining over his brother’s wife.

Quinn knows that it sounds ridicules but she can hear Eric. She knows that he cannot speak but she can hear Eric reaching out for her. Wyatt doesn’t think that is ridicules but they have guards at the hospital. They are going to get a restraining order. Quinn knows that she cannot go to the hospital or she will go to jail but it would be worth it. Quinn needs to be with him. Wyatt needs her to be realistic. Quinn knows that Ridge doesn’t care about Eric. He cares about money and power and the company. Ridge is using her as an excuse to get it. She will not let him get away with that. Wyatt wants her to do something that she will not regret. After everything that has happened with Eric something good kind of came out of it. Steffy is moving back in.

Ridge asks where Steffy wants the boxes. Steffy can put them in the garage. Ridge assumes that it is just in case. Steffy thinks that he is funny. Someone knocks on the door. Carter is at the door. He tells them that Pam said they were both over here. Ridge asks if he knows that she is moving back in with Wyatt. Carter guesses that is great news. Steffy thinks that now that Quinn is no longer in their life it is great news. Carter tells them that Quinn’s name is on the power of attorney. It is his duty to tell her. Ridge doesn’t think that it is. Carter is Eric’s lawyer. Ridge will stop him right there. No one can ever find out. She cannot find out ever.

Quinn is shocked that Steffy is finally moving back in. Wyatt guesses that he will finally get his marriage back. Quinn is happy she guesses. Steffy is not high on her list of favorite people. She has been nothing but cruel to her. Quinn knows how Wyatt feels about her though. So she thinks it is wonderful. She does. Quinn asks when she is moving back in. Wyatt says that she is moving in right now. He should probably get home and help her unpack. Quinn cannot believe day one of them getting back together involves her taking him away from her. Quinn says it is ok. Wyatt tells her to hang in. They hug.

Liam knows that waiting for Steffy could be a huge mistake. Ivy doesn’t want to hear him say but. Liam does. He asks what she wants him to say. Ivy moved back to LA to start working again but also to start a new life. She really wants that life to be with him. He gets a phone call. Ivy tells him to take it unless it is from Steffy. Liam promises it isn’t. It is from his foundation. Ivy tells him to take it. She is glad that he has that to distract him. It is a good place to start. Ivy thinks a new woman is a good next step. Liam takes the call. Ivy goes over to the rack and finds Steffy’s dress.

Carter knows that nobody wants Quinn in control but he has a legal obligation. Ridge thinks that his legal obligation is to keeping the family safe. Steffy gets that he feels guilty. Steffy feels guilty too but they have to. They have no other option. Wyatt walks up to the door outside. He overhears Ridge saying that they have to act the part and make it seem like he has power of attorney not Quinn. She should not be making choices for the company. Carter agrees with that if they fight in court. They should do it the right way. Ridge asks what can happen if they all keep quiet. They owe it Eric. Carter guesses they can do it. They cannot let Quinn have control. He guesses they can try to see if there is a way to get his name put on instead of Quinn’s. Wyatt runs away to not get caught over hearing this. Carter leaves. Ridge is going to leave too. He will let her unpack. Ridge asks if she is second guessing this. Steffy isn’t. It feels wrong but it is the right thing to do. Ridge knows it is. They have to keep Eric safe. Ridge leaves. Wyatt walks out from behind the house. He walks in. Steffy says hello. She asks if he is ok. Wyatt wants to know how long she has known about Quinn. He asks how long she has known she has had Eric’s power of attorney.

Quinn looks at pictures of Eric on her phone. She starts to think about all the times that they have spent together since dating.

Liam thanks someone on the phone. He thinks this is great. He will talk to them soon. He hangs up. The lights go off. Liam says hello. A runway lights up. Ivy is wearing Steffy’s wedding dress. Liam assumes it is Steffy.

Wyatt knows that Quinn has power of attorney and not Ridge. Steffy knew this. He kicked her out of the house. Steffy points out that they are not married because it isn’t legal. Wyatt doesn’t want her to talk to him about legal after what he just said. Ridge has been abusive to her. He has been verbally abusive time and time again. Even though he knows he is full of it. He knows what Eric really wants and Steffy allows it. Steffy knows that she had to. Quinn having power of attorney makes no sense. Wyatt knows it is Eric’s call and not hers. He hears all the time about how they have to protect Eric from her but they are the ones lying. Steffy doesn’t want to lie. If Quinn found out then she would move into Eric’s house and have complete control over everything while Eric is lying in a bed helpless. Wyatt is going to tell her. She is going crazy right now. She is worried sick about her husband. Wyatt doesn’t care the license is unsigned. She is still his wife. Steffy knows that this is hard for her to understand. Steffy points out that he made a promise of loyalty to his wife. Wyatt has proven that time and time again. He missed her wedding and yet she still lies to him. Steffy was just going along with Ridge’s lie. It is best for their relationship. It keeps her here. It will make their marriage better. She needs Wyatt to keep this a secret.

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