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Written By Anthony
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The movers are actively taking all of Quinn’s things out of the mansion. Ridge asks Quinn if she sees the paper. There is no signature. Quinn tells him they had a wedding. With all the emotion of the day they forgot to sign it. Ridge is sure that there was emotion. That doesn’t matter. Ridge tells Quinn that she doesn’t live here anymore.

Steffy tells Liam that the doctor is with the family right now. Liam suggests that Steffy call Wyatt he will know what is up. Steffy explains that he left to drive Quinn home. Liam wonders if Steffy told Wyatt that they found out the marriage license wasn’t valid. Steffy believes that she will let someone else tell him that. Steffy knew that Quinn would be a catastrophe for the family. She wishes that he would have listened.

Rick explains to the doctor that the last time he was here he forgot to mention that Eric has had heart problems. They could probably look it up. Zende remembers. The doctor assures them that it is in his charts so it should be fine. Rick remembers that they didn’t think that he would wake up. Nicole asks if that could be related. The doctor thinks it is hard to say. They got him here soon enough to do the procedure. The heart issues could be what is keeping him asleep but they do not know yet. Zende asks if he can go see him. The doctor thinks that should be fine. The nurses might worry about to many visitors but for all they know the active stimulation could help him. Zende thanks the doctor. Rick points out that Eric is Zende’s grandfather. He never has to ask permission. Zende goes into Eric’s room.

In Eric’s room, Brooke gets up telling Eric that Zende is here. Zende tells him that Eric’s love is unconditional to him for no reason. Zende knows that Eric deserves better from him.

Rick looks into Eric’s room and then turns around. He is crying. Maya starts to cry as well and tells him that she knows. She tells Rick to come here and the two hug. Rick tells Maya that he told him not to hate himself. Maya doesn’t think that there is anything that Eric blamed him for. Rick knows that there is now.

Zende is really enjoying telling Eric a story about what happened during a football game. Zende is acting as if Eric is actually awake. Brooke is trying to stop herself from crying in the back. Nicole comes over to Zende. Zende realizes that you never really see sick people in this country. They are always in a hospital out of sight. It is very different. Brooke is crying. Zende feels that it is almost like you can forget the hurt in the world. He remembers his biological family. Nicole promises that Eric will be fine.

Steffy and Liam wait to hear news. Carter knocks on the door and Steffy tells him that it is ok to come in. Carter thought that Ridge might be back. He guesses that he will run by the hospital and see if Ridge needs company. Steffy tells him that he is not there. He is at the house kicking out Quinn. It turns out that they are not legally married

Quinn thinks that this is crazy. Quinn cannot believe that it is just one little signature. Ridge knows. He grabs the papers out of her hands and tells her that she will not be forging it. Quinn tells Ridge and a mover that what they are doing is illegal. Ridge tells her to calm down. Quinn is going to call the police. Ridge asks what she will tell them. Quinn doesn’t care what he does with the marriage license. She was living in the house before the wedding and still is. Ridge points out that he believes she caused the collapse. Quinn reminds him that he did that. She wasn’t even in the room. Ridge thinks that she will not even be in this room for much longer. He is about to wake up from a nightmare. He tells her to get out of his sight.

Rick tells Eric that it has been a huge honor to be Eric Forrester Jr. It hasn’t always been easy. He always asks himself what Eric would do. Rick remembers getting his watch. He remembers Eric telling Rick that with Maya Rick is the man he always knew he could be. He told Rick he loved him. Rick told Eric it back. Rick believes that he showed him how to be a better man. Rick needs Eric to keep showing him. Rick asks if Eric heard him.

Steffy tells them that the papers were right there on his desk so she imagined he planned to sign them. Liam thinks that even a technicality is a reason for them invalidate the wedding. Carter asks if the marriage license is all they found. Steffy asks what else there could be. Carter pointed out the documents he did sign. Steffy assumes a prenuptial. Carter says those were there too. Liam wants to know what Carter is talking about. Carter says that Eric has a complicated life. He has the business and finances. Steffy thinks that Carter should talk to Ridge about it if he is that worried about it. Carter will.

Quinn is sitting down on the couch. Ridge walks back downstairs. Ridge asks if she is really still here. Quinn wonders if what Eric wanted matters to her at all. Ridge tells Quinn that what Eric wanted was a woman in his bed. He is consistent. Sometimes as a family you have to step in though and tell him not that woman because she is crazy. Quinn doesn’t care about living in the family mansion but Eric does and she is fighting for him. Signed or not the marriage is what he wanted. Quinn asks if it is not his duty to honor that. Ridge tells her to hire a lawyer. Quinn will. Ridge informs her that he holds Eric’s power of attorney. It makes him responsible for Eric. Quinn cannot imagine it is valid. Ridge tells her that it was made before their non-wedding. Quinn has to go. Ridge assumes she will go look for another small apartment. Quinn tells him that Eric needs her.

The doctor feels that Eric looks all right. Rick wants to know why he isn’t changing then. The doctor notes that the latest scans look no different than the last ones. So they do not know what is going on right now. Maya asks if there is something they are looking for. The doctor tells them that something new would be a setback. Brooke doesn’t think that will happen. It isn’t Eric’s time. The doctor is sorry that his wife is not here. Rick tells him not to be. Nicole promises that they will pass the information on. The doctor leaves. Zende asks if she is ok. Nicole is just not used to seeing him like this. Brooke thinks he is ok. He just cannot tell them yet.

Ridge is discussing things with the movers. Steffy walks in and asks where Quinn is. Ridge says she is gone. Steffy asks how she is taking it. Ridge feels it is about as expected. Steffy tells him that he better not be taking this stuff to Wyatt’s. Ridge won’t do that. Steffy cannot believe they finally did it. Quinn is out of their lives for good. Ridge just wished they had done it before she had gotten to Eric. Steffy tells Ridge that they forgot something. The portrait of Quinn is still on the wall.

Quinn walks into the hospital room. She asks how he is. Rick says that the doctor left a little while ago. He is sure that they could have him paged if she would like. Quinn can tell that things haven’t changed much since he left. Brooke notes that she is correct. Quinn doesn’t think that he is supposed to have this many visitors. Rick doesn’t think that there were that many until she walked in. Quinn is his wife. Maya notes that it is only a couple of days. Quinn would like to be alone with her husband. Brooke doesn’t think Eric is a possession and if he were he would not belong to her. They all leave but Quinn. Quinn tells Eric that his lips are getting so dry so she will have to speak to the nurse about that. She says that things are not going their way. She knows that they are his family but still. Quinn knows that he fought for her so now it is time she fought for him.

Rick asks how much more of this they will have to take. He cannot believe she is calling Eric her husband. Maya wonders what it is about hospitals that cause families to fall apart. Rick doesn’t think that Quinn is family. Brooke feels that she is. Rick asks if he is supposed to call her his step-mother. Rick isn’t doing that. Nicole asks if they should have lunch. She asks if Zende is ok. Zende is fine. He remembers visiting the beaches in LA. He would see Eric keeping an eye on him he would say. It always made him feel safe. Eric deserves to feel safe as well.

Quinn has been on countless medical sites. She guesses that Eric is a wild card. They do not even know how Eric will be. Quinn doesn’t want Eric to be scared if he cannot talk to her right away. She knows he will get better. She thinks that she will tell the nurses that nobody is allowed to remove his ring. She doesn’t care what anyone says.

Ridge cannot believe that Steffy thought that Stephanie’s portrait was freighting. Steffy wonders if it will fit inside the fireplace. Ridge thinks that they can make it fit. Carter walks in and sees the movers. He tells Ridge that he is sorry but he cannot be doing this. Steffy forgot to tell him but Carter wanted to see Ridge. Carter tells Ridge that they have a problem. Ridge doesn’t think there is a problem. Quinn isn’t legally married to Eric. Carter knows that is what Steffy said. Ridge points out that they might have wanted to sign it but they didn’t. Carter doesn’t know if that would stand up in court. Ridge asks why it wouldn’t. Carter says it would be hard to oppose Eric’s intent in court. He thinks that they can probably keep Quinn from inheriting things. Ridge feels that they don’t have to worry about that. Ridge asks if they have the power of attorney. Carter says that it is. Steffy asks what this is for. Ridge had Carter draw it up in case something happened to Eric. That way it would fall into Eric’s hands. Ridge asks if there is another copy of this. Carter tells him to look at the first page. Carter tells them that under these terms he cannot remove Quinn from the house or company. Steffy asks if these were terms Eric added. Ridge says no. Eric got rid of his name and added someone else’s. Steffy asks who has it then. Ridge tells him that it is Quinn.

Quinn wishes that she could take him home. She doesn’t know where home is though. She has to try and find out how to be the best wife possible. His son says that they are not legally married. Quinn doesn’t care. She never cared about the law. She thinks that people wait to hear if they are old enough or legal enough. Quinn is going to protect Eric even if it is fro his own family. She hugs him.

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