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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/3/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge looks at Eric through the window of his hospital room. Ridge turns around and tells Brooke that Eric will pull through. Brooke tells Ridge that of course he will. She asks if the doctor is still cautiously optimistic. Ridge confirms that he is. Brooke wonders if Quinn is still in there. She assumes that she hasn’t left his side. Ridge explains that Quinn is the only reason he is still in there. If she had just left him alone like they asked her to but instead here they are. Ridge looks back into the room. He has never been so worried about Eric and it is all Quinn’s fault.

Quinn thinks Eric is staying so still. She was hoping by now he would be up. Wyatt promises her that the doctor said that Eric is stable. Quinn points out that he is unresponsive. The doctor tells her that all patients are different. They have to take into consideration the age, health and amount of time it took to get them care. Wyatt knows they got Eric here right away so he is in good hands. Quinn just had her hopes up when he responded. Wyatt wonders if that is a good sign. The doctor thinks that might be a good sign. Quinn points out they were supposed to be on their honeymoon.

In Eric’s office Liam sits down next to Steffy. He tells her that he can drive her to the hospital or whatever she needs. Steffy is fine. She explains the family has been there for him since he was admitted. Liam is shocked that Eric could collapse. Steffy admits that it was all here. He was so upset at all of them. Liam wonders if it was because they boycotted the wedding. Steffy doesn’t know if she would have done this if she knew it would come to this. Liam promises Steffy that Eric is a fighter and will come back stronger than ever. She knows that. Steffy cannot stop thinking about it. He felt like they all betrayed him and lashed out at them. He only wanted them to support his marriage. She doesn’t know… She remembers him saying that they had a chance to support him and there is no family because she wasn’t there. Steffy remembers something. Steffy realizes that Eric may not have signed the marriage license.

Quinn knows that the doctor is doing everything possible for Eric but she was wondering if she could bring him home soon. Quinn can hire private nurses and get him the best care possible. She knows that Eric would rather be home than at a hospital. She knows he would prefer it. The Doctor will look into it. He and a nurse leave. Wyatt tells Quinn that he made arrangements with the hospital that she could have a room next door so she can shut her eyes. Quinn is going to stay here with Eric. Wyatt tries to bring up the Forrester’s. Quinn points out that his family deserted him when he needed them the most. Most especially Ridge. Quinn needs to stay vigilant for her husband.

Brooke is looking at her phone. Ridge looks at her and asks if it is Bill. Brooke notes that he sends his wishes. Brooke asks what the doctor said. Ridge tells her that there has been no change. Ridge tells Brooke to look at Quinn. She is a loving a committed wife. She took advantage of him. Stephanie always said that he was a pushover. Brooke wonders if he could imagine the earful that Stephanie would give him if she was here. Ridge can imagine the earful that she would give Quinn if she were here. Brooke still cannot believe that Quinn convinced him to marry her.

Steffy realizes that all this time she has been dealing with Quinn making her feel bad and acting like she has changed. Liam knows that Quinn is not capable of that. Steffy knows that Eric didn’t believe that. She wonders if it was all for nothing though. If there are no signatures on the marriage license, then there is no Quinn Forrester. Steffy walks over to the desk to see the papers.

Ridge cannot believe that Quinn is even here. She keeps telling everyone that she is Mrs. Eric Forrester. Brooke knows that she will never be. At least not in the eyes of the family. Ridge gets a phone call. It is Carter. Ridge tells him it is not a good time. He is at the hospital with Eric. Carter asks how he is doing. Ridge says he is about the same. Carter is sorry to hear that. Carter tells Ridge that when they get a chance they need to talk it is important. Ridge will but not now.

Wyatt tells Quinn that she should really take a break. Quinn wants to be here holding his hand when he wakes up. Wyatt believes that could be a while. Quinn doesn’t care. The rest of the family might not acknowledge that they are married but they are the ones who broke his heart. She just wishes that Steffy and the rest of them would have supported their relationship.

Steffy looks through papers and Liam does as well. She thinks that they have to be somewhere. Liam asks if Eric’s office is always this cluttered. Steffy doesn’t think so but then he went to the hospital. Steffy finds something and she finds the papers. Eric didn’t sign it.

Ridge continues to look in on Quinn. Brooke tells him not to let it get to him. Steffy calls him and Ridge answers. She asks how Eric is. Ridge says no difference. She wonders if he is with him. Ridge says that Wyatt and Quinn are. She asks if he can get Brooke to keep an eye on Quinn. Steffy found something that could change everything. It could get Quinn out of their lives. She tells him to get the office immediately. Ridge asks if Brooke can stay here because Steffy found something.

Steffy tells Liam that Ridge is on his way. Liam knows that this could change everything. Steffy asks if it is really possible. Quinn isn’t actually Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Pam walks over to her desk and says hello to Carter. Carter explains to her that he just spoke to Ridge. Eric is hanging in. Pam keeps making lemon bars to take to the hospital for when he wakes up. She knows it is silly but she cannot help but wait. Carter knows it is hard on everyone. Pam knows it is killing Ridge. She knows that there is nothing he can do. Pam asks what Carter is thinking. Carter explains that he thinks things will get worse before they get better.

Quinn walks out of Eric room with Wyatt. Brooke asks if anything happened or if Eric is awake. Quinn says no but he will be soon and then she can take him home. Wyatt explains that Quinn thinks that Eric will get better faster in a familiar surrounding. Quinn can get nurses and he will be around all his favorite things. Quinn asks if she thinks that it isn’t a good idea she bring him home. Brooke didn’t say that. Quinn realizes that Brooke doesn’t think that it is a good idea for her to be bringing him home. Quinn tells Brooke that Eric is her husband. They made vows that everyone would have heard if they simply had come to the wedding. All the people Eric cares about and they could not bother to be there. She isn’t who they wanted for him. She knows that Brooke has experience with that. When she first married Eric not everyone agreed with it but Brooke fought back. That is what Quinn is doing. For Quinn life is unbearable without Eric in her life. Quinn loves Eric. She will be a devoted wife as much as she could possibly be. Quinn is going to grab her purse. She asks if Wyatt can take her to the house. She wants to set up for Eric when he gets home. She hopes it is soon. Quinn walks into the room.

Ridge walks in and asks what it is. He doesn’t want to be away from Eric. Liam explains that Steffy remembered something. Steffy says that she and Liam were talking. It just hit her something that Eric said before he collapsed. Ridge knows he said a lot of things. Steffy asks if he remembers when Eric was waving around the envelope in her hand. He said what is inside makes Quinn is his wife. She pulls it out and says that he never signed it or filed it. Steffy explains that they are not officially married. Liam points out it is only legally speaking Quinn cannot be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Steffy asks what they do. Ridge realizes he has Eric’s power of attorney because Carter drew it up. He thinks that this will ensure that Quinn will never cause damage to the company ever again.

Quinn promises Eric that she will not be gone long. She just wants to get the house ready for him so he can come home. Then they can start their lives together as husband and wife. Quinn kisses Eric. She rubs his chin.

Later Brooke is in the room with Eric. Brooke tells him that she spoke with Bridget. She wanted to jump on a plane to come see him. Brooke suggested that she wait until Eric is on his feet again. Brooke thinks that both their children really loves him. Brooke sees so much of Eric in Bridget and Rick. They are their greatest gift to each other. They have been through so much through the years and have only gotten closer. She wants him to know how much she respects and admires him. Brooke loves him so much. She starts to think about the times she spent together with Eric. Their wedding to each other. Them with one of the children. Hugging each other. Seeing Rick with Lizzie the first time. Brooke begs Eric to come back to them. She kisses him on the forehead.

Steffy thinks that they should have heard something. She assumes he would go to the hospital. Liam doesn’t think that Ridge would cause a scene in public. Steffy doesn’t think that Ridge cares and neither does she. All that matters at that they get Quinn out of there. Steffy is a tough girl. Liam tells her that if someone messes with her then they are messing with him. That is how they have always been and their future will be. Steffy thinks that is a deal.

Quinn walks into the mansion and finds two people with boxes. She asks who they are. They explain they are movers. Quinn tells them that this is her house and she didn’t hire any movers. Ridge tells her that he did that. He says that he is getting all her stuff out of the house. Quinn cannot believe this is what Ridge is focusing on when Eric is in the hospital. Ridge truly believes that Eric is in the hospital because of her. Quinn doesn’t have time for this right now. She is hoping to bring Eric home soon. Ridge is as well but Quinn will not be there. Quinn will because she got married right there. Ridge asks if she is sure about that because the family wasn’t here to witness it. Quinn says that Ivy was there and is a part of the family. There was a minister and they exchanged vows. Ridge shows her the papers. Eric didn’t sign it. So legally they are not husband and wife. He thinks it is a real shame because this was Quinn’s greatest performance ever. She convinced Eric that she wasn’t a horrible person. So they can recap. Quinn is not Mrs. Eric Forrester and she will not live in this house starting today.

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