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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy is still looking at the papers. She doesn’t think that there is anyway this is right. She asks if Quinn really has power of attorney. Carter tells her that it means that Quinn has the right to make all the choices that Eric would normally be in charge of in his life. Ridge cannot imagine that Eric was actually in the right state of mind when he signed that. Carter guesses that there is always the possibility. It would be very hard to do in court though. Steffy thinks that they have to do something. Ridge tells Carter that this is exactly why he had him draw up papers. That way he would be in charge and not Quinn.

Quinn thinks that she should be in Eric’s room. Wyatt reminds her that she has been in there all day. Thomas and Pam deserve some alone time with him. Quinn knows but she doesn’t like being away from him. Wyatt knows. She heard the nurse though. She will come and get her if anything happens. Quinn just has the feeling that Eric is going to wake up very soon. Wyatt bets that she is right. He will be out here dancing around with a martini before she knows it. Quinn doesn’t know what to do. She is so worried. Wyatt thinks that it is kind of sweet. Seeing her care for her new husband like this. Quinn explains that he might not really be her husband after all.

In Eric’s room Thomas tells Eric that he never told him this before but he used to live for their Saturday’s as a kid. He would pretend that he really wanted to hang out with his friends just so he wouldn’t think that Thomas was too excited. Eric would call it the Forrester yacht club. They would just sit there for hours and draw. Thomas gets his taste in music from Eric. Eric taught him how to be a good man. He taught them all that. His kids and grandkids. Thomas wants him to teach his great grandson that. Thomas needs him around. He needs to wake up. Thomas tells him that he needs to come back. Thomas knows what they did was wrong. They should have gone to the wedding. He is sorry that he didn’t go. He will make it up to him. Thomas needs him to realize that. Thomas asks if Eric can do that for him. Thomas tells Eric that he has to wake up. Thomas starts to cry and Pam starts to hug him. Thomas hugs Pam back. He leaves. Pam puts Eric’s robe over him. She says that it is her. She has a fresh batch of lemon bars waiting for him too. Just the way he likes it. Pam knows that Eric is her fiercest ally. Pam promises to stick by Eric forever. Everybody loves Eric so much. They are his family. Not Quinn.

Wyatt wants to know what Quinn means by Eric might not be her husband. Quinn means not technically because they never signed the marriage license. They had so much emotion that day that they forgot. Wyatt asks what that means for her. Quinn guesses that it means that Ridge is trying to push her out of Eric’s life.

Ridge only made Carter create these papers so that Quinn couldn’t be in Eric’s life. Carter gave Ridge the paperwork. Ridge asks why Quinn’s name is on it instead of his. Carter guesses that Eric filled it in. Steffy suggests that Quinn filled it in herself. Carter double checked it is Eric’s. Ridge cannot believe this. Carter tells Ridge that there is nothing they can do. Quinn has all the power. Ridge thinks like hell she does.

In Rick’s office Sasha is getting fitted for a design by Thomas. Sasha wants to know how Eric is doing. Thomas tells her that he is still stable but hasn’t woken up. Sasha wonders what the doctors have said. Thomas notes that he hasn’t gotten better. He could fully recover. No one knows at this point. Sasha thinks it is so unfair that Eric is in this position. She was actually thinking of visiting him if it was ok with Thomas. Thomas thinks that they could go together. Sasha hopes that afterwards she can buy him some ice cream. Thomas feels that he is getting asked on a date. Sasha knows he planned their last one. Thomas could really use some ice cream right now. Sasha is sorry. She knows it is hard for him. Thomas thanks her.

Pam knows that Eric has always taken care of her. Stephanie’s crazy little sister Pam. He always looked after her. She knows that she was never easy but Eric never judged her. Pam hopes he knows how much she appreciates him. He always saved her a place during the holidays. Even after Stephanie died he kept her in his life. He is her best pal. Charlie is sweet and her guy but Eric is her family. He is all she has left. Her mother is gone and Stephanie is gone. Pam cannot lose Eric as well.

Wyatt tries to figure out what Quinn is saying. He interprets that she means that she is married in the eyes of God but not the law. Quinn thinks that is it exactly. The license is just a piece of paper though. Wyatt believes it is more than a piece of paper. Quinn knows that when Eric wakes up she will sign it and they will be legally married. Wyatt points out that if they are not married though that she has no legal rights. She has no say or rights for Quinn. If she is not a family member then they could kick her out. Quinn is not leaving even if Ridge tries. Quinn is not abandoning her husband. She will protect Eric even if it is from his own family.

Ridge feels that giving Quinn any sort of power is a disaster. Carter is as confused and concerned as he is. Ridge is not blaming him. Steffy believes that Carter doesn’t even know the half of it. Quinn is violent and dangerous. Carter isn’t sure he wants to. Ridge thinks the family needs him. No one needs to know whose name is on the document. As far as everyone is concerned Ridge has the power of attorney.

Sasha walks over to Thomas. She meant what she said. She is here for him if he needs to talk or anything. Thomas likes that he has her support. Sasha knows that he was there for her so now she can be there for him. Caroline walks into the room with Douglas and says surprise. Thomas asks what she is doing here. She didn’t tell him that she was coming back. Thomas grabs Douglas and holds him. Thomas thinks that he is so big. Caroline knows he is huge. Caroline says hello to Caroline awkwardly. Caroline didn’t think of coming back so soon but then she heard about Eric but mostly she wanted to see Thomas.

Pam pleads with God that they still need Eric. He is not done here. She is begging him to make him better. Pam needs Eric to be ok. Pam needs him to walk out of here. Pam continues to say please.

Quinn is not going to lose Eric. Not because of Ridge or the family. She doesn’t care that she didn’t sign the paper work. It doesn’t matter to her. Eric and her are bonded in every other way. The minister blessed them. Quinn knows that Eric’s intentions were clear. The family keeps blaming her when all she has done is love Eric. Quinn asks if he can get in touch with their attorney and find out if there is any way she can fight Ridge.

Carter asks if he really wants him to lie. Ridge thinks that it is the only way to protect him. Ridge tells Carter that Eric is fighting for his life because of Quinn. Steffy promises that no one will know but the three of them. They have his word. Ridge cannot believe that Carter would give all the power to Quinn. Carter doesn’t know if he can do what they are suggesting. Steffy begs him that he needs to not say anything. Ridge points out that everyone already thinks he has power of attorney so they should keep letting them think that. Steffy thanks Carter. Ridge doesn’t think he will regret it. Carter hopes not. Ridge says that they are going to go to the hospital and get Quinn out of their lives for good.

Caroline asks if Eric has still not woken up. Thomas says no but the doctors are still optimistic. Thomas doesn’t know if he will make a recovery or not. Caroline thinks that it must have been so hard to see. Thomas imagines that Sasha knows it is a mess. Sasha agrees that it is. Caroline guesses that she came back at the right time. Sasha wonders how New York was. Caroline feels it was needed and it is always nice to see her moms. Sasha thinks it was great to see them but imagines they have some catching up to do. Caroline agrees that they definitely have some catching up to do. Sasha leaves. Thomas tells Caroline that video chatting eight times a day was not enough. Thomas thinks he is cuter than when he left. Caroline is really glad they are getting a chance to talk. She just has been giving some things a lot of thought. What is best for Douglas and what is best for the two of them.

Quinn knows that Eric can hear her. She can feel him listening to her. She asks if he remembers her vows to him. She promised him that she would always be here with him. Ridge walks in. Quinn would like a few more minutes with her husband. Steffy tells her that he is not her husband. Quinn doesn’t want to do this in front of Eric. If they are going to do this then they will outside. They go into the lobby. Ridge tells her that it turns out their marriage wasn’t legal so she isn’t a part of the family. Quinn doesn’t care about a couple of names. She knows Eric meant his vows. Steffy knows that Quinn targeted and played Eric. Ridge knows that Quinn is the reason he is in that room. Quinn believes that Ridge and the rest of the family are the reason. They broke his heart. If they could have just accepted them. Steffy tells her it is over. Ridge says that when Eric gets better they will take him home. Quinn will not be taken away from her husband. Carter explains that the license was not signed so she is not married to Eric. Quinn thinks that Ridge would be so hurt if he knew what he was doing. Ridge has power of attorney to protect Eric. Quinn is not going anywhere. Steffy tells her she is not going in. A few nurses walk over and asks Ridge if everything is ok. Ridge explains that Quinn is harassing his father. Quinn tells them that she is his wife. She walks into Eric’s room and Ridge tells the nurses that she is not stable and needs to be removed. They grab Quinn and tell her that she needs to leave. Quinn screams to be let go as she is dragged down the hallway.

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